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Marc David here, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I’ve spent the last 3 decades doing my best to advance the fields of nutrition and eating psychology, and I’m happy to say, there’s lots of good news to look forward to. At the same time, there’s plenty of room for improvement in the nutrition universe. So if you’ve wondering what the future of nutrition will look like, and if you’re interested in getting a jumpstart on what’s next when it comes to food, health, weight, longevity, and the best way to nourish yourself – then I’d love to pull out my crystal ball, and share some juicy ideas. Indeed, these are some of the same insights that the greatest experts of our times will be sharing in the Future of Nutrition Online Conference which you can sign up for at no-cost HERE.

Consider these 4 trends:

1 – The Future of Nutrition is about Welcoming Back the Past

Life moves forward, things change and the world evolves. I love advances in technology, health, and human affairs. But in our headlong rush into a more industrialized world, we’ve left behind too many nutritional practices that it turns out were the foundations of good health. No blame. We’ve done our best. And now it’s time, as many of our great nutrition experts are reminding us, to do a strategic strike back in time and reincorporate some of the goodness we’ve lost. I’m talking about the tradition of all manner of fermented foods that provided valuable probiotics crucial for long-term health. I’m talking about eating locally grown, and organically produced foods that are absent of the bizarre chemistry that’s taken over our food chain. Our good nutritional future depends so much on welcoming back some of our good nutritional past. Let’s do it.

2 – The Future of Nutrition is about Body Wisdom

There’s lots of uncertainties in life. There’s all kinds of different nutritional systems and approaches, and indeed many of them seem to conflict with one another. We live in a time of immense nutritional confusion. People simply don’t know what to eat. The good news is that such uncertainty points us back to square one – an awareness of our own body. An intuitive, earthy, connected, trusting, and curious way that we can listen to the innate intelligence of our physical form and make choices from that place. It’s time to empower ourselves. There are as many useful nutritional systems as there are people in the world. Can you begin to trust your own inner nutritional compass? Are you willing to experiment in this realm? If so, you’ll be like every other successful creature on planet Earth that’s tuned into its innate nutritional intelligence. Cows don’t hang around the pasture wondering if grass is good for them, or worrying about their weight. Neither should we.

3 – The Future of Nutrition is about Mature Dialogue

I love a good nutritional debate. Our knowledgebase in any field advances as we engage different viewpoints and make choices from wise and healthy discourse. The challenge is, the field of nutrition is often like the Wild West. There are a lot of people willing to pull out their guns and set them ablaze if they think their nutrition beliefs are better and smarter than yours. Unfortunately, many of us get caught in the crossfire. It’s time for a mature dialogue where we can find the nugget of wisdom in any approach. My apologies for the cliché, but we really have to work together on this. Let’s invite all nutrition perspectives to the table, and see if we can have a nice lively meal, and finish it with some good dessert.

4 – The Future of Nutrition is a Political Affair

Good nutrition for so many people has been about “me.” Meaning, what should I eat, and what’s good for MY body? We do our best to be the kind of lean mean calorie burning machine that doesn’t get sick and lives a really long time. This is good. I count myself amongst such nutrition enthusiasts. And, we live in a world where far too many of our human family go hungry, and where corporatism and financial greed have hijacked our food chain. Humanity is awash in foods that masquerade as food, and as a result, we suffer. It’s time to open our eyes and notice food injustice. It’s time to put our attention to insisting upon a food chain that is real, honest, healthy, and devoid of the predatory practices that are rampant on planet Earth. Are you courageous enough to see what’s really going on? Can you stomach the true state of affairs in what the world is being fed?

Of course, there’s lots more to say about the future of nutrition…

Our nutritional best is yet to come. Let’s meet each other there.

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Our nutritional best is yet to come 

Can you begin to trust your own inner nutritional compass? 

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