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Mind Body Eating Coach Successes

Lynn Taylor

The support staff are so very kind, empathic and supportive. Having that support allowed me to grow on this journey.

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Gaia Komoot

This training was the greatest gift that I’ve ever given myself. It was truly a monumental, life-changing catalyst…

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Peyton Johnson

The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training gave me the tools I need to feel confident to work one-on-one with clients and make a true difference.

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Claudia Knight

I have immense gratitude for the way the course has helped me to trust in my intuition.

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Mary Radue

The Institute is an organization that “walks their talk.” They are there for you throughout the learning journey and beyond. They want you to succeed.

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Karla Ticona

The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training fulfills its promise of being a truly groundbreaking and unconventional certification – giving you everything you need to excel as a practitioner.

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Sandrine Giacobino

I’m so glad I finally took the leap of faith!

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Marianela Canseco Arana

I have discovered so much about me that needed to be healed, despite working as a psychotherapist for many years.

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Darla Gallew

I used to have anxiety attacks before coaching sessions and every day was a stress. After taking the Training, I’m no longer afraid and I have a whole lot more confidence in my coaching abilities.

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