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Is it Time to Stop Dieting?

If we were to take a random survey of people on the street, most likely, a majority of them would either be dieting or would have done so in the past. Dieting is incredibly popular in our culture, and entire industries of foods, books, and videos perpetuate it. In fact, it is so common that, […]

5 Ways to Boost Your Plant Based Diet

Plant based diets continue to grow in popularity. Folks are finding good reasons to shift their eating lifestyle in drastic ways. Whether it’s in response to health news or environmental quality or concerns of the heart for animals, the marketplace has jumped in to provide more diverse choices than ever before. Whether you’ve been doing […]

5 Tips for Going Raw

Here at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating we do NOT endorse or promote any particular diet or nutritional lifestyle. We do highly encourage that each person openly explores the wide variety of nutritional approaches and dietary strategies that are available to them. We see nutrition as an ever changing journey. We believe that a […]