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Here are our picks for Top 100 Women’s Empowerment BlogsPlease enjoy!  Here at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating we’re on a mission to forever change the way the world understands food, body and health.

The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is the world’s only online school dedicated to a progressive, positive, holistic understanding of eating psychology and nutrition. Unique and revolutionary in its approach, the Institute teaches students and professionals how to effectively work with the most common and compelling eating challenges of our times – weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, endless dieting, digestion, fatigue, immunity, mood and much more.

The Institute features an internationally acclaimed distance learning professional offering – the Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training – along with well loved online programs for the public, including Transform Your Relationship with FoodNo matter what nutritional system you follow, we all have a relationship with food that profoundly impacts our behavior and metabolism. If you’re interested in learning more about the work we do, please check out our FREE Video Series called The Dynamic Eating Psychology Breakthrough. You can sign up for it HERE. The list below for Top 100 Women’s Empowerment Blogs is in no particular order. They’re all ranked highly in our eyes! 

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Top Women’s Empowerment Blogs

1. The Wild Sisterhood – Jen Saunders is a writer, painter, and empowerment artist who is passionate about inspiring women to love themselves, follow their hearts and change the world. Her writing has been featured on popular websites such as Tiny Buddha, Kind Over Matter, Roots Of She, and many more. Her first guest contribution to Tiny Buddha was so popular, her story was also featured in the bestselling Tiny Buddha book.

2. Eve’s Health and Fitness Blog – Eve’s Health & Fitness blog gives valuable fitness tips and background information on food. Her blog is a nice addition to the network of all the health and fitness information out there.

3. Healthy Woman – The doctors at Healthy Woman are dedicated to the emotional, physical, and psychological needs of women. Their blog offers health advice ranging from nutritional tips to common birth control concerns and valuable cancer information.

4. Hardy Girls Healthy Women – Hardy Girls Healthy Women is a research-based non-profit that whole-heartedly works to empower girls and women. This is a great resource for parents and activists alike. It’s also simply a good read if you’re interested in women’s empowerment.

5. MizFit Online – Carla Birnberg founded MizFitOnline to share her health and fitness knowledge from years of working as a health writer, community builder, personal trainer and bodybuilding competitor. She helps women feel strong and powerful in their bodies.

6. Speaking of Women’s Health – Speaking of Women’s Health is dedicated to: “Educating women to make informed decisions about health, well-being and personal safety for themselves and their families.” The site is run by the Cleveland Clinic Center for Specialized Women’s Health.

7. – Laura Miranda is a Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer and local fitness & nutrition expert. She created her blog for busy women hungry for cutting edge fitness and nutrition advice.

8. The Great Fitness Experiment – Charlotte decided that she was tired of reading studies in magazines and wondering, well that works well on mice, but what about on people? So now she reads all the health and fitness research she can track down and she tries it herself. Then she writes it all down in her blog for you!

9. The Healthy Apron – Erin takes the mystery out of fitness science. Whether you are struggling with food, weight or simply searching for a healthier lifestyle, you can learn great things from The Healthy Apron.

10. Workout Mommy – Lisa is the Work Out Mommy, and her blog aims to help you find that time and keep you motivated and on task! If you’re a mom, check out the empowering tips and advice this blog has to offer.

11. Fit Bottomed Girls – Erin, Jen, Kristen and Trish together make up the Fit Bottomed Girls. Their goal is to motivate you to get healthy through a balance of good food and healthy activity. They have a great sense of humor and take the punishment idea out of working out.

12. FYI – FYI Be Healthy is dedicated to health and nutrition. Its authors take scientific studies from all areas relating to health and transform the information into very well-written and accessible articles for you.

13. Happy Mothering – Before Chrystal had children, she was a marketing communications manager at a Fortune 20 healthcare company. Now she finds the empowerment to be both a mom and a working woman. Her blog helps mothers find their own empowerment.

