The Soul of a Friend – in Memory of Douglas Brady

My dear friend Douglas Brady died and left this world on August 11. He was 60 years old. He was a great being. These words are written in his honor and memory.

It occurs to me that one of the pristine and flawless ways we could show the world the value of a friend is to want to share that friend, to exalt them by saying “this is someone who I wish you could know as dearly as I do. Because if you did, you would feel something rare – a sense of security and joy that your heart is truly known.”

Such was my friend Douglas, and indeed if you know me, you know that I did my best to share him with you.  And for those of you who know me more from afar, I selfishly want to share him with you in his death. This would be a noble way to honor my friend, and to honor you. He had a special wisdom to impart and a message he came here to deliver. I know this for sure. See if you can hear his words whispering through mine. If you do, my introduction will be complete, your life will change – even if just a little – and my tears will be a little less sad.

Douglas was a very different kind of scientist.  He studied energy.  Human energy.  Intuitive energy.  The unseen energy in the body.  He studied the soul. Like a lot of great scientists, he experimented, he made a few messes, he learned, he discovered. And all along the way, whatever gift he found, he shared.

We live in a time when healing and medicine is tainted by politics and money. It’s difficult for us to find the heart of healing. It’s rare to sit in the presence of a healer of any kind who truly bows before the divinity and deity that healing is. My friend Douglas made it his life’s work to rediscover the sacredness of healing. His clients, students, friends and loved ones were fortunate enough to experience the kind of magic that Douglas called forth. He could invite holiness into some of our darkest places. He could help people walk into their greatest fears, their deepest wounds, their betrayals, their most intolerable memories – and bring in the Light.

If channeling were really possible, if there’s a place where the soul resides after earthly life, if I could conduct the voice of my friend, a great being, from that realm, it would perhaps sound something like this:

“A soul directed life is the only life worth living. And we’ll live thousands of lives until we walk in this world as men and women of God. The soul is real. It talks to us. It whispers. In needs us to be quiet to hear it. Your soul will tell you everything you need to know. The greatest intelligence of the universe is so exquisitely attuned to each and every soul. When we don’t listen, we suffer. When we don’t listen we fall ill. When we don’t listen we make choices that we know we shouldn’t make. When we don’t listen we stay in relationships too long. When we don’t listen we contract. When we don’t listen we lose our joy. When we don’t listen the body talks to us, it hurts, it aches, it diseases, and it asks us to listen to its hidden language so we can make ourselves whole again.”

“When I learned the code of how God’s intelligence speaks through the body in its own special way, I knew I found my life’s work. I’ve watched miracles happen with people. We’re here to have heaven on earth. We came here to live in joy. We came here to find the Light. There’s so much darkness that grips the planet though. So many people are wounded. We don’t know where to go. We don’t know how to find help. We forget that nature heals. And we forget that above all else, love heals.  If you’re alive on planet Earth, you’re here to heal. We’re here to heal the wounds inside of us, and the wounds of others. When we forget this, we’re likely to hurt each other again. When we remember who we are, our new life is born. Your soul is here to guide you every step of the way. This is what people so desperately need, but don’t even know it. Your soul will guide you in every moment. Just listen.”

“ Following you inner guidance can feel dangerous. It might make you feel unsafe. But the soul always guides us to choose the light. If you follow the messages of your soul, you’ll be challenged, you’ll give things up, you’ll be taken to your edge, sometimes you’ll die, but I promise you, you’ll laugh harder than you could have ever imagined. Living a soul directed life guarantees that you’ll experience magic. I live this magic all the time. Every day. My life is living proof.”

My friend’s life really was living proof. He traveled in amazing circles, lived in magical places, fathered two exceptional children, had beautiful relationships, swam with wild dolphins, kayaked with whales, talked with angels, wrestled with demons, and witnessed the healing power of the sacred on an almost daily basis. He followed the guidance of his soul, in his perfectly imperfect way.

My friend’s death was living proof as well. He died in nature, gracefully, on a hike, with his girlfriend. In his last days on earth, we taught a workshop together. I watched him touch many lives, very deeply. I wish you could have been there to witness a masterful healer at work.  In my world, he had no equal. He went out with a big burst of love, and quite honestly, gave himself as fully as a human being could – in the service of the deepest transformation and healing of others.

Life is not so easy. Amidst the work and the chaos and the sadness that often just is, we need some soul satisfying reasons to be alive. My friendship with Douglas was such a reason.

My warmest regards,
Marc David
Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating
© Institute For The Psychology of Eating, All Rights Reserved, 2014


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  • marc your words soothed and healed my aching heart. thank you for your depth.
    prayers and blessings to our brother on his journey home. the world will be different
    without his soft healing touch , and yet we know, that he is still right here with us
    maybe even closer.

  • My heart cracked open when I read this post. Having been touched by this man’s capacity to witness, deeply and profoundly, I mourn his death and feel for the loved ones who will miss his gentle presence in their lives. Your words, “He died in nature, gracefully, on a hike with his girlfriend,” brought a smile to my lips. It was Douglas who invited me to climb a tree and PLAY, maybe for the very first time in my life. Thank you for letting us know of his death and paying tribute to this very special man.

