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Here are our picks for Top 50 Food BlogsPlease enjoy!  Here at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating we’re on a mission to forever change the way the world understands food, body and health.

We’re “diet agnostic” – meaning we do our best to honor and support the wisdom and usefulness of ANY dietary approach that people choose to practice. The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is the world’s only online school dedicated to a progressive, positive, holistic understanding of eating psychology and nutrition. Unique and revolutionary in its approach, the Institute teaches students and professionals how to effectively work with the most common and compelling eating challenges of our times – weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, endless dieting, digestion, fatigue, immunity, mood and much more.

The Institute features an internationally acclaimed distance learning professional offering – the Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training – along with well loved online programs for the public, including Transform Your Relationship with FoodNo matter what nutritional system you follow, we all have a relationship with food that profoundly impacts our behavior and metabolism. If you’re interested in learning more about the work we do, please check out our FREE Video Series called The Dynamic Eating Psychology Breakthrough. You can sign up for it HERE. The list below for Top 50 Food Blogs is in no particular order. They’re all ranked highly in our eyes! 

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Top 100 Food Blogs

1. 101 Cookbooks – A recipe journal by Heidi Swanson. She focuses on vegetarian, whole foods in her blogs and cookbooks — and takes amazing photos.

2. Simply Recipes – Elise Bauer blogs about the recipes she and her family make on Simply Recipes. This is one of the most popular food blogs with over 200,000 visitors each day.

3. Smitten Kitchen – Smitten Kitchen is popular food blog that features fresh vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods, as well as desserts. The site organizes its recipes by season, as well as ingredient.

4. Lucid Food – Louisa is a cookbook author, recipe developer, and cooking instructor. She loves beautiful, healthy, and sensuous foods.

5. David Lebovitz – David Lebovitz lives in Paris, France and blogs about the food he makes (often pastries) and eats. He is known for working with Alice Waters at Chez Panisse in Berkley, CA.

6. Lottie and Doof – Tim started the blog in 2008 out of an interest in food, hosting dinners, and food politics. Now Tim identifies himself as a food writer, recipe developer, and occasional photographer. He writes from Chicago.

7. My New Roots – Sarah Britton is a holistic nutritionist and vegetarian chef. Sarah provides not only delicious recipes, but a wealth of nutrition information.

8. Joy the Baker – Joy writes an incredibly fun food blog from L.A. Many of her recipes are baked goods, but not all. Joy says in her blog “I really like chocolate… and cookies.. and anything with the word ‘cake’ in the title… and funky things like Peanut Butter Pretzel Brownies.”.

9. Chocolate and Zucchini – Clotilde Dusoulier writes Chocolate & Zucchini from France. Her recipes focus on healthy, local, seasonal foods, as well as anything chocolate.

10. Everybody Likes Sandwiches – Everybody Likes Sandwiches is an “uncomplicated journal about food… not just sandwiches”. The recipes on the blog are straightforward and fresh. A great resource for looking up recipes to make on a weeknight.

11. Yummy Supper – Yummy Supper focuses on seasonal and fresh gluten-free recipes. The blogger, Erin, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease a number of years ago and then discovered that her children were gluten intolerant.

12. Use Real Butter – Jen lives in the Colorado Rockies and maintains the blog to discuss food, but also to talk about not doing this “half-assed”.

13. What Katie Ate – A food photography journal of what Katie Quinn Davies eats. Katie is originally from Ireland, but now lives in Australia. Her photography blog follows her around the world — even to her own kitchen.

14. Sunday Suppers – Sunday Suppers provides an online food blog full of recipes, as well as cooking classes in Brooklyn, NY. Their recipes focus on cooking with fresh, local, organic foods.

15. 80 Breakfasts – Blog provides recipes for more than just breakfast (although there are a lot of breakfast recipes on the site). Recipes tend to be basic and reliable and do not include exotic ingredients or difficult cooking techniques.

16. Sprouted Kitchen – Sprouted Kitchen is written by a blogger who focuses on wellness, vegetables, and fresh foods. The fabulous photos are taken by the bloggers beau.

