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determines the way you live...
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Dynamic Eating Psychology

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Get ready to deep dive into Dynamic Eating Psychology and

transform the way you think about food and body - forever.

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  • 1 The seven principles that govern your relationship with food
  • 2 How to identify your unique ‘food story’ and why that’s important
  • 3 Why eating and body challenges are never simply about food, and what we can learn from them as we heal and grow
  • 4 How to understand (and prevent) non-caloric weight gain
  • 5 The link between your “food thoughts” and your metabolism
  • 6 A holistic, uplifting approach to health rooted in science, psychology, heart and soul

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Wendy Haberman

By the first live phone call with Marc David, I was already at a place to say, "This is the best therapy I've ever had!" Marc's way of speaking – with humor and honesty – and putting everything in a new light, as far as how it may be impacting our lives (and our relationship with food), was profound in what it brought up in me – the things it brought to the surface – things I thought I had already dealt with and looked at. Seeing how the coursework was impacting me personally really made it clear to me just how impactful this material will be on my clients.

Wendy Haberman

Mind Body Eating Coach