"Your work has LITERALLY transformed my entire life."

Jen Seiter

United States

I felt heard and was honestly amazed and comforted by your care and advice.

Your work has LITERALLY transformed my entire life.

I completed the mind & body eating coach training a year ago. It changed everything for me. So naturally I want to share with others, but have found it challenging to find the platform and way to share for me to share it. So when I signed up for the group coaching with you in all honesty, I did it so I could learn from you how a person goes about sharing the psychology of eating work with others. But, I was humbled to find there were many more layers to uncover in my eating challenges. And I was genuinely amazed at how you found the way to connect with me over a zoom call. You truly have a gift. I felt you really heard and understood my pain point without me saying a whole lot. Which meant more than words can say.

More than once, I felt heard and was honestly amazed and comforted by your care and advice.

In summary, I signed up to learn how to group coach and experienced that (which yes, helped me learn more about my own style of reaching people with this message), but way more importantly the coaching I received on these calls literally saved my marriage which is more important to me than my business and the calls helped me identify that.

The biggest takeaway from the coaching for me was that It's critical for me to know my value. It is when and only when I know my own worth that i can be the best version of myself as a wife, coach, mother, friend and human.

Jen Seiter
United States

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