Learn more about how you can bring the principles of Eating Psychology™ and Mind Body Nutrition™ into your life with following best-selling books by author and founder of IPE, Marc David.

The Slow Down Diet

This is the book that takes on all other diet books. Not only is it easy to read and full of engaging narratives, but it also offers a profoundly new way to look at how you eat. This book can change lives. If you’re prepared to have a deeper look into the science and soul of your eating psychology, then this might be just the thing to help transform your metabolism forever. It’s all about the potent power of Vitamin S – Slow. In an easy-to-follow eight-week program, readers can learn to release weight, liberate energy and enhance digestive force by focusing not merely on what to eat, but on how to eat. They’ll learn about the hidden metabolic powers of relaxation, quality food, pleasure, awareness, rhythm, a positive inner story, and a deeper relationship with the sacred. A classic and best selling book, The Slow Down Diet is a big breath of fresh air that you’ll want to share with all the ones who matter most.

Published by Healing Arts Press, a division of Inner Traditions/Bear & Co in May 2005.

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Nourishing Wisdom

This book has been an underground bestseller and a classic in the field of nutrition, the psychology of eating and personal transformation for over twenty years. Used by health professionals and academic training programs, Nourishing Wisdom has struck a deep chord in over 75,000 readers across the globe. Written in beautiful prose, this book is filled with powerful insights and humorous stories, and provides a simple yet profound template for understanding the chaotic field of diet and nutrition by offering us the chance to discover who we are as eaters. Endorsed by such luminaries as Larry Dossey, Dean Ornish, Paul Hawken and Ann Louise Gittleman, this is a book for anyone who wants to transform their health, and their relationship with food. A must-read for all eaters.

Published by Bell Tower, a division of Crown/Random House in 1992.

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Reader Praise For The Slow Down Diet

“Marc David is the leading voice establishing the intimate connection between stress, digestion, metabolism, weight, and health. He reminds us that our relationship with food is as important as the food itself. In a world of ‘high fad’ diets he stands alone, guiding us toward nourishment, pleasure, and healing.”
Mark Hyman, M.D., author of Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss.

“The Slow Down Diet provides us with the missing link about metabolism that sets us free to enjoy food more than ever while also losing weight and getting healthy. Thank you, thank you, Marc David.”
Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Mother-Daughter Wisdom: Creating a Legacy of Physical and Emotional Health

Reader Praise For Nourishing Wisdom

“Marc David eloquently describes the importance of addressing the emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives in order to truly nourish ourselves.”
Dean Ornish, M.D.

“Nourishing Wisdom is the only diet/nutrition book I have ever seen that deserves to be a runaway best-seller. It is sorely needed. We will never understand nutrition without honoring the principles introduced by Marc David. This book explores a lot of popular archaic beliefs about diet and nutrition, but it doesn’t leave us hanging. It puts something vastly important in their place — the recognition that there is no clear-cut dividing line between mind and body, feelings and food. Do yourself a favor: have this book for dessert. It could forever change the way you think about food.”
Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Recovering the Soul and Beyond Illness

“Nourishing Wisdom provides the missing link in the process of eating. It is the book I wish I had written. It deserves to become The Eater’s Bible.”
Ann Louise Gittleman, M.S., author of Beyond Pritikin and Supernutrition for Women

“Illuminating insights on the connection between our eating and our thoughts and feelings. Nourishing Wisdom is a worthwhile book for anyone concerned with ‘eating right.'”
Annemarie Colbin, author of Food and Healing

“The rarest of books, for it can be truly said, without any exaggeration, that every single person will benefit from reading Nourishing Wisdom. It reveals and nourishes your wisdom, your body, and your life.”
Paul Hawken, author of The Ecology of Commerce and Growing a Business.

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Amazon Reviews For Nourishing Wisdom

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