My Life as an Eating Psychology Coach: Rashida Patel

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My Life as an Eating Psychology Coach: Rashida Patel

What made you want to become an Eating Psychology Coach?

The idea of there being psychology associated with eating intrigued me. I constantly upgrade my skill level in all of my offers to keep the edge. Eating Psychology Coach Training seemed to be the answer.

What do you love about being an Eating Psychology Coach?

I had been helping people with weight management in the traditional way. What I love about being an eating psychology coach is that my approach is holistic, and my clients transition to a new way of being. How we think influences what we eat, and how we eat. And this, to a large extent, determines who we become!

What does your practice look like?

I work with people in person and on the phone. My programs are tailor-made for each client’s needs. A program that I offer is called Lifestyle Revisioning. My Eating Psychology Coach training has helped me finesse my offer.

How did your education at the Institute prepare you to work successfully with clients?

Being an alternative healer, I have incorporated my newly acquired knowledge into my practice, and use it to help my patients/clients, whether they come for health coaching, life coaching, Reiki, weight management, or multi-radiance therapy.

What was your favorite aspect of the Training?

The aspects of the training that I really enjoyed were the videos, the downloadable audios, and especially the live teleclasses with Marc. The handouts are great. The staff support was excellent. The bonus business module and the nutrition module are both helpful and interesting.

How has being an Eating Psychology Coach impacted your professional life/financial well-being?

Since I have added the credential of Eating Psychology Coach to my resume, I have a greater presence in my professional life and more confidence because I am able to have discussions with higher qualified health professionals. The patients I have treated and whose diets I have changed are those who have recovered and are recovering – diet has had an impact on both. I have treated heart conditions, cellulitis, Witmaak Ekbom’s Syndrome, Dementia/Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s Disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, and other painful conditions.

How has being an Eating Psychology Coach impacted you personally?

Although I am slim and petite I used to worry about putting on weight. I have several allergies and I used to be afraid to eat certain foods. Since my training I am open to experimenting with foods I used to eat before I became aware of the allergies.

What do you see for yourself in your future as an Eating Psychology Coach – where is your work evolving towards?

Unlike supermarkets and health shops in first world countries, here in South Africa in my town, we only occasionally get an item of food that is organic. I hope to change that and make the residents in my town aware of the benefits of a healthy diet and what that is.

Why Would You Recommend the Training to Others?

Whether you are a health professional or a concerned parent; whether you or a loved one have health or weight issues or would just like to transition to better health, maintain good health or gain additional knowledge, training as an Eating Psychology Coach is something I highly recommend.

Anything else you’d like to share?

“Let thy food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food”…and let thou enjoy both!

NAME: Rashida Patel, Professional nurse, Life & business coach, Eating Psychology – mind-body, nutrition & weight, Reiki Practitioner
BUSINESS: The Hellth2WellthCoach

BIO: I am a nurse, life coach, Reiki practitioner, Multi-radiance therapist and an eating psychology coach who believes where there is life there is hope! My business, Hellth2Wellth, is about treating clients holistically and taking their unique situations into account. I learn from my clients as they learn from me.


P.S. – To learn more about the breakthrough body of work we teach here at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, please sign up for our free video training series at You’ll learn about the cutting-edge principles of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition that have helped millions forever transform their relationship with food, body, and health. Lastly, we want to make sure you’re aware of our two premier offerings. Our Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training is an 8 month distance learning program that you can take from anywhere in the world to launch a new career or to augment an already existing health practice. And Transform Your Relationship with Food is our 8 week online program for anyone looking to take a big leap forward with food and body.

My Life as an Eating Psychology Coach: Rashida Patel

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