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When I first studied meditation in my late teens, my teacher would have us sit and meditate for 2 hours. It was excruciating.  Despite this rigorous amount of time, he had one interesting little trick that always caught my attention. At about 5 minutes before the 2-hour period was about to finish, he’d ring a bell and gently say, “Begin your meditation now.”

This would make me smile, as I saw how focused I was on reaching the end, and how removed I was from the present moment.

There’s something that’s ever refreshing about new beginnings. They’re blessings. We seem to need them, and Life seems to have invented itself to always bring us back to a clean start – a new day each morning, new chances to love, to be real, to risk, to step into our destiny.

And of course, a new year to begin our dreams and visions once again.

In honor of the start of a new yearly cycle in our lives, my question to you is this: What might it look like to begin your relationship with food now? What are the possibilities if you started a new relationship with your body? How would life feel if you chose to begin your dance with self-nourishment from a beautiful new place?

I believe that as we step into a more whole and empowered place around food, body and health, our energy is freed up to serve the world, to serve others, to give from a cup that’s overflowing. So perhaps it’s time to let go of the old ways of thinking that leave us in self-judgment and self-attack, and embrace a way of living in our bodies that glorify life, and allow us to celebrate our journey.

In honor of the beginning of the new year, my wish for you is that you can truly feel renewed and re-invigorated and find the kind of hope that launches you into the next magnificent phase of your life. The world needs you.

Here at IPE, we’re catching a wave of promise and possibility as we move into 2011. We’re busy re-branding our image, updating and upgrading our website, getting ready to launch a fabulous blog, and preparing to reach an even wider audience with positive and empowering messages around food, body image, weight, eating psychology, and more. There’s no shortage of need on planet Earth for compassionate wisdom and timely information around a deeper approach to nourishment and nutrition.
I hope the new year guides you into more inner peace, more prosperity, and a greater ability to spread the healing that humanity so clearly is calling for.

We welcome your comments! Name just one thing you could do today to hit the reset button on your relationship with food.

IPE - Testimonial Placeholders-01 (1)

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