14. Healthy Women. Informed. Empowered. – HealthyWomen has been working for more than 20 years to, “educate, inform and empower women to make smart health choices for themselves and their families.”

15. Imperfect Women – Imperfect Women is written and edited by about a dozen women (ages spanning four decades!). The goal of the editors and writers is to reach out to women of all walks of life. They believe that, “each woman’s choices about her life and family should be respected. We share one common trait: we are all ‘works in progress.”

16. The Vegan Woman – The Vegan Woman is written by 13 women and one man. They create a positive, safe space to talk about the vegan lifestyle and share information and advice. Whether your new to the lifestyle, a life-longer, or interested in being vegan, check out this empowering site full of knowledge.

17. Women Health and Family Tips –  Women Health and Family Tips combines nutrition, exercise and personal inner search for a healthier you. There’s a lot of great personal advice here that we can all benefit from!

18. Women Speak – Dr. Nancy is a motivational speaker who draws on her life experience as a clinical psychologist, crisis responder and director of an employee assistance program to bring empowerment to other women.

19. Stirrup Queens – Melissa provides information relating to adoption and infertility. As the mother of two twins conceived through fertility treatments she shares wisdom with other mothers and soon-to-be-mothers to help make their journey smoother.

20. Any Body – Multiple individuals contribute to this site. All of them have the same mission of “giving women a voice to challenge the limited physical representation of females in contemporary society.”

21. Everyday Feminine Magic – Blog written by Indigo Bacal, the founder of Wilde (Women of Inspired Leadership Devoted to Evolution) Tribe. Indigo promotes feminine magic and finding your true voice.

22. Purpose to Prosperity – Blog written by Sage Lavine, a business coach promoting women empowerment through financial freedom. She also promotes the idea that business development can be our spiritual teacher.

23. Voices at W4  – VOICES is a forum for raising awareness and sharing insights about the living conditions and prospects of girls and women today. Through interviews, articles, commentaries and testimonies, VOICES highlights initiatives that are helping to improve the lives of girls and women around the world. Everyone concerned about girls’ and women’s empowerment is invited to read and/or share his/her perspective on VOICES.

24. – Nicole Daedone is a sought-after speaker, teacher, and author who has spent her groundbreaking career redefining orgasm from a woman’s point of view. Seeing a woman’s sex as her power, she treats sexuality with unparalleled humor, intelligence, and insight. Nicole is the author of Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm and is the founder of OneTaste, a company that offers training in orgasm, communication, and man-woman relationships.

25. – Kelly a sex and relationship consultant who provides consulting services to women and men to become fully expressed, sexually empowered individuals. Having trained with Nicole Daedone, Kelly’s work is authentic and powerful and her writing is honest and down to earth. She brings a refreshing and compassionate approach to sexuality and relationship.

26. – Leonie is a blogger, author, and visual artist who helps women build businesses based on their creative gifts. She also organizes an online women’s circle made up of over 2,000 women from around the world.

27. She Takes on the World – She Takes on the World is written by Natalie MacNeil. Natalie is a woman business owner and globetrotter who decided to start blogging in 2007. She Takes on the World is one of the top blogs in the world for career-minded women and women entrepreneurs.

28. Jessica Valenti –  One of the Top 100 Inspiring Women in the world by The Guardian – Jessica is the author of four books on feminism, politics and culture. Her third book, The Purity Myth: How America’s Obsession with Virginity is Hurting Young Women, won the 2010 Independent Publisher Book Award and was made into a documentary by the Media Education Foundation.

29. Soul and Art Studio – Creator of Soul Art Studio, is a business that promotes connecting people with their spirit and creating a life and business that expresses it.

30. – Danielle LaPorte writes about authenticity, creativity and meaningful work. She loves sharing her insights at conferences, on stage, always in high heels.

31. Truth + Heart + Hussle – Danielle Dowling is part relationship expert, part women’s life coach and part spiritual ass-kicker. She helps women dream big and get it.

