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Have you noticed that there are a lot of people who want food to make them sexy? Perhaps if we eat the right diet, the secret mix of foods, or the latest supplements, then we’d arrive at a place where we can finally have the perfect body, the ideal weight, the right shape, the sweetest curves, and the most well honed muscles.

Of course, sex sells, and looking sexy seems to hold the key to the promised land – or so we’re told. Check out this straight-shooting video from IPEtv where Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating takes a deeper dive into the fascinating topic of Eating Sexy. You’ll discover some much needed wisdom and insights that can help you on the road to happiness around food, body, and sensuality.

Here is a transcript of this week’s video:

Hi, I’m Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

Today’s topic: Eating Sexy

Specifically, I’d love to take some time with you and dive into the fascinating topic of food and sexiness.

There’s a lot of people who want food to make them sexy.
They want it to give them the perfect body, the perfect weight, the right shape, the right curves, and if you’re a man – the right muscles.

Clearly, so many of us understand that we can help shape-shift the body through nutrition and various kinds of exercise. You’ve likely seen all kinds of amazing transformations, before-and-after pictures, people going from being big and cumbersome to tight, sexy and hot – so there’s a very strong momentum in the field of nutrition when it comes to using food to create sex appeal.

Sex sells.

At least it sells for a lot of people.
We’re bombarded with messages from media and culture 24/7 that constantly programs us with the message that food can make you sexy.

And you’re likely getting way more of these messages than you even realize. Images of glamorous and sexy women are used to sell soft drinks, diet sodas, yogurts, low-calorie foods, and all sorts of fabricated and junk foods that are paradoxically designed to toxify the body and promote weight gain.

In particular, women in just about every age group are especially targeted to make the connection that this food will make me sexy.

We live in a time when there’s huge amount of pain and challenge around weight gain, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating – along with an endless amount of dieting. The women of the world have received a powerfully viral message that the right food and the right diet will lead to sexy – and sexy of course supposedly gives us the key to the kingdom.

For women, the false promise in eating sexy is that they’ll be loved, adored, cherished, wanted by all, and they’ll indeed be guaranteed love because they’ll be getting all the attention. They no longer need to worry about finding a good relationship, having security, and having value – because now they’ve eaten the right food and did the right diet and they have the right degree of sexy.

If you’ve bought into this toxic, pernicious, viral, and false belief – then some amount of pain and suffering is absolutely guaranteed. But by placing yourself in this mindset, you’d actually be pushing away the very things that you want to be receiving by being sexy. So many people end up in disordered eating, contraction, shame, guilt, they stop loving their body, and they abandon their own sensuality – all in the name of chasing after a very elusive goal.

In fact, if you wanted to make a commitment to be un-sexy, then one of the easy ways to do that is to be a chronic dieter, to food restrict, to constantly be hungry, to constantly be worrying about food and weight, to receive little pleasure from food, to believe that you can only be sexy when your body looks a certain way – that’s the royal road to un-sexiness.

So here’s the punch-line my friends:

Food doesn’t make you sexy.

Being sexy makes you sexy.

It’s now your job to decouple food and sexiness.
Meaning, you don’t have to wait for food to magically transform your body.
Be sexy now.
Get into your body now.
Use what you have right now.
Strut your stuff.
Believe in yourself.
Stop buying into all the nonsense.

Don’t hold off being sexy for some imagined future date when you’re somehow qualified to be sexy because you hit a certain number on the scale. Have you ever met someone who had a big body or is classically considered fat – who’s sexy, who knows it, who enjoys it, who gets all kinds a great attention for it, who has the love and relationship they want? This is proof positive of what I’m saying.

You have to be super honest with yourself and really examine if you’ve been corrupted by this false belief and indeed, if you’re controlled by the phenomenon of eating sexy.

And if in your honest inventory you see that you are waiting for food and diet and exercise to make you sexy – then congratulations.

It’s time for change and transformation.
It’s time to get smart.
It’s time to get in the game of life.
It’s time to stop holding yourself back from the world, it’s time to stop playing it safe, and if it’s sexy that you really want, then do it now.

Your success is guaranteed.

Sexiness is an inside job.

Time to get to work.

In the comments below, please let us know your thoughts. We love hearing from you and we read and respond to every comment! I hope this was helpful my friends.

A girl caressing her hair and an image of Marc David

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