17. Good Things Grow – Blog is written by Jacqui — a woman who has always lived in the Pacific Northwest. Her recipes focus on using seasonal whole food.

18. Sassy Radish – Sassy Radish is written by Olga Massov, a “a Russian expat, by way of New England, with Southern inclinations.” Her recipes focus on simple, yet wholesome and delicious, foods and cocktails.

19. Seaweed Snacks – Seaweed Snacks is written by a food blogger in Northern California. The recipes focus on vegetables, but the posts sometimes also include lists of “favorites” that include foodie and non-foodie items.

20. Three to One – Three to One is a visual food magazine. Photographs of food are the focus of this blog, with a brief explanation of the food and the photograph. It’s a great site for appreciating the beauty of food!

21. Seven Spoons – Seven Foods has been written by Tara O’Brady since 2005. The blog has changed over the years, as has Tara. The blog is excellent resource for delicious recipes, as well as writings on family and food.

22. Orangette – Molly Wizenberg has been writing this popular food blog since 2004. Molly’s writings are inspiring and her recipes — as well as her recipe books — are full of savory and sweet treats.

23. The Nourishing Gourmet – Nourishing Gourmet shares nourishing recipes and sustainable practices, with an emphasis on real food and realistic cooking techniques. The blog also regularly highlights cooking on a budget.

24. Matt Bites – MattBites is regularly recognized as being one of the top food blogs. The blog is visually attractive and has gotten the attention of the national media. MattBites has inspired a cookbook, as well as a book about food photography.

25. Honest Fare – Honestfare is a food blog devoted to the simple art of food production. Gabrielle posts straightforward recipes made with whole foods, and sometimes also writes about the food truck she started with a friend in 2011.

26. Melissa Clark – Melissa Clark is a well-known food writer and cookbook author. Melissa has written 32 cookbooks in total. Her recipes are reliable and delicious.

27. Green Kitchen Stories – Vegetarian recipes are the focus of this blog, which is written by a family. The design of the site is gorgeous and unique — and packed full of colorful photos.

28. Happy Yolkes – Happy Yolks is a blog written by Kelsey and Shaun — two individuals with a passion for good food and drink and the good life. They post recipes that encourage the use of local, organic foods — and take some really great photos as well.

29. Girl Versus Dough – Stephanie Wise, a self described self-taught baker, writes the Girl Versus Dough blog. Her recipes include a wide variety of baked goods, as well as some savory vegetarian dishes.

30. Cook and Eat – Lara Ferroni takes amazing photos of all-things-food. Her blog is a collection of her photographs and her own descriptions of how the photos were taken, as well as how the food in the photo was prepared.

31. Gluten Free Girl – The Gluten Free Girl site is devoted to gluten-free living. Posts are typically accompanied by a detailed, thoughtful writing by a former English teacher with a celiac disease and/or a video by her husband who is a chef.

32. Lobster Squad – What sets the Lobster Squad apart is its drawings. Instead of food photos, this blog has sweet drawings that make the site. The blog is written by an illustrator living in Spain, who also cooks up a lot of good food.

33. Stone Soup – Stone Soup keeps true to its tagline of “delicious, healthy food in minutes”. Many of the recipes have just five ingredients or less — with many of the ingredients being vegetables.

34. Arugula Files – The author of this blog is learning to cook and eat better by shopping at farmer’s markets and cooking at home. Posts on the blog also cover favorite cookbooks and restaurants and other foodie topics.

35. Culinate – Pinch My Salt is written by a woman named Nicole with a true enthusiasm for cooking. Nicole loves to cook fresh food in her California kitchen and her cooking style is influenced by the four years she spent living in Sicily.

36. Eating Brooklyn – Eating Brooklyn is a food photography blog that captures food stories in and around Brooklyn. The posts are mainly about food, but sometimes take a brief detour to focus on life in Brooklyn.

37. Kiss My Spatula – The author of this blog describes it best herself: “Food is a blend of the scents and memories of my eastern heritage, along with unearthed ingredients, flavors and techniques of my western upbringing”. One of the most unique features of this blog is the offering of music pairings for certain blog posts or meals.