32. Marie Forleo – Marie Forleo’s goal is to add more value to your world than you ever dreamed possible by giving you tools that you can immediately use to improve your business and life. She’s the founder of a 100% virtual, woman-owned and run, socially-conscious company who envisions a world where every human being has the financial and emotional freedom to live life to the fullest.

33. The Boss of You – The Boss of You provides business coaching for women. The authors are Lauren Bacon and Emira Mears who started the site as a living guide to business, their way. You can find their thoughts & ruminations on business, profiles of women-run businesses, resources for women entrepreneurs and more!

34. Gypsy Gals – GypsyGals is a website written by Prime and Nina Sarmiento. They provide supportive advice for solo female travelers, as well as detailed, photo-rich city guides to the best cities for women.

35. A Feminine Feast – Sabrina Chaw is a coach and lecturer who works to support women to “embody the truth and power of their Feminine core”. She also organizes women circles and workshops just for women.

36. The Entrepreneurial Guru for Women – Ali provides business coaching and mentoring for women entrepreneurs. She started her first business from scratch 11 years ago in her NYC apartment and has since grown her enterprise into the millions.

37. Financial Freedom Coach for Women – Karie is a financial freedom coach for women. Her blog covers a wide range of financial topics as well as the occasional promotion for other women entrepreneurs.

38. Owning Pink – Lissa Rankin, an OB-GYN physician, author and artist, blogs on The blog entries cover all things “woman” from relationships, to feminism, to sexual and reproductive health.

39. Wise Living – Tara is a writer, public speaker, and developer of the “Playing Big” program, which supports women as they find and use their gifts. Her blog contains inspirational words, as well as useful tools for living an authentic life.

40. Truth + Transformation for Women Solopreneurs – Jac works with women solopreneurs to grow and develop their businesses. She believes that developing your own business is an “amazing platform for self-actualization.”

41. Crazy Sexy Life – Kris Carr covers topics such as happiness, health, and spiritual wealth. There is also a community built around the blog that encourages women to become “CEO’s of their health”.

42. – Rebecca Dettman is a spiritual expert that started the blog Psyched in Stilettos, which covers the latest spiritual trends and cosmic news. Rebecca also started the Aurora Circle, an online group for likeminded spiritual women.

43. Nourishing Our Radiance – Several writers contribute to this blog, which focuses on inspiring women to “transform their relationship to nourishment through compassionate mind body awareness.”

44. A Life of Perfect Days – Connie is a transformational life coach and passionate writer. She’s addicted to green juice and yoga, while her site is a place of inspiration and insight. She wants to help women follow their own bliss & listen to their heart.

45. Shasta’s Friendship Blog – Shasta writes a blog for women about developing and maintaining friendships with other women. The blog is attached to, which matches women with other women for offline friendships.

46. Tending Your Inner Garden – Tending Your Inner Garden is a website for women who want to grow. It encourages women to discover their deeper self and their relationship to all things sacred. They use the seasons as a model for change and help women become in tune with their own inner guidance.

47. Get Vitalized Naturally – Written by a physician who focuses on women’s health and issues that affect women. Postings often include information about physical wellbeing, but also touch on sexual and mental health.

48. Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts – Regena writes about women using their “power of pleasure to have their way with the world”. She runs the Womanly Arts Mastery Program, which is a 6 month course that helps women discover their pleasure and achieve their dreams.

49. The Psychologist, The Mom, & Me – The Psychologist, The Mom, & Me covers a ride range of topics related to personal growth for women, as well as parenting. Dr. Hibbert is an expert on Parenting, Women’s Emotions, Pregnancy & Postpartum, and Grief & Loss.

50. Money Wise Women – Several writers contribute to this blog about financial health for women. While the appearance of the blog is drab, it does contain regularly updated content.

51. 27 Months Without Peanut-Butter – Documents the personal encounters and experiences of Maggie Close, a peace corps volunteer who has been working with teenage girls in Jordan since 2011. It’s a very simple blog, but the stories of these young women are not only awe-inspiring but also provides a healthy dose of perspective and gratitude.

