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What Is Your Nutritional Dream?

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As a youngster, I was profoundly moved by Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. And still to this day whenever I listen to it again, shivers run down my spine. This is arguably the greatest speech ever delivered in the history of recorded speeches.

As I’ve studied this historic event, there’s one thing I notice about it that I believe makes it so timeless, eternal and moving – Martin Luther King proclaimed, “I have a dream…” Notice how he did not say, ” I have a strategic plan everybody” Can you imagine how flat his words would have fallen, or how it would be so much easier to disengage if he, or anyone, would try to enroll us in their “strategic plan?”

Somehow, as humans, we are so much more inspired when we share our dreams with one another. Do you have a dream for the world? Do you have a dream for your own life? For your loved ones? For what healing can truly look like for the planet? Yes, strategic plans are necessary to get things done, but a dream, a vision, that comes from the deepest place of our soul can set the world on fire.

From a very early age I experienced the magical way that food can have a profound impact on health. Diet helped shift me from an allergic asthmatic mess-of-a-kid to a vibrant participant in life. As I learned more about the science of eating and the impact of food on the body, it was hard not to notice how food shapes our world in so many ways.

So I started to dream about the possibilities.

I dream of a time when food is no longer about famine or hunger or starvation or lack. I dream about a world that shares. I dream of a time when food, for those who have enough, is no longer about weight and body image and internal suffering. I dream of a time when food is simply about nourishment and celebration.

I dream of a time when those who manage the production of our food grow it and create it in humane and natural ways. I dream of a food chain that’s vibrant, healthy and real. And for those who struggle with their health, I dream of a time when we not only have the knowledge to truly heal the body, but the heart to go deep into the places where healing truly occurs.

I also find it very helpful, and perhaps even necessary, to have a dream for my clients. If you’re a helping professional, I recommend such a strategy. My dream for clients and students and those whom I mentor is simply this: That they become the fullest and most beautiful creative human expression of who they can possibly be on planet Earth.

That they reach their fullest personal potential on every level. When we set such a high bar for our clients, such a powerful dream, we’re putting first things first. We’re acknowledging that yes, goals such as weight loss and great health are important, but who we are at the deepest level of our humanity comes first. Oftentimes, health of the soul precedes health of the body.

And I strongly believe that when we help our clients along the road to their greatest potential, we are actually helping their metabolism become all that IT is meant to be. Body and mind can’t help but reflect one another. By helping your client with their personal world, you’re helping them transform their metabolic world.

Despite what goes on in the world of medical insurance, in hospitals, in the pharmaceutical companies, in the diet industry – health is not a business. It’s a calling. It touches the sacred. It asks us to look deeper, to put aside our shortcomings, and to serve.

Of course, if you’re in the helping and healing professions, you assuredly need to make a living and to be well-rewarded for your good work. Fortunately, I’ve noticed that such success is forthcoming when we do our service well, when we give our truest gifts, when we honor the mystery of healing, and when we remember the sacredness of our work.

Have a dream for yourself, for your health, your life, your work.

If you serve others, please have a dream that not only includes your wonderful career success, but also the special gifts you share that can make the most lasting and memorable difference in the lives of others.
I would love to hear from you. I know I don’t get to meet many of you personally, but I do make sure to read all your comments on my blogs. What’s your dream for food, nutrition and health?

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