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Four Tips to Banish Nighttime Eating

Evening binge eating is all too common. It’s a challenge that leaves many of us feeling derailed, ashamed, and defeated. Left unchecked, it can undermine our mood, our personal momentum, and our life. If you’ve ever found yourself with your head in the pantry once the sun has gone down, take heart. You’re not alone. […]

Binge Eating and Mindfulness

One of the most challenging eating behaviors to address is binge eating. Often, we attach a great deal of guilt and shame to it, which only makes it more challenging to overcome. An approach that is often helpful is to bring mindfulness to our work with binge eating. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, one of the first […]

A New Way to Stop Binge Eating

Binge eating is often very stressful and emotionally intense. And despite the fact that it’s quite widespread, there haven’t been any easy solutions on how to stop binge eating. Those who struggle with binge eating often experience a great deal of shame and guilt. They feel that their behavior somehow makes them weak-willed or even […]

3 Steps for Healing from Disordered Eating

It’s incredible to consider that, despite the amazing advancements we have made in our understanding of nutrition, fitness and wellness in the last hundred or so years, so many struggle with their relationship with food and body. When we go in and do the math and crunch the hard numbers, over 1 million men in […]

How Do I Stop Binge Eating?

“I was out of control” “I couldn’t stop” “I had to finish the whole package” “It was like a wild hungry wolf took over my eating” These phrases are familiar to those of us who struggle with binge eating.  We know all too well the feeling of being in a wave of eating that we […]