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Have questions about our Eating Psychology Coach™ Certification Training and how you can start a new career in nutrition and healing? Below are answers to the top questions we receive around our online health coach training. If after reading the frequently asked questions your question is not answered, simply contact us and we’ll be in touch!
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Is this a Nutrition Program?
Is this a program about Eating Disorders?
What if I am totally new to Nutrition?
What if I am totally new to Psychology?
What if I am already a health or counseling professional?
Can I take this Training if I am not interested in using it professionally?
Is this Training a substitute for Therapy?
Who is teaching the Training?
What kind of Certification will I receive?
What does this Certification qualify me to do?
Will I learn business skills?
Who is your student body?
Do you have any admission requirements or prerequisites?
Are there any age requirements for the Training?
What books will I need for the Training?
Will the work be “too much” for me? Will I able to do it; given my busy life?
Does the Institute have a religious affiliation?
Does the Institute adhere to a specific dietary philosophy or approach?
Does the Institute adhere to a specific dietary philosophy or approach?
Do you offer other programs - classes, workshops, or lectures to the general public?
What is the inspiration behind the Institute for The Psychology of Eating? When was it founded and why?
How would you describe the Training in the simplest of terms?

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