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Discover the future of health coaching




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The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training

The tools you need to change your body, your life, and your world.

Find out more about the training that will transform your own relationship with food and body, as you learn to help others do the same.

Our next Training will begin October 16, 2024


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Health and nutrition advice is everywhere - and yet we’re becoming more confused and less healthy every year.

Despite the billions of dollars poured into all kinds of programs to keep us healthy, traditional approaches to food and body challenges simply don’t work.

There have been no clear answers to sustainable weight loss, or to the challenges so many people experience around body image, binge eating, emotional eating, endless dieting, constant food worry, or feeling trapped in a food prison.

An unbelievable 99% of those who diet gain back the weight they lose within a year…

And that’s not even the

worst part.

Nine out of ten women are unhappy with their appearance - and our children are developing the same body image and eating challenges as we are, with 80% of 10-year-old girls experiencing a fear of being fat.

We’re becoming more confused about what and how to eat, how to overcome our disordered eating, and how to heal nutrition-linked illnesses related to digestion, immunity, fatigue, and mood concerns.

Still, there’s no shortage of superficial, basic food philosophies that promise much and deliver little - and we just keep finding ourselves in the same old, frustrated place.


Our entire approach to eating challenges is seriously flawed

Because we’re focused on the food on our plate instead of our eating psychology.

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That’s where the Institute for the Psychology of Eating is


Rooted in the groundbreaking field of Dynamic Eating Psychology, we recognize that eating challenges are intimately linked to nutrition, but they can’t be solved by nutrition alone.

Eating challenges are connected to all of what makes us human: relationships, family, work, sexuality, spirituality, and ultimately, our search for fulfillment - and it all starts with the mind. If we’re to truly heal our food and body challenges, we must focus on transforming the psychological patterns that cause these issues in the first place.

Through this Training, you’ll learn to understand concerns with food and body NOT as an indication that we’re broken, but as a powerful opportunity to grow and evolve. This is an eating psychology for everyone - and as a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach, you’ll be able to apply lessons from this field to help real people solve their food and body issues.

If you’re seeking an opportunity to make real, lasting change - in your life and the lives of others - our combination of valuable insights and outstanding student support will help you find it.


Are you ready to transform your passion for nutrition and personal growth into a rewarding career as a Mind Body Eating Coach?


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Just like our students, the Institute is 100% unique. Our Info Packet will help you determine whether the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification is for you.

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Health coaching is one of the fastest-growing careers in the wellness industry, bringing in over $2 billion a year.

The world is finally realizing that a one-size-fits-all strategy simply doesn’t work, and health coaches are leading the charge in a whole new approach.

Our Coach Certification Training provides you with all the tools, resources, and support you need so that you can design an exciting and fulfilling career that’s limited only by your imagination. As a champion of health and well-being, you’ll be in high demand everywhere from medical practices to corporate workplaces to your own private practice.

The world needs a

holistic approach and personalized support

and if you’re excited to help us deliver it, you’re in the right place.

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Why study

with IPE?

We don’t do COOKIE-CUTTER. 

When coaches focus on diet and nutrition without getting to the root of each client’s unique concerns, the same challenges will tend to present themselves again and again. That’s not our style.

The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is the only school in the world that teaches an eating psychology designed for everyone who eats - one that creates lasting transformation and healing in people’s lives.

We work with the secret ingredient missing from so many traditional approaches:

Dynamic Eating Psychology.

– Noun

A positive and transformational approach to our relationship with food that sees every challenge we face with eating as an opportunity to grow and transform.

In a


It's a system of maps, tools, skills and protocols that are designed to help you understand your food story, and finally break free from unwanted eating concerns.

Eating Psychology is the key to conquering battles like weight, emotional eating, overeating, binge eating, body image, endless dieting, and all of the related health consequences.

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Here’s a secret

that other health coach certifications won’t tell you:

You can’t fix eating challenges using nutrition alone.

Is nutrition important? Of course, and that’s why we teach our own unique approach called Mind Body Nutrition (MBN).

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But trying to transform food and body challenges with nutrition alone is a recipe for frustration. You can give your clients diet advice and nutrition protocols all day, but if you don’t address their psychology, they’ll never see real and lasting change. That’s because food and body challenges arise from the mind. They come from the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs we have about food, our bodies, ourselves, and the world around us.

