The Mind Body Eating Coach Difference

The Institute for the Psychology of Eating offers a one-of-a-kind eating psychology certification designed to help you create life-changing transformation ... for your health coach clients, and for yourself.

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Because nutrition advice and willpower aren’t always enough.

Learn more about the only health coach certification created by the founder of Dynamic Eating Psychology™

Eating challenges are connected to all of what makes us human: family, relationships, career, finances, sexuality, spirituality, and ultimately, our search for fulfillment - and it all starts with the mind. To finally heal our challenges with food and body, it’s time to focus on transforming the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that cause these concerns in the first place.


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“The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training will literally change your life! It’s an amazing community of thought leaders, and the content is well structured and easy to absorb. First class all the way.”

Michelle Leath,

Certified Mind Body Eating Coach