Psychology of Eating Podcast

The Psychology of Eating Podcast

Your go-to resource for all things eating psychology and healing your relationship with food.

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Filled with revolutionary insights and inspiration, these episodes will help you move beyond simple nutrition to understand the hidden role our psychology plays in food and body challenges.

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What's the Psychology of Eating Podcast really about?



In the nutrition universe, the mind has never received the attention it deserves -until now. We’re talking thoughts, feelings, and beliefs - and understanding them is essential to creating a positive, nourishing relationship with food and body. The Psychology of Eating Podcast will give you an entirely new perspective on yourself, your body, and the food on your plate.



Many of us live in a painful, confusing relationship with food and body. Whether we’re stuck in a food prison or constantly worrying about our weight, it’s easy to get caught in self-attacking patterns that lead us nowhere good. You’ll learn how to see yourself as more than a body to fix, and you’ll come to understand food as more than simple calories and nutrition. The truth is, we’re beautiful beings who deserve to receive love and nourishment from ourselves - and it’s high time we start living that



We live in such an exciting time of advancements in health and medicine, but we’re at risk of losing the bigger picture. The podcast will show you how to see your eating and body challenges in a whole new light. You’ll discover the fascinating connections between food and body with all other aspects of your life, including career, relationships, sexuality, spirituality, and so much more.

Meet your host: Marc David, M.A.

Hi, I'm Marc .

Founder. Teacher. Visionary. Author. MASTER COACH. Consultant.

Many moons ago as a young graduate student, I was fascinated by the inner workings of people’s psychology around food and body. But all I could find in the literature was about eating disorders - an important topic, but only affecting about 1% of the population.

What about the rest of us, I wondered? Surely one’s psychology is as important to transforming food and body challenges as it is understanding nutrition itself?

I went on to create the fields of eating psychology and mind body nutrition. The rest is truly history.

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These days,

I spend my time sharing powerful insights on the eating challenges that affect so many of us, and how to reframe them through eating psychology: on stage, in video, and through the Psychology of Eating Podcast.

I also teach and train coaching students through The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training we offer here at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating. We’re the only school in the world dedicated to teaching the approaches of Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition.

Each week on the Psychology of Eating Podcast, we’ll present cutting-edge content, interviews, and client sessions offering an entirely new worldview on food and body.

Because if nutrition is about what we eat, 

Eating Psychology is about

who we are as eaters.

Your birthright as an eater is to find nourishment from food, and to create a life that supports you on every level. It’s time to claim it.

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The world is hungry for a new approach to nutrition.

Are you ready to help us change the game?

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Mind Body Eating Coaching Certification.

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Free Mini-Course

Awareness is metabolism…

And yours is about to expand.

  • What effect do your thoughts and feelings have on your digestion, assimilation, and calorie burning?
  • How do your beliefs about food define you who are as an eater?
  • What are our eating challenges here to teach us?
  • And how can transforming your relationship with food heal other parts of your life - from your relationships and sexuality to your career, finances, spirituality, and so much more?

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