It’s high time that we stop looking at the food on our plates to heal the issues in our mind.

The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training teaches you how to identify the psychological, emotional, and spiritual causes of your clients’ food and body challenges, and how to work with their unique eating psychology.

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With this approach (and over 35 years of research and clinical practice) as a foundation, we put current findings and research from neuroscience, psychology and nutrition into practice, and train our practitioners to catalyze much-needed breakthroughs with their clients.

Our groundbreaking Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training is the most advanced certification training of its kind, including everything you need to build a dream career helping others overcome food and body challenges.

What’s more, the learning process our coaches go through is just as powerful as the one-of-a-kind education we deliver. Our team is here to support you throughout the training and make sure you get the full benefit of every piece of wisdom and information you consume, from the application of our eating psychology to the nuances of working with clients.


You’ll learn time-tested, results-oriented coaching techniques that will make you truly effective as a practitioner.

You’ll discover how to inspire your clients to follow through with your recommendations - how to uncover the root causes of their challenges and help them get unstuck.

And the results will be nothing short of


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Info packet

Just like our students, the Institute is 100% unique. Our Info Packet will help you determine whether the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification is for you.

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Got a question? Still digesting the information above? Our student advisors are here to help you break it all down into bite-sized pieces. Book a call now!

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So, you’re ready to apply? We want to get to know you, so please click below to download an application form and get the process started.

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What’s the secret


The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training is a combination of unique, practical insights from eating psychology, holistic nutrition, mind body science, coaching skills, body-centered practices, cultural studies, transformational disciplines, and business development training.

Within those disciplines, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the most pervasive and important eating challenges like weight, body image, overeating, emotional eating, binge-eating, and chronic dieting, as well as common health concerns like digestive issues, fatigue, immune challenges, and mood concerns. Most importantly, the program is designed to help you take the best insights that science and psychology have to offer and apply them in the real world, through a comprehensive mind-body-spirit approach.

This certification training is for you


  • You’re passionate about health, healing, and doing good work in the world.
  • You want a fulfilling career where you can help and serve others and enjoy a promising outlook for the future.
  • You’re excited to be part of a bigger movement in health and transformation and watch your clients change their lives for good.
  • You want to know the latest cutting-edge approaches to food and body challenges.
  • You want to learn nutrition and coaching skills that really work for real people.
  • You recognize that traditional approaches focused solely on diet and nutrition simply don’t work.
  • You understand that health coaching focused on willpower, accountability, strict food rules, calorie counting, and food weighing is not sustainable, as it forces us to fight against our biological and psychological nature.
  • You’re attracted to approaches for food and body that align with our humanity and nutritional intuition.
  • You want a unique certification that stands out in the marketplace.
  • You want the flexibility and freedom to choose your hours and work at your own pace while developing a lucrative career.
  • You want to get off the income roller coaster by adopting proven, systematic, and predictable techniques for building a thriving, lucrative business.
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The Certification Training is delivered in 7 Self-Study Modules, released every 4-6 weeks over the course of 8 months.

Our next Training will begin October 16, 2024

We’d love to

See you there.

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Who am I, and why should you listen to me?

My name is

Marc David.

I’m the Founder and lead faculty member of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

I’m a teacher and consultant in Eating Psychology and the author of the bestselling books Nourishing Wisdom and The Slow Down Diet, which have now been translated into more than 10 languages.

For over three decades, I’ve been an innovator in eating psychology and nutrition. I got into this work because, as a young child, I was profoundly unhealthy, to such an extent that I nearly died. This experience led me on a search to heal my body, which started my love affair with nutrition (at the tender age of 5!).

As a young man, I absorbed every piece of wisdom I could from the health universe, and went on to develop an extensive background in clinical nutrition, eating psychology, and different healing modalities.

Since then...

I’ve personally logged many thousands of hours working with people just like you over the last 35 years in a full range of nutrition and food challenges:

Weight concerns

Body image struggles


Binge eating

Emotional eating

Endless dieting

Weight loss resistance

Eating disorders

Digestive issues

Mood concerns



And more.

