Hanin Katerji


The MBECC has transformed my life.

A couple of months after graduating from University (at the age of 28), I realized that what I majored in was not my passion and that it's not the career I want to step foot into. I was lost for a few months on what I am doing with my life. At that time, I knew that eating psychology was my passion, and it has been for the last 4 years. I read so much about it, I took the Transform Your Relationship with Food online retreat that helped me with my own eating and body challenges. I knew right away that this was what I wanted to bring to people. I was hesitant before applying for the training. But I'm glad I did, since the MBECC has transformed my life.

Professionally, the MBECC provides enough training and information to kick start my profession as a mind-body-eating coach, thanks to the rich content of the modules, live teleclasses and group coaching calls, and to all the team's hard work, efforts and support.

On a personal level, I am able to manage my own eating and body challenges. I trust my body more and I learned how to listen to it. Also, as Marc always says, it's all about practicing and experimenting, not only with our relationship with food but also with every aspect of our lives. For that reason, I find myself experimenting with different marketing approaches to start with my practices as a profession.

I really found value in the live group coaching calls and the teleclasses with Marc David.

Seeing my peers evolve with their own challenges with food and as practitioners, as well as hearing and feeling their stories and own struggles with food and body is priceless. I'm so grateful I got the chance to meet many of them for who they truly are.

I think that this type of training is relatively new and worth digging deeper into. Since it doesn't only tackle the nutrition area of people's lives, but also the psychological, social, and spiritual aspects as well. It's time for holistic approaches to emerge! And for that reason, and many more, I would highly recommend this training for all individuals who have a passion to make an impact on people's lives and guide them for a better and more conscious living.

Hanin Katerji

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