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Letting Go of Food Rules & Finding A Natural Relationship with Eating-In Session With Marc David

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Food rules. For some of us, we live, eat, and breathe our food rules.

Eat this, don’t eat that, and certainly NEVER eat this!

Living with a strict set of food rules can be stifling and exhausting. We feel like we can’t just live our lives and be in a flow with food.

Forty-seven-year-old Maja is originally from Slovakia and now lives in Melbourne, Australia. Maja happily works as a public servant and is in a wonderful relationship.

But there’s one thing that’s really getting to her: her intense rules about what she can and cannot eat.

Maja wants to let go of her food rules and the feeling of being out of control when she breaks those rules. Instead, she wants to be able to savor and appreciate what she eats, and eat what her body is hungry for … instead of what her mind thinks is best for her.

Feeling Guilty About What You’re Eating?

In their coaching session, Maja identifies guilt as a prime obstacle getting in the way of her being able to simply enjoy food.

As she and Marc dig deeper, Maja recalls being the youngest child in her family, and the horror she felt watching her parent’s marriage quietly disintegrate.

So afraid that her life was going to fall apart, she became a perfectionist in many areas of life, including as an eater.

Some of the key takeaways from this episode include:

✅ The role of the masculine and feminine minds when it comes to food and body

✅ How many of us with eating challenges don’t feel we deserve good things, and what we can do to reverse this belief

✅ How to create an inventory of self-affirmations that reprogram our beliefs about ourselves

✅ Cultivating the belief that you and your body are trustworthy

✅ What to do when you’re negatively fixated on a certain body part

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