8 Career Paths For Your Training in Eating Psychology

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Training in Eating Psychology opens up a world of exciting career opportunities and allows you to channel your unique passions and background into a path that is right for you. Here at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, we prepare our students with an education that allows them to be successful in a variety of career placements.

If you already know this is the next step for you and are interested in learning more about working with commonly seen eating concerns, such as weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, digestion, fatigue, immunity, and mood, then come learn more about our Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training.

Below are some of the many paths you can take with your training in Eating Psychology:

1) Work one-on-one in a private coaching practice: 

In our modern world, coaches have a great deal of flexibility, working with clients in an office setting or from the comfort of their own homes with appointments by phone or Skype. And be sure to check out our article featuring 5 timeless coaching tips!

2) Create a virtual business working with clients all over the world:

Teach tele-classes and lead online seminars: The field of eating psychology is gaining momentum and interest around the globe.  If you love to travel, a career in eating psychology can give you the flexibility that you desire.

3) Teach and work with children creating youth programs:

Obesity among our youth is on the rise while eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia grip teenagers at an alarming rate.  It’s time to target youth in order to shift body hate to self-love.

4)  Open a holistic health or wellness center:

Create a center where people in your community can find medicine for body, mind, and soul in one place.  Work alongside other practitioners to create a comprehensive approach for clients.  Eating Psychology is an excellent companion to yoga, acupuncture, dietetics, social work, etc.

5) Mentor other professionals:

A variety of professionals including health coaches, acupuncturists, teachers, and fitness professionals are in need of the powerful tools and insights that Eating Psychology provides.

6) Work with small groups running classes and retreats:

Groups provide a powerful atmosphere for support and connection among those struggling with weight, chronic dieting, and body image.  People carry an enormous amount of guilt and shame around their eating behaviors and bodies.  Being witnessed in this struggle is often the doorway for transformation.

7) Augment an existing career in yoga, fitness, psychology, dietetics, nutrition, & health:

The field of eating psychology contains fresh insights and wisdom that can augment a number of healing professions.  Whether you are a yoga teacher helping your students to embody more in their practice or if you are a social worker, hoping to help clients with depression or anxiety, the wisdom of the field of eating psychology will give you a fresh perspective to liven up your approach.

8) Work in Corporate wellness programs designing and implementing programs:

One important focus of Eating Psychology is the way in which stress physiology impacts health and weight.  Work with employees in large corporations helping them to incorporate stress-reducing practices on the job in order to access greater health and well-being.  Healthier employees mean more workplace happiness and productivity.

If any of these career paths intrigues you, then be sure to get your FREE video guide – The Dynamic Eating Psychology Breakthrough and learn more about our Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training – you can sign up for it HERE.

Truly, with a training in eating psychology, your career options endless.

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