38. Aggie’s Kitchen – Aggie’s Kitchen focuses on what the blogger calls “healthy food” with the occasional treat. Recipes include whole, fresh ingredients and tend to be vegetarian (although the blogger is not exclusively a vegetarian).

39. Traveler’s Lunchbox – A Traveler’s Lunch Box is a blog all about food and travel. It is written by one blogger, Melissa, as she moves and travels around the globe — discovering new and tasty foods.

40. Tastespotting – Tastespotting is a very popular food photography blog with the appropriate tagline of “a community driven visual potluck”. Photos are pulled from a variety of sites and blogs. Visiting Tastespotting is an excellent way to look at gorgeous photos and discover new food sites.

41. Beyond the Plate – Beyond the Plate features inspiring photographs of food, food producers, kitchens, and chefs as well as a few recipes.

42. Not Without Salt – Not Without Salt is a well known food blog that posts recipes for foods that are simple, classic, fresh, and salted. The photographs on the site are plentiful and beautiful.

43. Dinner a Love Story – DALS is a website written for parents trying to get a healthy dinner on the table. The blog also talks about how dinnertime is more than a time to eat. It is a time for families and friends to be together and to share conversation.

44. Nordijus – Nordljus is a site devoted to food, kitchen, and farm photography and the occasional recipe.

45. She Simmers – Thai home cooking is the focus of this blog, which is written by Leela. Leela is interested in “philology, history, linguistics, and all things culinary” — all of these topics routinely are featured on the site.

46. Lucullian Delights: an Italian Experience – Lucullian Delights is the blog of a professional food photographer who lives in Tuscany. The blog includes inspirational photographs, as well as recipes, that follow the local seasons of Italy.

47. Food in Jars – Marisa McClellan writes about all things canning and preserving. Her blog is full of advice, as well as recipes for artfully putting up food.

48. Home Sick Texan – A well-loved blog written by a woman who misses the cooking and food from her native Texas (she now lives in New York City). The recipes are typically based on classic home cooking, with an updated, fresh twist.

49. Indian Simmer – Prerna writes Indian Simmer from her home in the Bay Area, but she grew up in a small town in central India. Her blog helps make Indian cooking more approachable and to broaden people’s idea of Indian food beyond curry.

50. The Bitten Word – Zach and Clay cook recipes from food magazines and blog about it on The Bitten Word. They have an honest approach to writing — even sharing with their readers when a recipe does not work or taste good.

51. Tartelette Blog – Helen, a French expat, writes the Tartelette blog. She shares sweet recipes, food photography, and fresh seasonal ingredients — all for the mission of celebrating life.

52. Island Menu – A food and photography blog written by two friends with a focus on using Tasmanian produce. Their recipes tend to be simple, but fresh and delicious.

53. Golubka – Golubka means dove in Russian, the authors native language. Recipes on Golubka feature predominately raw foods, which during the summer means a lot of bright, vibrant looking fruits and vegetables.

54. Food 52 – One of the most popular sites for foodies, Food 52 is a crowd sourced cooking project. Users can share recipes, review recipes, and enter recipes into contests. Food52’s blog covers a wide-range of food topics ranging from food science to food art.

55. The Delicious Life – The Delicious Life was started by Sarah in 2005. She wrote about her love for food and restaurants (especially those around LA). She continues the blog today despite her claims that she is not a foodie, but just a woman who really likes to write and talk about food and dining out.

56. Serious Eats – Serious Eats shares “food enthusiasm” through posts written by the nine staff editors and over 100 contributors living throughout the U.S. The site celebrates food, but readers can also learn heaps about growing, buying, and preparing food.

57. Ethicurean – Posts on the Ethicurean blog revolve around sustainable, organic, local, and ethical food issues. It is a source for foodies who want to know the politics beyond their food.

58. The Food Section – The Food Section began in 2003 as a blog about food, wine, and travel. It quickly gained the attention of foodies across the globe, and now has a devoted audience interested reading about recipes, cookbooks, kitchen gadgets and gears, and food photography.

