Are You Suffering From Toxic Nutritional Beliefs? – Videos Part 2

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Have you felt stuck around food? Are there challenges you face around weight loss, body image, overeating, binge eating that just don’t seem to go away? I’d love to help you help yourself get unstuck. I meet far too many people who are locked in a lifelong battle against food, weight, and appetite. I meet far too many people who feel like they keeping hitting a wall no matter what they try. Sometimes, it’s really as simple as this: if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get the results you’ve always gotten. If you want to get out of the eternal spin cycle when it comes to your challenges with eating, if you want to feel a sense of freedom and victory, then it’s time for a new strategy. Here’s my suggestion: take a look at your toxic nutritional beliefs.

Toxic nutritional beliefs are rules we hold about food that are factually incorrect. They’re outdated. Considered them old, worn out science. They’re the kind of beliefs that have a nasty way of sticking around despite their harmfulness. They drain our energy. They waste our time. And they run us around in circles, seemingly forever. Think of a toxic nutritional belief as a bad virus or parasite that debilitates us no matter what. With such a hostile invader, we need to do some serious intervention to skewer them and remove them from our system. Once these beliefs are flushed out of our system, the truth floods in. We can breathe. Insight emerges. Unwanted behaviors change naturally. And we can finally heal and move forward.

Check out the three videos below. In each one, I spend a few minutes on a different toxic nutritional belief that’s worthy of your attention. As you notice each of these beliefs operate in your life, as you see them arise, catch yourself, stay awake, and literally use your sword of intention to kill them in each moment. The results will be profound. Try it and see.
And if you haven’t already seen Part 1 of this two-part video articles, you can find it Here.

Less Food, More Exercise

In this video, we look at how the old strategy called “eat less food and exercise more” is woefully inadequate when it comes to losing weight. It’s so scientifically and socially acceptable that it has us hypnotized to it’s utter ineffectiveness. How do we know it’s a toxic belief? Because it has failed dramatically. It does not address the full range of our biology, nor does it even vaguely consider our inner world.

Food is My Enemy

Many people have been taught to believe that food is indeed the enemy. This is a powerfully toxic belief that can ruin your metabolism and your life. It goes against the most basic tenets of biological science. It creates a stress response whenever we think about food, or eat it. And that very physiologic stress response puts us in a diminished metabolic state that creates all kinds of unwanted health consequences and food habits.

Fat in Food Equals Fat Me

Somehow, we have been conditioned to believe that fat in food is the ultimate enemy when it comes to weight. We equate fat in food with fat on our bodies. Not true. Yes, certain fats are indeed harmful. But essential fats – EFA’s – are indeed necessary for life. A huge number of people limit their fat intake and suffer the consequences. And did you know that one of the symptoms of clinical fat deficiency is the inability to lose weight?

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