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All of us at IPE are thrilled to announce our next Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training. The distance learning format has made it possible for so many or our friends, fans and students to train with us in this very unique and cutting-edge body of work.

And, we have undergone a rigorous process and are now accredited by the CO Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools. We’re proud to know that we can deliver an education that is officially acknowledged as a high caliber professional training.

So many of you have asked for more details about our new premier training. We’ve outlined many of the important pieces below that we believe will help you see the tremendous value of our training. In a time when nutrition professionals and health coaches are looking to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack – the education we provide is one-of-a-kind and puts you in a special class of practitioners.

Most importantly, in a time when so many coaches are frustrated because of a lack of success with clients, the Institute teaches strategies that are truly effective and results driven. You’ll also notice below that we’ve added great value to our Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training with the addition of 2 great Bonus Modules!

Our first bonus offering is a Nutrition Review Module produced in conjunction with Hawthorn University – one of the premier holistic nutrition schools in the world. This will help first timers get up to speed with important nutrition knowledge, and will help seasoned practitioners with some excellent review. The second bonus module is a Business Coaching Module that’s especially designed to help you with the important basics of practice building and management.

We’re confident you will love our training. Here is what you’ll receive:

1. Over 250 hours of material including video, audios, reading material, handouts and voice-over slide shows narrated by Marc David – Founder & Director of IPE. These hours are divided into 7 Modules delivered in a convenient distance-learning format over 8 months.
2. Every Module is available in a convenient mp3 format that you can download and listen to on your computer or portable mp3-player – such as an IPod.
3. A cutting edge unique curriculum that covers today’s major eating challenges – weight, body image, overeating, binge-eating, and chronic dieting. And, an in depth study of the most common nutrition-linked health concerns – digestive issues, fatigue, immune challenges, mood concerns, women’s health, and more.
4. A results-based mind/body/spirit approach that includes powerful case studies, important insights, unique protocols, and coaching strategies that work.
5. Two live teleclasses each month with Marc David or a guest faculty. This is your time to ask questions and share your breakthroughs. All teleclasses are recorded for those who cannot attend live. Teleclasses are 90 minutes long.
6. A powerful collection of notes, worksheets, highlights, lessons, protocols and more are also included in PDF form that you can download. An excellent resource for using when working with clients.
7. You can also participate in an optional online community with fellow students. IPE has an amazingly knowledgeable and accomplished student body. So many of our students are inspired and satisfied by the community of support they find not only with us, but with fellow students they meet during the training.
8. In addition to the full Curriculum, you will gain access to a Bonus Nutrition Module designed exclusively for IPE by Hawthorne University.
9. You will also receive a Bonus Business Coaching Module that will give you a solid platform to launch or expand your business.
10. Upon completing the Training you receive free admission to a special event in May –  The Future of Healing: Deepening and Expanding Your Professional Practice. This professional seminar is designed to take your skill-set, confidence, and inspiration to new heights. You will also have time to meet, greet and learn with Marc David, other IPE staff and your fellow students.

Our Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training is a unique education that you won’t find anywhere else. The work we teach at the Institute in Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition is a powerful and highly practical body of knowledge that puts you far ahead of the curve when it comes to working with eating issues, weight, and nutrition linked health concerns.

We’re committed to making a real and lasting difference when it comes to food and health. We’d love for you to join us in this wonderful mission. Please contact us to learn more and to see if our training is right for you.

Best regards,

Marc David

Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating

IPE - Testimonial Placeholders-01 (1)

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