52. Coaching Women to Succeed – Ann is a coach that works with women making career changes. She helps women reclaim their confidence and power.

53. Center of the Psychology of Women – The CPoW blog contains cultural commentary, interviews, essays and advice — all while “bringing chic to the feminine mystique”. Much of the information on the site is geared towards readers in L.A.

54. Women’s Success Coaching – Live Your Potential – Women Success Coaching has been recognized for many years in a row by Forbes magazine as one of the top sites for women. Topics covered in the blog often relate to career and business development.

56. Sylvia Browder’s Blog for Women Entrepreneurs –  Sylvia Browder is geared towards women entrepreneurs. Several writers contribute to articles covering topics such as financial wellbeing, spirituality, health and wellness, and business development.

57. Awakening Women – Awakening Women is written for a global audience of women. It aims to bring “the fiercely compassionate wisdom of the feminine back into our lives, thus restoring balance.”

58. Harness Your Hormones. Unleash Your Power. – Jessica is a health, hormone, and nutrition educator for women. Her blog covers these topics, as well as occasionally touching on business topics. Her wants to empower women to reach their highest, brightest and most exquisite potential.

59. Vanessa Carnevale – Vanessa is a life coach, small business mentor, and a keynote speaker and writer. She loves to help people achieve rich and purposeful lives. Vanessa delivers business tips and life inspiration to motivate you to live your dream.

60. Wellness Warrior – Jessica Ainscough is a writer and holistic coach who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 22. The blog covers a variety of wellness topics from yoga to mental wellbeing to nutrition to inspirational quotes.

61. – Karen Fagan is an empowerment coach for women, motivational speaker, and writer. Karen’s blog is written for women who want to live a brilliant life.

62. The Path to Wellness – Melissa is a certified holistic health and life coach who helps women end their negative relationship with their bodies and fall back in love with themselves and their life.

63. Feministing – The editors of established the site as a community for feminists all over to help give them the tools, connections and empowerment to effect positive change in their communities.

64. In Other Words – In Other Words is a feminist bookstore in Portland, Oregon, and their blog provides a safe space for political and social discussions from a feminist perspective.

65. Wholistic Women Retreats – The Wholistic Coaching Coalition is an amazing group of certified coaches trained in personal and professional development. They teach women the skills to find greater fulfillment in their lives.

66. Life Your Way – Tia uses her life experiences, business knowledge and life coaching skills to help readers dream bigger, demand better — and make braver choices.

67. – Dr. Trina’s mission is to show couples how to have fun and meaningful sex at all stages of life. Check out her blog to answers to those questions you never really want to ask out loud.

68. Date Like a Grownup – Bobbi Palmer helps smart, accomplished grownup women “Find Hope and then Find Him.” You can start to get to know Bobbi through her well-written blog.

69. Live Bold and Bloom – Barrie Davenport wants to inspire her readers to do exactly what her blog is titled: Live Bold and Bloom! For inspiration, check out her blog.

70. Biz Chick Blog – Biz Chick Blogs is an online magazine for working women. It’s a place for women to share ideas and discuss topics relevant to everyday working life.

71. Flourish Over 50 – Susan founded Flourish Over 50 to provide an online community for women over 50. As she puts it, “Your life after 50 is a time of rediscovery, a time to reinvent yourself to live life to the fullest.” Share your stories with others here!

72. Aging Abundantly – For women nearing middle age, Aging Abundantly provides support and advice for women entering a new chapter in their lives.

73. Becoming a Woman of Purpose – Discover how to ignite your inner peace through the tools and tips Carolyn offers in Becoming a Woman of Purpose!

74. Oops 50! – If your a woman over 50, head to Oops 50! to share your experiences, your life and your knowledge and learn from others.

75. Third Age Women – The Third Age Women blog is all about finding fulfillment and self-sufficiency in all areas of life. For advice on everything from budgeting to adult education, check this out.

