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The Eater’s Agreement – Video with Emily Rosen

Marc David’s classic piece, “The Eater’s Agreement,” originally appeared in the book Nourishing Wisdom in 1991. Since then, it has been used in countless college courses, community workshops, and coaching sessions, and has helped untold numbers of people come to a new, positive, empowered understanding of their relationship with food. Almost 25 years later, this […]

Five Ways to Become the Happiest Version of You

Happiness is not just a random emotion that comes over us when everything is going our way. Happiness can also be cultivated and learned. That’s very good news, because the world isn’t always a happy place. Life can be hard, and we could all use more reasons to smile. So in the spirit of cultivating […]

5 Ways to Have More Freedom with Food

A lot of people spend their life energy living in a food prison. They’re at war with food, with their appetite, with weight, with fat, and with a body that’s not being cooperative in terms of looking exactly what we want it to look like. The net result of all this is that life feels […]