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8 Great Reasons to Become an Eating Psychology Coach

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If you are looking to become a health coach you need to weigh your options for what type of certification you would like to receive. Any potential training will have its own unique personality, characteristics and tools. And graduates of each training will have something unique to offer the world that sets them apart from one another.

The field of Eating Psychology Coaching is a highly regarded approach in the health coach arena that arms coaches with cutting edge tools to transform and improve the health of their clients. It is unique in that it is the only health coach certification in the world that emphasizes the psychology of eating.

Here are 8 great reasons to become an Eating Psychology Coach:

1. Eating Psychology Coaches view our relationship with food and our unwanted eating habits as a doorway into deeper awareness of self.

Eating Psychology Coaches approach our relationship with food and common eating challenges such as overeating or emotional eating as opportunities to understand larger struggles in a client’s life. Such eating challenges hold clients back from reaching their health goals.

We are inundated with information on “what” to eat to achieve good health, but we struggle to change “how” we eat. Even though we know kale and carrots are good for us, for example, some of us continue to reach for brownies or chips.

Eating Psychology Coaches address this issue using tools from the field of Dynamic Eating Psychology. They help clients resolve unwanted eating behaviors by addressing unbalance in other areas of their lives.

True healing begins when clients begin to understand that good health is not just about food. Rather, it’s about making choices from a place of unconditional love, regardless of what the scale says.

2. Eating Psychology Coaches understand that what we eat is only half the story of good nutrition.

Eating Psychology Coaches are trained to understand that our inner worlds and the lives we lead play a huge role in our overall nourishment and health. Good health is not just about what you put in your mouth. It’s also about your relationship to self, body, your job, family and spirituality.

Eating Psychology Coaches employ coaching methods from the field of Mind Body Nutrition to help clients understand that the way we live, think, and feel in the world has a profound impact on digestion, immunity, fatigue, weight and health.

3. Eating Psychology Coaches understand the importance of body wisdom.

Eating Psychology Coaches are trained to help clients learn to trust and honor the messages from their bodies. By becoming the experts of ourselves – by listening to our bodies – we can begin to make the best choices with food.

Eating Psychology Coaches help clients to see that they can eat when they’re hungry, stop when they are full, and honor the body’s messages of fatigue. The body never lies. If your stomach hurts – there is a reason for it. If you are tired – something is off. Eating Psychology Coaches know this and work with clients to honor the body’s messages and embrace the importance of trust in oneself to reach optimum levels of health.

4. Eating Psychology Coaches recognize that strong diet mentalities sabotage good health.

Eating Psychology Coaches are trained to help clients understand that chronic dieting, extreme exercise and calorie counting often triggers unwanted eating behaviors. Eating Psychology Coaches know how to spot a diet mentality and help clients begin to do the work to leave it behind.

A strong diet mentality involves labeling food as good or bad and depriving ourselves of certain foods. Both play a big role in overeating. It makes sense that we might gobble up a bunch of cookies if we feared that we would not be able to have them tomorrow. It also makes sense that we are drawn to foods deemed as “bad”. Our inner 10-year-old says, “Forget that!” and we eat the food.

Eating Psychology Coaches help clients to understand that a strong diet mentality undermines efforts to achieve good health. They also encourage clients to drop the moral judgment of food and think of all food as neutral. It’s more important how the food makes your body feel!

5. Eating Psychology Coaches understand the importance of the stress response and its impact on overall health.

Eating Psychology Coaches have extensive knowledge of the stress response and its impact on health, and particularly weight. They understand how stress floods the body with stress hormones and signals to the body to hang onto weight.

Eating Psychology Coaches are well versed in helping individuals slow down with food and in life to tap into the relaxation response. It is by tapping into the relaxation response that we give our bodies the greatest chance of letting go of unwanted weight and reaching optimum health.

6. Eating Psychology Coaches employ methods rooted in positive psychology.

They view all clients as capable of leading meaningful and fulfilled lives. Eating Psychology Coaches do not focus on the problem. Rather they help clients create sustainable solutions.

Eating Psychology Coaches meet all clients where they are at without judgment. They understand the importance of creating a safe space for sharing. They understand the importance of listening and strive to make the client feel like the only person in the world in the moment. Eating Psychology Coaches truly put the client first.

7. Eating Psychology Coaches enjoy a competitive edge in the market with a unique certification.

Eating Psychology Coaches set themselves apart from other health coaches with their title and unique certification. This can be especially important when positioning your self for success.

The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is the only school in the world that provides certification for Eating Psychology Coaches. It delivers a powerful, information-rich 250-hour program featuring skill building in Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition. It enables graduates to work with the most common and compelling eating issues of our times – weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, endless dieting, digestion, fatigue, immunity, mood and much more.

As the field of health coaching continues to explode, it will become more important to be able to set yourself apart from others. Eating Psychology Coaches possess powerful skills and tools that make them transformative coaches.

8. Eating Psychology Coaches are game-changers and revolutionaries who understand how to get results.

People drawn to work as Eating Psychology Coaches are interested in taking a new approach to weight loss and common eating challenges. They think outside of the box and take a mind, body, heart and soul approach to helping people get healthy.

Eating Psychology Coaches embrace a new conversation on creating healthy lives and encourage clients to do the same. This fresh approach is a game-changer for many people who have struggled with lifelong eating challenges. It gets results, and it changes lives in a beautiful and powerful way…

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