I founded the Institute as a way to channel my passion into an uplifting and results-driven approach to the increasing number of eating and nutrition-linked challenges facing us all. To this day, it's the only place you can find a solid education in these revolutionary approaches.

I’ve held senior consulting positions at Canyon Ranch Resorts, the Johnson & Johnson Corporation, the Disney Company, and the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

I’ve also served on the editorial board of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine and presented at a long list of professional settings, including Harvard University, the Institute for Functional Medicine, and The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine.

I’ve originated two unique new approaches –

Dynamic Eating Psychology and
Mind Body Nutrition

– and now I’m excited to share them with you as a future Mind Body Eating Coach.

I’ve originated two unique new approaches –

Dynamic Eating Psychology and
Mind Body Nutrition

– and now I’m excited to share them with you as a future Mind Body Eating Coach.
Struggling to decide between health coaching and life coaching?


you don’t have to…

One of the unique aspects of our training is that it sits at the nexus point between health and life coaching.

What do we mean by this?

Well, if you’re currently a health coach, dietitian, nutritionist, fitness professional, or a medical professional, it’s likely you spend a lot of time coaching clients on what to do. Depending on your profession, this might include looking at the kind of diet they should be eating, the exercise program that’s best for them, or the type of medication regimen or treatment protocol they need. And that’s good and important work, but it can get pretty frustrating at times.


If you’ve been practicing for any length of time, you’ve likely found that clients struggle to implement the well-meaning changes you coach them through,

and for good reason:
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There’s a universe of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and life experiences getting in your clients’ way.

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There’s also a constellation of other factors - including their career, finances, relationships, sexuality, stress, life obligations, and so much more - that can impede their progress.

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On the surface, these seem to have nothing to do with food and body.

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But when you look deeper, you'll find that so many seemingly unrelated things are actually closely interwoven with your clients’ eating challenges.

So in order to effectively transform eating concerns, we’ve got to look at the full picture. We must look beyond diet and nutrition to other areas of life.

Because when we do that, a whole new
world opens up for them.


what exactly is the workday of a Mind Body Eating Coach like?

As a Mind Body Eating Coach, you’re armed with the tools and information to address your clients’ nutritional needs as well as the wisdom to work with their psychology.

On any given day, you might see clients in a range of vastly different life circumstances.

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You might find yourself assisting a woman in her mid-50s to address metabolic dysfunction resulting from work-related stress and overwhelm.

That conversation might cover the gamut of meal timing and macronutrient balance, as well as her challenges with her boss and the grief she’s experiencing from her current divorce.

Sales - Side-Elements_Snake 02 - 50's

You might have a consultation with a 25-year-old woman with a history of trauma who’s been binge eating since her teens.

That could take you down any number of pathways, including working on her self-esteem and self-love, or exploring the parental neglect she experienced as a child. You also might work to help her identify strategies for nourishing herself well during the day so she’s less likely to binge at night.


Or you might work with a 65-year-old who has been dieting for 40 years, and still wants to lose that last 20 pounds.

You might be to help her take a temporary break from dieting. Instead, you help her identify areas of her life that have gone unfulfilled and help her put more focus on the life she wants. You might bring in a conversation around eating more healthy fats and protein into her diet, and coach her through any anxiety around eating more calories, not less.


If you give me 100 different clients with the same eating challenge, there will be 100 different causes for it - and those causations lie in a rich tapestry of nutrition, biology, psychophysiology, emotions, and spirituality.

What does this mean for you as a


That your work is dynamic, deep, and profound...

That you get to go to all kinds of fascinating and varied places with your clients…

And that your clients have the benefit of the FULL complement of tools they need to finally transform their food and body challenges.

Which creates the kinds of breakthroughs they deserve, and empowers them to move past the prison they’ve been locked in, and on to a life they truly love.


what do we cover
in the course?

You’ll get everything you need to transform your own relationship with food and establish a rewarding career as a Mind Body Eating Coach, including…

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Through the lens of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition, you’ll learn our fascinating approach to weight and its loss - and, as always, it begins in the mind. One of our key principles for weight loss is that in order to ask the body to change, you have to first be in your body. This is embodiment, and it’s a core concept we teach in the Training. You’ll learn basic and advanced coaching and counseling techniques to shed new light on this complex challenge.

