Allowing Discomfort: A Key To Transforming Emotional Eating-In Session With Marc David

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Kelly has struggled with emotional eating since age 10.

Now 56, she’s happier than she’s ever been – she’s in a wonderful relationship and loves her life, except for the 30+ pounds that have crept up in the past few years.

Eating psychology teacher and master coach Marc David helps Kelly understand the reasons behind her challenging relationship with food, and the guilt and shame she feels around food and body image.

A Key To Transforming Emotional Eating Session

Watch this thought-provoking conversation as Kelly achieves an important breakthrough.

Key Insights:

✅ There’s a massive stigma against emotional eating.

We believe it’s bad and that we’re bad for engaging it. But humans are emotional creatures. Eating, by its very nature, is an emotional act. We’re biologically wired to love food, it’s built into our DNA. Part of the solution to emotional eating is to stop believing that loving food is wrong.

✅ Another key reframe is emotional eating vs. being an emotional eater.

The former is simply a behavior, it doesn’t define who we are as a person. Identifying as an emotional eater puts us into a box, and once we’re in that box, we have a big problem that needs solving.

✅ What’s true about emotional eating is that it’s a symptom of a deeper issue, typically unrelated to issues with food.

When we find ourselves reaching for food to distract or self-soothe, it’s a good time to stop and ask, “What am I feeling right now? Am I really hungry? Is there something else that I’m needing?”

✅ Staying present and self-connected is vital.

Find positive ways to do this such as walking the dog, talking to your partner, calling a friend, or listening to music. What’s key is finding something that helps you stay connected with yourself.

✅ Learning to savor and truly relish the food we eat is important.

Often when we have eating challenges, we’ll rush and miss the pleasure that makes the experience of eating so wonderful.

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