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A doctor holding a green apple in his hand

If you’re a health coach, chances are you know that being a health coach is more than a profession – it’s a calling.

In fact, you’ve probably come to the world of health coaching because you’re personally passionate about healthy living. Your own journey of health and healing may have led you to pursue health coach training, which helped you dive even deeper into the fascinating world of health and nutrition.

Depending on where you are in the development of your health coaching practice, you might already be helping clients step into healthier eating habits and more vibrant living.

However, you may also have found that some of your clients didn’t shift their eating habits like they, or you, had hoped. You might have found that even though your clients’ goals are clear (lose weight, improve digestion, clear up their skin, have more energy etc.) – and even though your suggestions were powerful (eat more greens, drink more water, eat less sugar, cut down on the processed food) – you are not seeing lasting change happen for your clients.

If you’re offering everything you learned in your health coach training, but your clients aren’t experiencing the ideal results, you’re not alone.

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This experience is not uncommon. Your health coach training has no doubt been good, but it’s not the whole story. You have the basics, but it’s time to take it further. It’s time to go beyond basic health coach training and know-how. You’re ready to dive into the obstacles that prevent your client from reaching the goals they want. You’re looking for the next step that will facilitate lasting change for your clients. You are starting to see the clues that there are deeper issues that are keeping your clients locked in self-destructive behavior.

You might be noticing that:

  • Even clients who have had success with losing weight are still hating their bodies and striving to attain an artificial goal of the perfect body
  • More facts and nutritional information are not changing how your clients feel about their body, or even how they treat their body
  • It’s not just what your clients eat that is important, it’s also HOW they eat

What you are seeing is the psychology of eating at work. How we feel about ourselves, the stress in our lives, the expectations we have of ourselves, all deeply impact our bodies.

We are more than a composite of physiological needs. To thrive, we need more than a nutrient dense meal – we need to nourish our heart, mind and soul.

A truly effective health coach goes deeper than nutrition and fitness; she goes beyond her health coach training. She invites her client to step into their wholeness by walking into deeper realms. It is when we embrace our full humanity that we can truly heal.

The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is at the forefront of this powerful work. We are the next step after health coach training. We are the leaders of a new generation of nutritional healers that are learning deeper and lasting strategies that touch our clients’ lives in a whole new way.

If these words speak to you, if you are ready to go beyond your health coach training, if you’d like to take your skills and effectiveness with clients to a whole new level – if you’d like to be at the forefront of a new wave of Eating Psychology Coaches who are making a real difference in the world – then it’s time to consider joining one of our powerful trainings.

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A doctor holding a green apple in his hand

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