The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training has been a huge, life-changing experience for so many of our graduates AND their clients!

We want to make this one-of-a-kind Training available to as many people as possible. So if you’re excited about being part of a movement that’s changing the way the world understands food, body and health, then we’d love to give you a scholarship.

To enter, you’ll simply need to apply and make a video! This is the kind of scholarship that’s based on your creativity, your enthusiasm and the number of views and likes on your video.

We’re offering 3 scholarship prizes:

1st Prize – $4,000 off the total tuition
2nd Prize – $3,000 off the total tuition
3rd Prize – $2,000 off the total tuition

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Apply for the Certification Training here:
  2. In the application there’s a section that asks “How Did You Hear About Us?” In addition to noting where you heard about IPE, please also write “Video Contest Entry” in that section so we know you’re entering the video contest.
  3. Make a video about how the Institute and the work we do with eating psychology has touched your life.
  4. Be creative and personal.
  5. The video should be between 1-2 minutes (please don’t go over!)
  6. Upload the video to YouTube with the title “Why I Want to Win a Scholarship to the Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training.”
  7. Email a link to your video to us at:
  8. The deadline to create your video and send us the link is: Friday, September 1st, 2017
  9. We’ll announce the winners later in September and enrollment will close soon after!

Please note: this scholarship contest is for the October 2017 Certification Training. ONLY enter if you are seriously committed to becoming a Mind Body Eating Coach this year!

Again, winners will be chosen based on two criteria:

  • Which entries are the most moving, sincere, and creative
  • Which entries have the most views and “likes” on YouTube

So the more real you are and the more you share your video with others, the greater your chances to win the contest! You’re welcome to share your video via email and on all the social media platforms to get more views and likes.

Again, the deadline is Friday, September 1st, 2017 and the winners will be announced later in September. Enrollment for the October 2017 Training will close shortly thereafter.

If you are already enrolled you can still enter to win a scholarship. Of course, if this contest is not for you and you know someone who may be interested in this opportunity, please send them to this page:

We look forward to seeing your video!

Emily Rosen

P.S. The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training is our premier, distance learning, online professional training that gives you both the skills AND the confidence to work with the most important eating concerns of our times – weight, overeating, binge and emotional eating, endless dieting, body image, digestion, immunity, mood, fatigue and much more.

This 250 hour professional training is designed to greatly enhance your already existing practice, or to help you launch a whole new career. The comprehensive system you’ll learn is based on the exciting new fields of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition. And it’s an approach that’s positive, uplifting, results-driven, and combines science, psychology, heart and soul.

About The Author
Emily Rosen

Rosen is the Director of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating,
where she oversees business development strategies, student affairs,
marketing and public relations in addition to her role as Senior Teacher. With an extensive and varied background
in nutritional science, counseling, natural foods, the culinary arts,
conscious sex education, mind body practices, business management and
marketing, Emily brings a unique skill-set to her role at the Institute. She has also been a long-term
director and administrator for Weight Loss Camps and Programs serving
teens and adults and has held the position of Executive Chef at various
retreat centers. Her passion for health and transformation has provided
her the opportunity to teach, counsel, manage, and be at the forefront
of the new wave of professionals who are changing the way we understand
the science and psychology of eating and sexuality. Emily is also co -founder of the Institute for Conscious Sexuality and Relationship.