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My Life as an Eating Psychology Coach: Amy Woods

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My Life as an Eating Psychology Coach: Amy Woods

What made you want to become an Eating Psychology Coach?

I fell in love with both Emily & Marc’s inspiring energy for this work. What they were suggesting just made so much sense and awoke a passionate curiosity in me. I began to understand that my body wasn’t against me, but trying to communicate with me. It completely changed my life. I knew it was my calling to do the course and support others on their journeys.

What do you love about being an Eating Psychology Coach?

I can’t believe the response I’ve had so far. I love the energy that seems to explode inside me when I’m holding the space for my client. I love the side it has brought out in me as a teacher, a guide, a mentor and as a leader. I love seeing the curiosity in people’s eyes when I speak to them about what I do. I love to see the insights that occur when you bring people’s wisdom to light. I love to draw people’s suppressed feelings to the surface so they can just release. I love the adrenaline of speaking to a big room of people! There are so many things, the list is endless!

What does your practice look like?

At the moment I’m quite focused on running courses and running group workshops because I love the energy of a group coming together, learning, growing and supporting each other. I love the healing that happens in that environment. I also love the intimate and intense healing that happens on a one-to-one session. The people that have been drawn/ sent to me so far have been quite diverse.
I like to have the “in-person” connection. But, I really appreciate the possibilities the Internet has brought me. This has allowed me to meet people I probably would never have met, both mentors and clients.

How did your education at the Institute prepare you to work successfully with clients?

One thing I found Marc made really clear and has given me the confidence to just dive straight in was having that Divine Connection to the Universe and understanding that everyone who comes to me or whoever I meet has a nugget of wisdom to teach me and I have things to teach them too. That trusting, that being in the flow of the Universe, we are the messengers to help draw out the wisdom of every person we coach. We’re not here to fix them, but guide them back into themselves. This is why the movement I have created is called “Awakening Body Wisdom”

What was your favorite aspect of the Training?

My favorite aspect was the videos. Marc’s teachings were so clear and kept me grounded in my intention even if I was all over the place. He actually made me laugh a few times too. His passion, commitment, and authenticity were really supporting and heart-warming. I also think the staff support was brilliant, especially Stephanie in the Facebook group. The community of fellow students was absolutely incredible, supportive, encouraging and understanding. I’m so grateful for all these things and all the beautiful people I’ve met on the way.

How has being an Eating Psychology Coach impacted your professional life/financial well-being?

For the first time in my professional life I feel like I am fulfilling my destiny. In the flow of the cosmic river, I am supporting people in living their fullest potential. And I can’t describe how incredible it is. Although I’m not actually charging money just yet, my life is abundant in so many other ways. My soul feels totally nourished and I see the nourishment spread to those around me.

How has being an Eating Psychology Coach impacted you personally?

I am astounded at this person it has brought out in me. When I did my first talk it was like the Universe exploded inside me and I just had this energy running through me. It has brought out a confidence in me that I didn’t even know I had. It has opened my heart in a profound way. I am filled with love, kindness, and compassion, but also passionate. I’ve discovered this fierce and strong side to me that makes me feel totally grounded in my power.

What do you see for yourself in your future as an Eating Psychology Coach – where is your work evolving towards?

I’ve got big plans to combine both my passions. This work and travelling. My focus for the future would likely be with teens and young adults, but I’m really loving the people that have come into my life so far. It’s quite diverse.
I’d eventually like to take this everywhere and anywhere life takes me! To schools, retreats, different communities, and to all those unexpected places.

Why Would You Recommend the Training to Others?

Not only is it excellent in preparing you to be an Eating Psychology Coach but it deepens your understanding of life and it helps heal your relationship with yourself. It opens the doors to your soul, it sets you free in unimaginable ways and makes you grow with strength and integrity.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved with teaching, supporting, and making it possible for me to have been a part of this tremendous training. Words can’t describe how grateful I am and how excited I am to be on this incredible journey.
It is a complete honor to take on this legacy and I can’t tell you how much it has transformed me and made me into the woman I always imagined myself to be. I am proud to call myself an Eating Psychology Coach and will never forget this experience. Because it is now a part of me.

NAME: Amy Woods- Nutritional Psychology Coach, Public speaker, Life coach
BUSINESS: Founder of Soulshine Healing & the “Awakening Body Wisdom” movement
WEBSITE: facebook.com/soulshinehealing

BIO: I’m currently running a course which I have called “Awakening Body Wisdom” and have been so stunned by the results and the feedback I’ve had so far! I have a couple of projects lined up for this movement, some of which include going into schools and working with teenagers and young adults. I’m so thrilled and excited!

My Life as an Eating Psychology Coach: Amy Woods

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