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Marc David here, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I love finding useful studies that help push the envelope – even if just a little – around a more integrative and intelligent approach to eating psychology, healing and nutrition.

I’ve grown up in the sciences and have learned that the fields of scientific and psychological research are often like the wild west – there’s a lot of shooting back and forth, and not always a lot of agreement. With that said, consider how many of the studies listed here may likely validate what you already intuit, or know, or believe to be true.

And please email us the links to your favorite studies –

1.Early Childhood Diet May Influence Future Health

2. Processed Food Diet in Early Childhood May Lower Subsequent IQ

3. How Stress Affects Your Digestion and Weight – Marc David + Dr Mercola

4. Why Weight Watchers Succeeds: Meetings Provide A Blend Of Spirituality And Therapy

5. Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight?

6. Stress-Induced Levels Of Hormone Responsible For Binge Behavior

7. Eating Quickly And Until Full Triples Risk Of Being Overweight

8. Placebo Effect Works Both Ways: Beliefs About Pain Levels Appear to Override Effects of Potent Pain-Relieving Drug

9. Looking at Your Body Reduces Pain

10. Why Does Feeling Low Hurt? Depressed Mood Increases the Perception of Pain

11. Pain: What Zen Meditators Don’t Think About Won’t Hurt Them

12. Most College Students Wish They Were Thinner, Study Shows

13. Mean Girls and Queen Bees: Females Threatened by Social Exclusion Will Reject Others First

14. Scientists Identify Stomach’s Timekeepers Of Hunger

15. Dieting Doesn’t Work: UCLA researchers find that people who lose weight usually gain it all back — plus some

16. How America Is Making the Whole World Fat and Unhealthy

17. The Most Unhappy of Pleasures: This Is Your Brain on Sugar

18. Anticipation of Stressful Situations Accelerates Cellular Aging

19. Following A Healthy Lifestyle Is On Decline In U.S.

IPE - Testimonial Placeholders-01 (1)

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