"Taught with passion, ease, and love."

Cecilia Garrido


Growing as a person, I also grew as a professional, my empathy has doubled, my patience, admiration and passion have reached their highest points.

My experience growing up at the Institute of Food Psychology “We often miss the little pleasures in life because we're waiting for the big hit” - Marc David.

This phrase can summarize part of my learning experience during the course, because I started looking for a big goal and realized that along the way I could find much more, not only to transmit to others but to replicate with myself.

I studied Clinical Psychology at College, there they gave me protocols to diagnose and treat people, they taught me to do interviews, to look for causes and reasons, to join facts with thoughts and emotions.

However, they did not teach me what to do when the human part needs warmth, when it is not enough to give a diagnosis, when nothing applies because each person is a new and different world. When each one is an expert in themselves and my only role is to accompany that process of transformation and exploration.

All this I discovered when I embarked on my journey of growth and knowledge with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Undertaking this adventure meant many challenges because while I learned to treat others with love, I discovered it with me. I understood that accompanying others does not mean fixing them or trying to justify their behavior. Rather, it means giving them the freedom to feel, to experience, and to live whatever they need to live. I learned that the trip is much more important than the destination, that the present gives us the best gifts and that you just need to slow down to appreciate them.

While I was taking classes, I discovered that I must work on myself to accompany others with love. When I accepted my body, its challenges, and its desires, I understood that we are all more than our needs for change. Growing as a person, I also grew as a professional, my empathy has doubled, my patience, admiration and passion have reached their highest points. I have discovered that life does not require me to be perfect, it invites me to live freely and fully, accepting problems and taking responsibility for my life to achieve my highest goal.

Now I wonder, what can I do to help others after having received the course? I have identified that I love being a part of the transformation and change process of others, I love witnessing those moments of awareness and self-love. I discover that I want to help people who feel that they are not enough, all the people who today feel lost because they cannot find themselves in a body that is far from their expectations and reality. I want to accompany those people who seek answers outside when they can find them inside, I want to accompany all those people who do not find solutions because their lack of love, because they lack responsibility for their lives and take advantage of getting all the best they have.

I appreciate the opportunity to be a student in this course, for all the support they give us during the process. The ease with which Marc teaches and transmits with passion and love the beauty of this work. In the end, I understood that accompanying a person is an art, and that every day is good for learning, growing, and trusting in the path of life.

Cecilia Garrido
Certified Mind Body Eating Coach

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