How Our Eating Psychology Coach Training Works

Online Health Coach Training – Eating Psychology Coach™ Certification

This Training is delivered in a completely online format that allows you to study and participate from anywhere in the world. A computer and Internet connection are all you need to enroll and participate in this revolutionary health coach training.

  • When the program begins, you’ll be given access to the Distance Learning Program Website.
  • The course materials are delivered in 7 Modules, which will be released once every 4-6 weeks.
  • This Training is now by application only:   Apply Here Now!

About the Modules

  • Each module has an introductory video that outlines the important concepts in that module and a voice-over slide show narrated by Marc David – Founder of IPE.
  • Module content is delivered through a series of voice over-slide shows which you can watch online or download as mp3 files onto your computer or mobile device.
  • A powerful collection of written notes, worksheets, highlights, lessons, protocols and more are also included in PDF form that you can download.
  • Each module contains approximately 20-30 hours of video, narrated slide shows or audio.
  • Each section has a recommended reading list to support the learning process.
  • There are introspective exercises built into the course to facilitate personal development while honing your professional skills.
  • Short tests are due at the end of each module, and a final exam is required for graduation and certification.
  • All audio files and handouts are downloadable and yours to keep for life.

Additional Components of the Training

Included in the training are two live teleclasses each month with Marc David. All teleclasses are recorded for those who cannot attend. Teleclasses are 90 minutes and happen live at 1:00 PM or 6:00 PM EST.

Each student has the option to participate in our Peer Coaching Program where you can meet regularly with a fellow student to practice your coaching skills.

A comprehensive online forum where you can engage with your fellow students and IPE staff, and a private Facebook group for professional networking opportunities.

A Foundational Nutrition Module.

Business Coaching Module to help you launch your practice or expand your currently existing business.

Admission to a free live Conference at the end of the training.

We’re now accepting applications for the Fall Enrollment of our Eating Psychology Certification Training!
To be considered for the Fall Training, you must apply before September 4th, 2015.

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