More Than A Nutrition Coach Training

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The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is on a mission to change the landscape of eating psychology and make it practical and accessible to everyone! And that’s why we’ve developed our premier professional offering – our Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training. With this powerful approach, you can have the biggest impact possible with your clients. Working in this field is a wonderful way to truly serve people, while providing a livelihood you can feel proud of.

Even though there’s an abundance of health coaches and nutrition consultants, so many people still find themselves grappling with the same eating challenges. People aren’t getting the results they want. Something’s missing, and that missing ingredient is an eating psychology for everyone. It’s what we call Dynamic Eating Psychology.

More Than a Nutrition Training

Compassionate Coaching

Here at the Institute, we’re very aware of the huge demand across the globe for effective and compassionate coaching when it comes to food, weight, and eating concerns. Not everyone has an eating disorder – but everyone has a relationship with food. So many people live with the kind of internal dissatisfaction around their body that has them draining emotional energy and wasting time with ineffective strategies that never truly take them where they want to go.

Just look around and you’ll see that the most common approach to weight loss – eating less and exercising more – doesn’t work. If it did, it would have done so long ago. At the same time, there’s a great collective pain around what to eat and how much to eat. People fight food, fight pleasure, fight their instincts and desires, fight body fat – and because it’s a battle against our own selves – it’s a fight we’re destined to lose. Clearly, there’s an immense amount of pain around eating. Media images that portray what a body should look like have all too many of us chasing impossible standards of perfection. Nutrition experts continuously contradict one another and leave everyone confused. We’re overloaded with information, but undernourished when it comes to true healing wisdom.

It’s time for a change.

It’s time for an approach that honors all of who we are as eaters – body, mind, heart and soul.

Previously, if you wanted to learn about eating psychology you’d need to spend years at a traditional university at great expense – and still come away without the practical skills to work with the real-life challenges that people face with eating. The Institute’s mission is to make a big difference where it counts. We teach a practical, heartfelt, results driven eating psychology for everyone. With this approach, you can begin to see real and lasting breakthroughs for you and your clients like never before!

We have a tremendous opportunity before us: to serve others in ways they haven’t been served before. We can help people free themselves from self-imposed food limitations and outdated beliefs. We can guide them into sustainable and nourishing eating strategies that truly work. And, we can help cheerlead them into a more inspired relationship with food, and with life.

A Unique Education

The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training combines some of the best tools and techniques from the most compelling psychological and personal growth approaches. It also includes important information from the front lines of clinical and functional nutrition, as well as the important new approach we’ve developed – Mind Body Nutrition. Graduates are certified as Mind Body Eating Coaches and come away empowered around their own relationship with food and body, skilled in facilitating others, and confident to bring this knowledge out into the world.

So the good news is simply this: you now have access to a unique and engaging new way to work with clients, students, and yourself. Our training is designed to help you serve others by catalyzing your own personal transformation. It’s innovative and intellectually challenging. It’s life affirming and positive. And it puts you at the forefront of a new movement that’s making a big difference in the lives of others.


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