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My Life as an Eating Psychology Coach: Fran Patoskie

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My life as an eating psychology coach with Fran Patoskie

What made you want to become an Eating Psychology Coach?

I was helping people lose weight by working out and dieting, but I saw over and over again how frustrated they would be after their program ended. It seemed as if they didn’t learn anything at all that would create lasting change. My heart would break when all they focused on was the amount of weight lost as success. I knew there was something more.

What do you love about being an Eating Psychology Coach?

I love helping people see that their value does not lie in the mirror. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing the lightbulb go on in their eyes once they find that one thing that they have been hanging onto that has prevented them from releasing the weight in the first place.

What does your practice look like?

I live on an island in Hawaii, so my clients are usually not easily accessible by car, so I use the phone or Zoom. I prefer zoom so that I can actually see their body language and environment. My specialty is helping older women find their inner queen. As a woman in her 50’s, this is the niche I relate to the most.

How did your education at the Institute prepare you to work successfully with clients?

Marc broke down each scenario so specifically that I can recognize and name the issue. He also gave us so many exercises to try with our clients, so really, it’s just a matter of trying something until we get results.

What was your favorite aspect of the Training?

I appreciated the audios very much! I actually went to Japan for 10 days during the training, and I was able to download the audios and listen to them on my ipod during the long bus rides.

How has being an Eating Psychology Coach impacted your professional life/financial well-being?

Being an Eating Psychology Coach has given me another dimension to offer to my weight loss clients. It has given me credibility and differentiated me from other weight loss coaches.

How has being an Eating Psychology Coach impacted you personally?

I have learned so much about calling on my inner queen that it has made me a much more serene person. I find that I am a better friend, wife, and mother as well, because I’m no longer hanging onto my princess. I have embraced my inner queen.

What do you see for yourself in your future as an Eating Psychology Coach – where is your work evolving towards?

As a person of the Christian faith, my work is evolving towards combining biblical truths with what I learned scientifically and psychologically. I believe that God created us and loves us, and if I can help others see that they are valued just because of who they were created to BE and not what they look like, then I have found my purpose.

Why Would You Recommend the Training to Others?

This training has opened my eyes and heart to see others in a completely different way. It has made me more compassionate and creative when offering solutions, instead of a one size fits all approach. Marc and Emily give a good combination of science and love training, cause that’s really what I saw. They emphasized the importance of love in your practice.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Being an Eating Psychology Coach has filled in the hole that was missing in my coaching. I now look deeper in both my clients and myself. I see the reflection of myself in my clients, and I am so grateful for this training.

NAME: Fran Patoskie
BUSINESS: Embrace the Whole You
WEBSITE: embracethewholeyou.com

BIO: Fran Patoskie is a Wellness Coach, helping individuals regain their inner balance of health, fitness, and spiritual well-being. She is active in her church, serving in the music and fitness ministries. She enjoys reading, traveling, and baking. Fran is married and the mother of two grown sons.


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My life as an eating psychology coach with Fran Patoskie

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