"What a training!"

Raquel Rodriguez

United States

With every nugget of information, I grew more personally and spiritually.

Taking this training was a dream of mine. I knew that if I really wanted to help people with their weight loss or gain concerns, I had to be properly trained. This training is extensive and packed with knowledge and wisdom. There is no one like it.

It provides any practitioner with a complete set of tools. It covers many realms, from the physical, the emotional, the psychological, the spiritual, the nutritional, the personal, all the nuances and the so much forgotten soul lessons. It is a complete program in all the sense of the word.

I always thought there was more I could offer my clients. As a hypnotherapist, I have been able to help the women who have come to see me for weight loss. I had half of the equation down; I was missing the other half – The Institute for the Psychology of Eating Training. Now I can say that I can offer a complete service. I can offer the best of both worlds, do one or the other or both. With the Training, I now feel complete as a service provider.

Where do I start? It was an eye-opener. I learned so many of the answers to the questions I’ve had all my life about weight, body image, weight resistance, stress, digestive issues, and many other things. I got the answers my doctors were not able to give me, and why all the medications, diets and predigested liquids they gave me to lose weight were meant to never work.

There were some sections of the modules I felt were describing me to a T. Sometimes I laughed, sometimes I cried. But with every nugget of information, I grew more personally and spiritually.

Now I know that the problem was not the food that I was eating. My problems are forgetting to eat when I’m busy or pushing myself to stay up into the small hours of the morning when I had too much work to do. I’ve slowly changed all that. I set alarms to remind me to eat, drink water, exercise and go to sleep at a decent hour. I have the tools to work on myself and turn my metabolism around and give my body the nutrition, love and rest it needs.

The time and effort that took to put this training together is unbelievable. Every topic is exceptionally developed and structured.

The entire training was very comprehensive, yet easily “digested and assimilated”. It was packed with scientific information, but it wasn’t too technical and difficult to understand.

There is a lot of information, more than I expected, but more than that, there is a lot of wisdom in it. The platform is easy to navigate and the information easy to download to your phone or computer.

I am very grateful for the staff at IPE. There was not a phone call or an email that didn’t get answered almost immediately. The staff is courteous, caring, respectful and just amazing. And I am very grateful that Marc and Stephanie were always visible. Their support, teachings and advice unmeasurable.

My learning experience… I have to say it compares to none other. I’ve taken online courses where you are on your own. No support, no one to help you or answer your questions. Period! Not at IPE. You are never on your own. You have a community with the IPE Staff, and a community with all the other students. I feel I built a family these past eight months, and the best part, I always felt supported. With this learning experience, I feel I can help my clients on a deeper and broader level. I feel ready.

Yes, it was a personal quest and it came with a guarantee of my conversations with Source. You can never go wrong with that! I had been wanting to take this training in for at least a couple of years, at times not having the time at times not having the money. When shelter in place was established, my family responsibilities decreased quite a bit. I mostly occupied my day taking care of my granddaughter’s needs while her Mom worked. Now that meant I didn’t have to spend 4 hours on the road taking her to and from school! I had the time, and the means to pay. so I jumped in so fast at the opportunity, I signed up and it has been an amazing journey I will never, never forget!

I would recommend this training because it is a Transformational Training. It makes you a better person, a more compassionate human being. It raises all your standards as a professional in any field. Marc’s approach to this training is done with so much knowledge, wisdom, finesse and love for the trade that there is just no way it is not going to impact the students in a positive way. What an example to set!

Personally, I saw it as an opportunity to obtain wisdom and knowledge that I thirsted for, but I soon realized this training made me see life and my trade from a different perspective: a true and selfless love for humanity, a deeper love for my trade, a deeper soulful desire to help heal, to help humans become the best version of who they are by taking baby steps. What a Training! Thank you!

Raquel Rodriguez
Certified Mind Body Eating Coach
United States

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