Top 5 Phone Apps for Health & Wellness

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Over the past several decades, the evolution of health and wellness tools has more or less coincided with the evolution of technology. At first there were only books on the subject. Then came magazines and records, tapes and videos, CDs and web sites, and now with the advent of smart phones you can have immediate access to nearly every piece of health and wellness information you desire. Yes, you access tools for a healthy lifestyle from literally anywhere now.

And with the evolution of application quality, these programs are steadily getting more creative and sophisticated.

Top 5 Phone Apps for Health & Wellness

Here’s a look at the five best health and wellness-related apps for smart phones. These range from nutritional information to brain wave relaxation to slow-mo yoga instruction. Each of these is guaranteed to heighten the quality of your nutritional, physical, and psychological life.

Fooducate (iPhone)

There are plenty of apps available that teach you about the nutritional content of various foods, but perhaps none as comprehensive and educational as this. The database is gigantic and with a simple barcode scan, you can see a product’s health rating, nutritional value, in-depth description, and the option to compare it to other products side by side. When you go grocery shopping, Fooducate can help you to make some decisions for you and your family.

Natural Cures (iPhone)

This is an incredibly broad database of natural remedies for illnesses or conditions. You can use this wellness tool to search by symptom, remedy, or condition to find the proper natural response to what ails you. Internist Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, and his wife, nutritionist Laurie Teitelbaum, developed the app to help you treat any symptoms you may have on the go!

BrainWave Tuner (iPhone)

With the included 26+ preset brain wave channels available in this auditory brain app, you can use sounds to experience more energy, more creativity, more serenity, more focus, and more willingness to learn. By fusing advanced electroencephalography theories with an easy-to-use interface, you can find the peace you deserve effortlessly with this brain wave app.

Daily YOGA (Android)

There are hordes of Yoga-based apps available for all cell phone operating systems, but this one may be the best of the bunch. Daily YOGA not only shows you the correct alignment for each pose, but it also offers a slow-motion video that details how you get into that position. Also included are tips for beginners, for breathing properly, and daily programs that target specific areas of the body, like abs or legs.

Cessation Nation (Android)

This is a well-designed app to help those who are trying to banish addiction. If you’re a smoker, Cessation Nation will be relentless in keeping you motivated. The app provides extensive information on what happens when you quit smoking, how many cigarettes you’ve saved yourself from smoking since you quit, how much money you’ve saved by quitting, and even the time you’ve saved by not taking smoke breaks. As a motivational tool it succeeds in reminding you why you’re quitting and what you’ve gained by doing so.

Learning More About Your Health & Wellness

If you’d like to learn more about the various health and wellness tools that are available to you–in any form–don’t hesitate to get in touch with The Institute for the Psychology of Eating. We’d love to talk more with you!

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