My Life as an Eating Psychology Coach: Cassandra Duggan

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My life as an eating psychology coach with Cassandra Duggan

What made you want to become an Eating Psychology Coach in the first place?

I have followed Marc David for many years. Three years ago I attended two workshops that Marc and Emily Rosen were presenting. I knew that weekend I was going to sign up for the Eating Psychology Coaching Certification Training. Marc’s willingness to share the amount of knowledge he has gained over the years is what hooked me into becoming a Certified Eating Psychology Coach. Also the approach they teach at the Institute for helping clients better understand themselves, truly spoke to my soul.

What do you love about being an Eating Psychology Coach?

It’s more than just about the food. As a Certified Eating Psychology Coach I can help clients dive into the undigested life experiences that hold them back from having a fuller life full of pleasure. Together we uncover negative patterns and toxic beliefs that have been created over the years and begin to dismantle the frozen images of time. When the clients have healthy new experiences, their outlook on life begins to change. Here is where I get really excited! When my clients have profound moments of clarity – that’s when there is the biggest transformation.

What does your practice look like?

My practice tends to be mostly women in their 20s or early 50s. The twenty-somethings are trying to navigate their life and need a sounding board to help them with solutions to all the different dilemmas we face. Those in their early 50s are coming to terms with who they are and their bodies as a whole.

My practice is focused on the relationship between food, body image, and how both relate to pleasure. When we free ourselves of the negative patterns with food, the negative talk, and that which creates a negative body image, the desire to want more in life arises and pleasure starts to abound. I recommend sessions in person, however, I understand that some clients feel more comfortable on the phone. In the fall, I’ll be rolling out a three-part workshop series based on food, body, and pleasure. And I am in the process of creating a six-month program based on food, body, and pleasure.

How did your education at the Institute prepare you to work successfully with clients?

The education I received was beyond my expectation. The Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training taught me how to truly be a coach. One of the concepts that was drilled into me as a Coach was that I cannot fix anyone. Another important lesson that the Institute really drove home was that coaches need to listen to the client. I think of both of those concepts every time I am working with a client.

What was your favorite aspect of the Training?

My favorite aspect of the Training was the live event and then next, I’d say, the handouts. I enjoyed being at live events because live events create connection a connection with all those in attendance – with the body and through touch. I also felt like more part of a tribe at a live event. For me the handouts are one of the tangible parts of the Training that are at my fingertips – as a reference – all the time.

How has being an Eating Psychology Coach impacted your professional life/financial well-being?

I enjoy being a coach. I keep in mind all the time the phrase that Marc David talks about as sort of a spiritual practice with the universe. He says, “the universe has given all of us unique gifts to share with our clients and in return the universe gives back to the coach in a monetary value.”

How has being an Eating Psychology Coach impacted your personal life?

I have been able integrate much of what I learned in the Training into my own life to help myself transform. Part of this transformation was connecting more of my own dots to gain clarity and focus. Hence, today I have life full with pleasure. My desires and passions have arisen and I am willing to put myself into the world and go after my dreams. I have realized that my unique gifts are from the universe.

What do you see for yourself in your future as an Eating Psychology Coach – where is your work evolving towards?

People are seeking avenues to feel better, more alive, and more pleasure. The need for connection in community is growing by leaps and bounds in today’s digital world. I see myself creating programs, workshops, and events to bring together those seeking more human connection. Online programs are great and can reach all around the world. But nothing beats direct human connection and interacting with others in person.

Why would you recommend the Training to others?

I have already! Throughout the past three years, I have recommended the Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training. This Training has taught me how to truly be a Coach. This Training has impacted me on so many levels that it is easy to recommend!

Anything else you’d like to share about being an Eating Psychology Coach?

The Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training, for me, brought together everything I have learned in a concise way. It all just clicked one day. Throughout the Training the one topic that kept coming up is knowing your unique gifts. In knowing your unique gifts, then you know what you are bringing to your clients and why the clients are coming to you. Through this Training I was able to see, feel, and own my unique gifts.

NAME: Cassandra Duggan
BUSINESS: Divining the Body

BIO: Cassandra is committed and passionate about engaging each client so they are able to heal from the inside out in a sacred way. Cassandra is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach (CEPC,) Certified Holistic Heath Coach (CHHC,) Core Energetics (Body Movement) Coach (CCEC,) and Sexuality Embodiment Coach (SEC.)

My life as an eating psychology coach with Cassandra Duggan

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