Are You Suffering from Toxic Nutritional Beliefs? – Videos Part 1

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Check out the videos below. They contain quick and easy information that help you get to the heart of the matter around food, weight and life. You can make great use of the concepts they contain for yourself, and your clients. I find that oftentimes, the most practical and transformative information when it comes to food and weight is simple and honest.

Each video discusses a different “Toxic Nutritional Belief.” These are beliefs we hold about eating and the body that we believe are gospel, but are factually incorrect. The net result is that they cause more harm to our system than the worst chemical toxins in our diet. I think you’ll find these videos quite helpful. Let us know what you think!

Food Equals Calories:

Many of us have been trained to look at food as a collection of calories. From this place, we can create all kinds of self imposed dietary misery that impacts our emotional world and creates an ongoing food prison of guilt and shame. But equally worse, the popular scientific concept of a calorie is outdated, and causes nutritional and metabolic ramifications that actually create more problems around appetite, weight, and health – not less. Check out the video and learn more.

Not the Real Me

One of the most pervasive toxic nutritional beliefs when it comes to weight loss is that the body I am currently living in is “not the real me.” If you’re trying to lose weight, it makes perfect sense to take this approach. But the problem is, if we believe the body we’re living in is not really ours, we create a physiologic stress response that changes our digestive metabolism and calorie burning capacity, and creates the opposite result that we are intending from our weight loss strategies.

I Will Be Happy When…

We all want to be happy, but many of us have a very specific list of the exact conditions that must be met around our diet and our weight. Once this seemingly impossible list is fulfilled, then we can finally be happy. Talk about pressure around happiness! This toxic nutritional belief can powerfully hold us back form getting the results we want. Learn more, and check out some new alternatives that can help get you to where you truly want to go.

We hope you enjoyed these videos! Which of the three Toxic Nutritional Beliefs seems to speak most to your situation and why?

To see more videos: check out Part 2 of this series!

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