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Body image

Many of us privately battle with our body image and would be shocked to learn just how common body image issues are. With an inspiring, surprising, and results-oriented approach to body image and self-esteem challenges, you’ll help others see and experience their bodies in a healthier, more compassionate way. We cover the practical tools and strategies to help your clients finally have the breakthrough they’ve been looking for.

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Overeating, binge eating, emotional eating

This triad of eating challenges can have a number of physiological, psychological, and emotional causes. We’ll teach you how to evaluate the unique client in front of you, and help you understand the key patterns that perpetuate these challenges. With our truly holistic approach, you’ll be able to create life-changing breakthroughs using easy-to-practice tools and techniques that promote a positive and nourishing relationship with food.

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Endless dieting

If you’ve been working as a health coach or practitioner, you’ve likely worked with clients who are long-term dieters - to the tune of 10, 20, 30, 40 or more years of dieting! These are intelligent people who know, at some level, that gimmicky styles of dieting don’t work, but just can’t figure out what to do differently. You’ll learn to identify and work to solve chronic dieting, a hidden contributor to deeper emotional pain and compounding health symptoms that is frequently misdiagnosed or incorrectly treated.

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Energy and fatigue

While many common strategies to battle fatigue leave us feeling even more exhausted, here you’ll master an integrative mind, body, heart, and soul approach to combating lack of energy and its long-term physical consequences. Using tools and protocols from Mind Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology, you’ll learn a fascinating new way to work with this important challenge.

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Digestive health

In the quest to alleviate digestive distress, heartburn, bloating and discomfort, you’ll learn simple, effective strategies for increasing digestive power and function. Equally important, you’ll learn how to help anyone empower their digestive system and turn it into a powerful support for their overall health and weight.

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Mood concerns

As mood is a crucial health indicator, you’ll gain practical, holistic and effective solutions that show how fluctuations in mood are actually calling attention to the key lifestyle and metabolic changes our bodies are crying out for. Our mood can be powerfully impacted by food, and by our inner world. When you work on nutritional AND emotional levels with your client, mood concerns can finally be transformed.

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Immune health

A strong immune system is both a gift and a rarity these days, so you’ll learn to navigate a toxic and challenging world with greater ease and pass that knowledge on to promote healthy immune function for all. Immune health is certainly influenced by food - and you’ll learn the best dietary strategies to boost immune function. You’ll also learn the powerful mind-body-immune connection, and how your client’s personal world influences their immune health.

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Coaching skills

You’ll learn tools, techniques, protocols and strategies that will make you a trusted practitioner, and one who truly makes a difference for your clients as you guide them into a new relationship with food. Our coaching and counseling tools are potent and results-oriented, and will give you the confidence you need to be a skilled practitioner.

Dive into our next Training, beginning October 16, 2024.


Here’s what you get

when you study with us:

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Coach Certification

8 months of in-depth training

The training you will receive at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating is the most comprehensive of its kind. Upon completion, you will be qualified to work with the world’s most common eating challenges including body image, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, endless dieting, digestion, fatigue, immunity, mood and much more. With the support of our exclusive network of professionals, you’ll develop the skills and confidence to work with clients, grow a lucrative career, and transform your own relationship with food in the process.

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Live Training

Live classes with Marc David

Twice every month, you’ll have the chance to interact directly with Marc in his live online classes. These calls are an amazing opportunity to bring up questions about the material you’re learning. Eager to start your coaching practice? Then, get going right away with your peer coach or new coaching clients, and bring your experiences to these calls. These are a powerful, inspiring time to not only address your own questions, but learn from other students along the way. They’re one of our graduates’ favorite parts of the Training.

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Learning materials

Comprehensive learning materials

The program includes an exciting mix of video, audio, slideshows, live classes, support calls, a private online community, downloadable materials, notes, protocols, and recommended readings that you can keep and review anywhere, at any time.

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Coaching Program


Want an opportunity to practice your skills, develop your confidence, and connect with the material in a practical way? We’ll match you with a fellow student so you can do just that. With each module, you’ll receive topics and discussion points to explore with your peer coach at your convenience.

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Reading List


Learn from a highly informative collection of books written by some of the most respected leaders in the health and personal growth fields. We also provide suggested introspective exercises based upon these books to help facilitate personal and professional development.

