My Life as an Eating Psychology Coach: Laura Moss

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My life as an eating psychology coach with Laura Moss

What made you want to become an Eating Psychology Coach?

Prior to participating in the certification training with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, I had been exposed to many of their cutting-edge philosophies and soul-based teachings via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The way those truths spoke to and affirmed the beliefs and practices by which I’ve strived to live my adult life made my decision to pursue the Training so easy. You see, I grew up with disordered-eating and appearance-obsessed parents who tied low weight to high worth. And, while I always knew there was something wrong with – and fundamentally untrue about – that way of defining oneself, it wasn’t until I found the instruction and guidance the Institute offers that I actually believed there was a proven better way to approach the relationship we all have with food and body. The prospect of being able to share the powerful, life-changing truths put forth by the Institute with others who struggle with issues around food, body, health, emotion, and worth seemed like such a gift. And it’s a gift that I am now able to offer with the confidence that comes from the thorough and empowering information-sharing that is a hallmark of IPE.

What do you love about being an Eating Psychology Coach?

Honestly? I love everything about connecting with people. I especially love connecting with those who have reached a point in their lives when their symptom (whether it’s their weight, health issues, or behaviors around food and body) is calling them into that powerful place of self-examination. The honor of holding space for the experiences and stories that belong to, and define, each individual I get to work with is something I take very seriously. And the opportunity to walk alongside someone on the thrilling, mysterious path that leads to self-evolution is something that will always excite, amaze, and humble me. Aha moments and small wins are most definitely my jam and this work provides so many – both for me and for my clients.

What does your practice look like?

Currently, my practice is made up of both female and male clients who have reached a place in their lives when their physical and emotional well-being has been moved to the front of the line, either due to a change in health status, life goals, or life seasons. I enjoy meeting with clients in person as well as via Skype/Facetime, when the situation/location calls for technology-assisted connection. Because teaching is something that comes naturally to me, I am excited to offer workshops and web-based programs based on the brilliant philosophies I’ve learned with the Institute coupled with the real-life experience I have as a fellow traveler on the path toward overall health. Self-care and creative self-expression are highlights in all of my work with clients – both one-on-one and in my upcoming programs – and the tools that facilitate those things are ones that I tend to use often and with great success.

How did your education at the Institute prepare you to work successfully with clients?

Every aspect of the training I received at the Institute seems almost prescient to me as I think back to the months I spent with the rich material provided. It’s as if it was packaged and presented in such a way as to be foundational, sequential, and important at every turn with each client whom I’ve had the privilege of walking alongside. There weren’t any gaps that have left me feeling ill-informed or unprepared, and for that I am extremely grateful. The access I had – and continue to have – to the wisdom generously shared by fellow coaches is also a powerful piece of the education I acquired at IPE.

What was your favorite aspect of the Training?

There are so many parts of the Training that I would count as my favorite, because there are so many different ways each part offered its own unique gifts. The videos (along with the accompanying downloadable audios and recordings of the live teleclasses) kept me engaged and are a big part of my continuing education, as I have them available to listen to as frequently as I desire. The handouts and the Facebook group are invaluable sources of information and inspiration. The staff support is second-to-none as far as accessibility, quick response time, and – most importantly – gracious, generous, compassionate communication. And, for me, the live event was one of the most magical, empowering, life-altering, validating, encouraging, ridiculously fun experiences I’ve had. So, you see, choosing ONE favorite is next-to-impossible.

How has being an Eating Psychology Coach impacted your professional life/financial well-being?

Deciding to participate in the certification process at the beginning of the Second Act of my life is truly proving to be one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Being an Eating Psychology Coach has given me a new focus and a new purpose as I adjust to the huge life changes that come along with a brand new empty nest. To be able to offer hope and help (with a healthy side of humor) to my clients who are looking for transformed relationships with food and body is beyond thrilling to me. Steve Jobs once said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” For me, my Eating Psychology Coaching practice is the great work I’m called to because it is something I love.

How has being an Eating Psychology Coach impacted you personally?

One of the most empowering gifts I’ve received as an Eating Psychology Coach is the chance to look unflinchingly at my own issues with food, body, health, and the beliefs (and choices I’ve historically made around each).and to be finding healing in the exploration. Being able to sit with my clients and know – really know – the freedom and vitality that are achievable once the courage to find clarity is apprehended really lights me up. It’s exciting to have such dynamic, revolutionary tools available to me – to use them personally and to share them with each of my clients is priceless. And the friendships and connections I’ve made with my fellow coaches is a sweet, serendipitous bonus.

What do you see for yourself in your future as an Eating Psychology Coach – where is your work evolving towards?

As I venture further in my coaching journey, I’m super-excited to see how it all unfolds. There are so many varied directions I can visualize my work taking me and I hesitate to cast too narrow a vision. It’s my hope that as I spend more and more time with clients, I’ll be given clear insight as to the types of programs and workshops I can offer that will add richness to the dialogue around the realms of food and whole body nutrition. My heart for people seeking personal transformation – and my desire to be the best, most insightful encourager I can be – will lead me to many fascinating and intriguing coaching opportunities and collaborations, of that I am certain.

Why Would You Recommend the Training to Others?

The need for more soulfully-educated, mindfully-trained professionals in the field of Mind Body Nutrition is obvious and great in our current culture. And the Institute for the Psychology of Eating is particularly positioned to put such professionals into the arena. The quality of the training offered, as well as the stellar character of Marc David, Emily Rosen, and the whole IPE staff, make the Eating Psychology Coaching Certification Program the preeminent curriculum available. Plus, it’s just plain fascinating and fun to be part of such a heart-centered group of people.

Anything else you’d like to share?

The joy and thrill that come from the deep knowing that you are in the right place at the right time doing the right thing is something to be treasured. And that’s what being an Eating Psychology Coach has brought to my life. I’ll be forever grateful to Marc David and Emily Rosen for their integrity-filled, authentic leadership as I’ve undertaken this new thing. It’s my hope to carry the torch of truth that they’ve so graciously passed to me and each of my classmates in a way that honors the counter-cultural, paradigm-shifting, brave beliefs they embody.

NAME: Laura K Moss
BUSINESS: nourish, LLC

BIO: Laura K. Moss is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach who believes that nourishment of body, mind, and spirit ushers in optimal health and well-being. Her passion for exploring story and symptom as a mode of transformation invites revelation and healing in ways that speak to deep places in each of her clients.

My life as an eating psychology coach with Laura Moss

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