76. Women on the Fence – Erica Diamond created her blog for all women who have ever been on the fence about anything — life, business, love…

77. The Jenny Pincher –  The Jenny Pincher is for single women. It offers advice on how to get out of debt and build wealth.

78. Single Minded Women – The Single Minded Women blog is for single women. It provides entertaining, informative and vital information that every single woman can use to enhance her lifestyle.

79. Dating and Relating Company – Elizabeth is an online dating and relationship consultant. She promotes quality sites and people who she believes in. Check out Dating and Relating Company for real advice!

80. Love in 90 Days – Dr. Diana is a love expert, media psychologist and bestselling author. She has helped thousands of women find their dreams.

81. Love and Relationship Advice – Susie & Otto write about ways they have learned to create more understanding and equal relationships. For great, clear advice that both you and your partner can benefit from, check out their blog.

82. Former Fat Chick – Shareen is a health coach that focuses on inspiring & motivating others who want to improve their health by losing weight. She’s a self-proclaimed Former Fat Chick who lives in Niles, CA.

83. BlogHer – BlogHer is the largest community of women bloggers out there! For the best women-lead conversations on the Internet, head to this blog.

84. LipSticking – Lip-sticking is a society and interactive website for women, by women and about women. Lead by Yvonne DiVita, their blog is written about issues in business and life.

85. The Soul Sisters Blog – The Soul Sisters Blog is written by three sisters on a mission to empower and inspire women everywhere to pursue their passions and achieve their dreams. If you desire to get more out of life, check out their empowering blog.

86. The Maternal Health Task Force – The Maternal Health Task Force empowers women through efforts to improve maternal health worldwide. This is a major contribution to women’s empowerment, and their writing keeps readers up to date on all of their work and new developments in the maternal health field.

87. Wealthy Bag Lady -With more than 20 years of experience, Linda Hollander is the industry leader in teaching women entrepreneurs about small business success and attracting corporate sponsors. If you’re a business owner, check out her blog to see what she can teach you.

88. Women’s Life Empowerment – Robin writes about how to take control and keep control in the workplace and in your life. For some great empowering advice, check out her blog.

89. What About Our Daughters – A truly inspirational blog written for black women and girls. The blog encourages women to use their economic power to effect change in our society. Learn how you can make a difference through their inspirational articles.

90. On Writing, Teaching and Feminism – Marina DelVecchio is a College Instructor who blogs about the importance of literacy and the necessary empowerment in young girls and women. She does a great job of including our daughters in the conversation of women’s empowerment.

91. The FBomb – The “F” in FBomb stands for feminist. And rightly named, this blog is for teenage girls who care about their rights as women and want to be heard.

92. Geek Feminism – The Geek Feminism blog supports feminists in all geek communities. This including science and technology, gaming, SF fandom, and really anyone who identifies herself as a geek. So, if you’re a geek and a feminists, here’s the conversation for you.

93. – A women entrepreneur who writes career advice. Penelope blogs about career, romance and parenting.

94. 8 Women Dream – 8 Women Dream is about eight empowered women who tell the world about how they are accomplishing their dreams. It will leave you nothing short of inspired to go out and chase your own dreams.

95. Kale & Chocolate – Elise Museles is an Eating Psychology & Nutrition Expert based in Washington, DC.  A self-proclaimed “recovering perfectionist,” Elise shows women how to loosen the reins, bend the rules, and experience true satisfaction. (Not to mention: hot bodies, full lives & happy hearts.) Meet Elise & discover a new kind of “perfect”.

96. Spiritual Sweat – Amanda Christian helps women set themselves free, blaze their own trails, and step into their power. She writes that we should Expect Miracles and she’s not afraid to debunk the myths of being spiritual or how to be a good dancer. She is often seen with a copy of A Course in Miracles nearby. Whatever she’s doing seems to be working: this lady won a professional tree climbing championship in 2012.

We’re always open to suggestions. Feel free to email us and post your favorite Raw Food Blogs in the comments below!

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