59. My Darling Lemon Thyme – Emma Galloway shares gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian recipes on her gorgeous blog My Darling Lemon Thyme. She also shares a fair bit about raising kids and gardening organically in Australia.

60. Food on the Food – Tammy Donroe writes about her attempts to feed her family tasty and healthy meals, all within reason. Her recipes utilize naturally-raised, wild-caught, and locally grown foods.

61. Diner’s Journal – The Diner’s Journal is the food blog to read from the New York Times. While a lot of the posts are about restaurants, chefs, and food shops in New York, many of the posts cover topics relevant to home cooks and foodies living anywhere in the world.

62. Big Girls Small Kitchen – This unique website is written for twenty-something cooks looking for user-friendly, affordable recipes that are perfect for weeknight meals or parties. Its focus is on writing for home cooks with limited resources, such as small kitchens, small budgets, or little time.

63. Gastrofotonomia – This blog is a visual tour of how to choose, cook, eat, and take photos of delicious food. The blog is maintained by one photographer who has a clear love for food and photos.

64. Farmette – Imen writes the blog Farmette, which is all about her transition from working in television, film and advertising production to living on a farm in Ireland. She now spends a good portion of her time writing about growing and making her own food.

65. Honest Cooking – Honest Cooking is an online international food magazine that covers food news, recipes, wine, beer, and travel. Over 200 writers contribute to the blog; resulting in a lively stream of posts.

66. Elana’s Pantry – Elana writes her blog from her home in Boulder, Colorado. Her recipes reflect her family’s gluten-free diet, as well as their desire to eat uncomplicated, simple foods that taste great. The recipes also reflect her many creative uses for almond flour.

67. Tiny Urban Kitchen – Jen writes about living and cooking in a Tiny Urban Kitchen in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her experiments in the kitchen are well-documented, as are her experiences dining out in restaurants (many of which are located near Cambridge).

68. Punk Domestics – Punk Domestics aggregates posts about do-it-yourself food production. Posts are written by a community of contributors that experiment with making their own jams, jellies, yogurts, cheeses, pickles, sausages, liquor, wine, and beer.

69. Muy Bueno – Muy Bueno was started to share one family’s culinary heritage. The blog is written by three women who celebrate their grandmother/mother by making foods based on her Mexican recipes.

70. The Salt – NPR stocks their foodie blog full of news stories about food and eating. The stories are fun and educational information related to how food is produced, prepared, and eaten.

71. Licking the Plate – This blog is maintained by a food and still-life photographer, with a passion for eating well. Photos range from single ingredients to full meals to farms.

72. Gluten Free Goddess – One of the most popular gluten-free blogs, Gluten-Free Goddess is written by Karina Allrich who eats a gluten-free diet to support her health and well-being. Her recipes use fresh, locally grown foods as much as possible.

73. Cannelle et Vanille – Cannelle et Vanille is written by a Basque ex-pat living in the U.S. Her blog is full of nostalgia, sweet recipes, travel stories, and beautiful photographs.

74. Munchin with Munchkin – Kris moved from Canada to Dallas, Texas and maintains a blog about her culinary adventures — the photographs she takes — in her new Texan home.

75. Teeny Tiny Kitchen – The Teeny Tiny Kitchen comes from a Vermont kitchen that makes food based on local ingredients and good taste.

76. Life’s a Feast – Life’s a Feast is written by a freelance writer living in France, who specializes in writing about food and culture. Often there is more story than recipe to the posts.

77. Living Lou – Living Lou was started by a (then) 17-year old food blogger with a passion for cooking that began at the age of 7. Two years later, Louisa is still writing about and taking photos of the recipes she develops, cooks and eats.

78. Eater – Eater is a source of information for foodies that like to eat and drink in “the nation’s most important food cities” — or for those who just like to know what it is like to eat in U.S. cities.

79. Oh She Glows – Angela Liddon writes Oh She Glows in order to share her favorite vegan recipes. She also shares a bit about taking photos, how to cultivate self-love, and the importance of a positive body image.