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A New Relationship With Food


This Training is designed to help you address your own food and body concerns, while you learn to be an effective and skillful practitioner. You don’t need to be perfect to help others – you simply need to have skill, care, and be one step ahead. You’ll discover powerful insights in your own food journey and use them to serve your clients with compassion.

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A Network of Professionals


We love to help our graduates succeed. The Institute provides advanced trainings and offerings that you’ll be the first to know about. We have a private alumni support groups where you can ask for support, receive feedback, and network with other professionals. We also have an optional online directory that graduates can join after achieving certification. This is a great way to expose your work and message to thousands of potential clients who are looking for support.

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It’s so important to us that all of our students feel supported and connected. In every cohort of students, lifetime friendships and professional alliances are forged, and our Student Services team is always ready to assist. You can email us at any time, reach out in the private online community, or connect with Marc live during his scheduled twice monthly online classes. This is a chance for us to dive deep, get specific, and ensure that you’ll have the guidance you need as you work through the material. All calls are recorded for those who cannot attend live.

Our private online community is perfect for diving into course content, professional development, and your own relationship with food, while receiving support from peers and Institute staff.


The Guidance You Need To Build A Thriving Career

Can you imagine your life as a Mind Body Eating Coach?

This training covers so much ground and so many life-changing insights that you’ll be empowered to create your own path - one that leads you into meaningful, compelling work, whatever that looks like for you - and these optional bonuses will help you zero in on your true passions.

Business Development Training Module

If you’re planning on starting your own business (or growing an existing one), our comprehensive business development training is the ingredient you could be missing - and we’ll give it to you at no extra cost. The Business Module is designed to guide you through what you need to know, whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro looking to expand your practice with a lucrative and high-growth opportunity.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a plan for your future and define your ideal client
  • Build your brand
  • Define your business model
  • Manage your client flow
  • Package your services and programs to attract clients
  • Charge what you’re worth
  • Sell your story to your clients, and your services to business owners
  • Position yourself for success

You’ll have a waiting list of clients in no time! We’ll also cover specific strategies to assist you in building your website, leveraging social media platforms, creating opt-ins and newsletters, designing email marketing campaigns, and general content marketing.

Done-for-you forms & marketing copy

We provide you with effective marketing and website copy to help you communicate your work and your message. We’ll make sure your messaging is clear, catchy, and helps tell the world what this unique approach is all about. You’ll also receive essential intake questionnaires, client agreements and more to help you launch or elevate your practice.


The investment

Pay in full

Get it all for just


Pay in installments

Paid in installments as little as


We also offer a variety of other payment plans to suit your needs, available on request.

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Info packet

Just like our students, the Institute is 100% unique. Our Info Packet will help you determine whether the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification is for you.

Talk it Through

Got a question? Still digesting the information above? Our student advisors are here to help you break it all down into bite-sized pieces. Book a call now!

Apply now

So, you’re ready to apply? We want to get to know you, so please click below to download an application form and get the process started.

Hear from our


Hear from leading

health authorities

Let’s give a new meaning to

“food for thought”.

Join our coaching revolution.

There are LOTS of places where you can learn to be a health coach.

But there is only one place where you can learn to be a health coach who treats the whole person - body, mind, heart, and soul - and that makes all the difference.

Other Training Schools


Generic health coach training


Cookie-cutter approaches


Willpower, motivation, and accountability

How we roll...


A rich, one-of-a-kind certification that teaches you the fascinating world of eating psychology and mind body nutrition, from the innovator who originated the fields


A whole new way of working with food and body that respects each person’s unique journey


Wisdom, inspiration, and self-trust



The investment

Pay in full

Get it all for just


Pay in installments

Paid in installments as little as


We also offer a variety of other payment plans to suit your needs, available on request.

Testimonial Gif-low

We'd love for you to hear about the

The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training

directly from our students!

Join us

At the forefront of a new movement in eating psychology that addresses all of who we are as eaters – body, mind, heart, and soul - and reawaken your appetite for life’s endless possibilities.


Join us

At the forefront of a new movement in eating psychology that addresses all of who we are as eaters – body, mind, heart, and soul - and reawaken your appetite for life’s endless possibilities.