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Unusual Toxins You May Not Know About

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We live in a time when it seems like poisons and toxins are taking over the world. Wherever you go and whatever you eat, there’s some evil chemical present that wants nothing more than to enter your bloodstream and destroy you. I meet far too many people who spend a lot of their precious time and energy worrying about toxins that threaten their health. But there’s more to the story. I’d like to mention to you a class of toxins that you may not know about. This isn’t meant to add more angst to your earnest lifestyle practices. Instead, my intention is to help you feel more empowered because this class of toxins is easily eliminated from your diet, and the results are often quite profound.

The specific toxins I’m talking about are called “toxic nutritional beliefs.” These are beliefs we hold about food, eating and the body that we believe are gospel, but are factually incorrect. The net result is that they cause more harm to our system than many of the most worrisome poisons in our diet. At the Institute for the Psychology of Eating we train our professionals to learn how to notice, identify, and skillfully help our clients cleanse such toxic nutritional beliefs out of their lives. The results are always powerful, if not profound.

Most of us would agree that the mind has a very potent impact on the body. Science has certainly proven this, yet the importance of this simple concept has yet to be fully recognized. So for sure, if you wish to improve your health and your metabolism, then it’s wise to eat good healthy real natural food. And I think it’s equally important to think good healthy real natural thoughts. What I’ve noticed over the years is that so many of the issues that my clients face around food body and health are often connected to, influenced by, or even caused by the kinds of dietary beliefs that severely limit us.

Check out the three videos below. They’re brief, to the point, and each one outlines a specific toxic nutritional belief.

My Appetite is My Enemy

Many people live with the false belief that appetite is something bad. After all, if we’re trying to lose weight then appetite must be the enemy. But consider the biological insanity of such a concept and how it goes against the whole of natural science. As soon as the brain senses “enemy” – it goes into a stress response, and signals the body to create a long cascade of unwanted symptoms including digestive shutdown and inhibition of full calorie burning capacity. Check out the video and learn more.

Magic Weight Loss Number

So many of my clients over the years have a very specific and immutable number of pounds that they need to lose, or target weight that they need to attain. They give all kinds of power and worship to such a number. Where do these numbers come from? And why do we have such a religious fervor in the supremacy of such a number? Oftentimes, the physiologic stress of trying to attain such numbers is more detrimental to our weight loss efforts than our eating habits. Check out the video and learn more.

The Perfect Diet

Perhaps the most common toxic nutritional belief is that there’s a perfect diet – meaning a perfect way of eating that will make us happy, healthy, slender and live forever. So many of my clients believe they’ve found the perfect dietary system and put all their efforts into following the perfect diet perfectly. The problem is, no one and no thing is perfect, and when people fail even once in their dietary efforts, the net result is self-rejection, self-attack, and a lot of wasted energy. Check out the video and see what you think.

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