80. Liz and Jewels – Every week, Liz and Jewels come together virtually to challenge each other. They both cook the same recipe, then style and photograph it, but far apart from each other: Liz in Münster (Germany), and Jewels in New York. Their clean and stylish blog provides both inspiration and mouthwatering recipes.

81. Honey and Jam – Honey and Jam is Hannah Queen, a twenty-two year old baker and photographer. Hannah’s blog reflects the fact that she likes simple, fresh food.

82. The Kitchn – The Kitchn is an extremely popular blog for individuals who like to cook. There are recipes, cooking tips and technique, appliance reviews, and kitchen design ideas.

83. Annie’s Eats – Annie is a physician by day, with a passion for baking, cooking and blogging. Her hopes for the blog are sincere — to inspire fearlessness in the kitchen and to help people try new foods.

84. Delicious Days – This blog is written by Nicky, a woman with an obvious passion for eating, reading cookbooks, hosting dinners, and trying new recipes.

85. The Pioneer Women – The popular Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, posts recipes with step-by-step instructions (include photographs) in the Cooking section of her blog. Her recipes and approach to cooking became so popular that she launched a cooking show on the Food Network, now in its third season.

86. Cookie and Kate – Kate is known for her fresh, vegetarian recipes that emphasize eating whole foods. Her blog includes many inspiring ideas and photos, as well as the occasional treat such as margaritas, cakes, or popsicles.

87. Spoon, Fork, Bacon – Spoon Form Bacon is a stunning site maintained by a food stylist and a photographer. What makes this site unique is its look, which includes the occasional animated photograph!

88. A Chow Life – Robin writes A Chow Life based on her passion for writing, developing recipes, and cooking at her home in Seattle, Washington. While many of the posts are about food, some of the posts are “Lovely Lists” containing what Robin likes right now or what she wants to do or see or be a part of.

89. Food Loves Writing – Shanna and Tim describe their joint food blog as a literary collection of posts about “food and everything else.” Recipes typically involve whole, natural foods, while the writing covers a wide range of topics such as “tuning into the truth”.

90. Nectar – Nectar is full of sweet pictures of food and family life. The food is typically simple fare made with high quality ingredients and lots of love.

91. Simply Breakfast – Simply Breakfast is devoted to all things breakfast and to the photographs that can be taken during breakfast. The blogger appreciates not only breakfast food, but also how sitting down for a meal at the beginning of the day presents a time to think and set intentions for the day.

92. Running with Tweezers – Tami describes herself as being a “gastronomically obsessed” food stylist. She loves to make food for her friends and family, and also make it look really good on the plate.

93. A Cozy Kitchen – Adrianna shares recipes that she makes in her LA kitchen. Many of the recipes have been influenced by the international food scene of LA.

94. Shutterbean – Shutterbean is a destination for folks who like to celebrate the domestic arts. The blog regularly features instructions for making recipes step by step, and it also includes posts about organic gardening and ideas for decorating.

95. Amateur Gourmet – Adam Roberts started the witty blog, Amateur Gourmet, to document his adventures in teaching himself to cook. Years later he is now a full-time food writer who has hosted online shows for Food Network and written a couple of books.

96. Edible Perspective – Ashley McLaughlin writes and takes photos for Edible Perspective, as well as working as a freelance food photographer and recipe developer. The recipes she posts are gluten-free and creative.

97. Always with Butter – A food and photography blog by Julie Marie Craig, a baker. Not all of her recipes and posts are about baking, but many of them do feature her deliciously sweet or savory breads or cakes.

98. XO Breakfast – Clean website with artistic photos. Recipes include breakfast ideas, as well as more.

99. What’s for Lunch, Honey? – With food and recipes from Bollywood and back, Indian-born Meeta’s blog has it all: gorgeous photos, detailed recipes, and even an entire section devoted to new cooks.

100. Vegalicious – With three different bloggers, this all-vegan blog has recipes that are as varied as its writers, along with information on balanced menus, protein sources, and more.

We’re always open to suggestions. Feel free to email us and post your favorite Raw Food Blogs in the comments below!

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