  • Kathryn Sorrentino

    Wow, Marc thank you for sharing your gift of a special relationship and the embracing lessons. You got it and you are giving it…passing it on. And again, thank you for being.
    Respectfully and honorably,

  • dear marc,

    you made me cry with your description of douglas and his life. your words are beautiful and i deeply resonate to the life he lived through your eyes. thank you for sharing him with us and i for one am one of the folks who walks with him and with you.

    God does bless us all,

  • Oh my. What a beautiful tribute. Such loving and clear words. God Bless!

  • Beverly Weil

    Dear Marc,
    Thank you for sharing so beautifully the touching and inspired life of your dear friend, Douglass Brady.
    Just from reading his words, through you, I feel touched by his spirit and inspired to live his message even more in my life. Your own words of heartfelt appreciation and love for the specialness of his Being and the richness and inspiration that you shared through your beautiful friendship is a powerful testament to his life, and will continue to weave its magic every day for you…It is clear that he is here every day, in spirit. His soul is eternally present…… Warmly, Beverly

  • Deborah Dunn

    Dear Marc,
    Thank you for your beautiful, heartfelt words about your dear friend and healer, Douglas. I’m sorry for your loss and appreciate your inspired honoring of this man who touched you and many so deeply. I am holding this as a gift…
    peace and love,

  • This was a deeply touching piece. My deepest sympathies for the loss of your dear friend. He sounds like he was an amazing human being and friend.Such a beautiful reminder to live our lives fully, honor our soul’s purpose, and truly savor every moment we have.

  • joe Grosso

    I want to express my deepest feelings of sympathy for OUR dear friend Douglas. I never knew him or experienced the magic that he shared with you and so many others. To quote the Beatles ” the love we make is equal to the love we take”. It quite obvious to me the love and healing bond you shared with him will grow thru you and continue to grow on to others, I value your love, honesty and healing abilities to know your heart felt sense of loss and how much Douglas meant to you, his friends family and listeners. I know you, and now I know Douglas as well. Thank you for sharing him with all of us.
    May god bless you.
    joe grosso, HHC

  • Cynthia Stadd

    Marc these words are the highest honor for Douglas. He was indeed a soul that touched my life greatly, helped me in very dark moments, and showed nothing but love for my journey and those around me. I am so honored to have gotten to study with him, know him and like you said, just know that a person like this existed on this earth! I feel such loss that he is not with us anymore. Douglas, may you go on to continue your masterful healing work on the other side and come back to us when you are ready! Thank you Marc for writing such beautiful thoughts about him.

  • Marc,
    Thank you so much for sharing your amazing friend. He sounds like he was an incredible human being and will always be with the people he touched. As a retired grief therapist, I loved the tombstone of another who knew that soul life never ends, his read “to be continued……” We are an infinite soul living in a body for our short time on earth and then we move on….I’m sure that he has moved on to a higher place. Take good care and keep in touch with his soul. Warmly, Wendy

  • Hannah

    Really moved by this, Marc. It honors his soul AND yours, and the way they met in this life so powerfully.

  • Elena Giulini

    Marc, thank you from my heart for sharing your friend and your deep connection with us; your words resonate in my body and soul. Much love to you!

  • Dear Marc,
    I’ve thought about you many times since hearing of Douglas’ passing. I know how much you two loved each other, how deeply your Soul’s were bonded.

    Thank you from my heart for helping me grieve and honor his death. May your life continue to be enriched by your Soul connection to Douglas.

    with love,

  • Bonnie MacLaren

    I am so grateful you shared more of Douglas with us during this time of grief. My sadness over Douglas’ transition is made greater by knowing the loss and heartbreak you are feeling at losing such a precious friend. I am forever changed by knowing Douglas, AND by knowing you. Two masterful teachers that I am honored to have learned from and be witnessed by. Thank you for sharing with us such a heartfelt soulful tribute to such an amazing man. My heart is with you all. All love Bonnie

  • Jayne Beker

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful and moving tribute. Your words portray a remarkable man who touched the lives and souls of many. I am so sorry for your loss and hope the memories of your special bond console and strengthen you in your grief.

  • Michelle Harvey

    Your words resonated deeply within me .Tears and shock Douglas was my teenage sons counselor for many years. He changed the trajectory of his life on top of identifying generational patterns of a rebel. Douglas’ life has touched my family and many generations to come.
    I also saw Douglas and thought many times as to how I will start again seeing him.I often still hear his words and still wanted more of his knowledge and grace.
    I shared a class with you and Douglas and was deeply touched as to the special bond you had together. I remember hearing that your friendship started 23 years ago.I remember thnking how it would be nice for everyone to have that kind of gift.In class once you explained being in Hawaii with Douglas and as he was working out an issue he started making some kind of loud expression/groaning.. A dolphin felt his energy and started doing flips in the water. For me this is how I remember Douglas.May you also feel comfort knowing that his soul had a very special place on Earth,

  • Trish Vallett

    I feel truly blessed to share in the knowledge that Douglas was here for a reason. Your words were beautiful and healing. I truly believe we don’t listen enough to what our soul tries to tell us. I hope you can find comfort in the knowledge that you were a true friend to a magnificent being. Bless you always,

  • Sandy


    As we let go, thank you for honoring Douglas’ journey by sharing the love and joy he spread unselfishly to so many of us.

  • Faith Bell

    Dear Marc,

    Thank you the beautiful words you wrote that so reflected the soul of Douglas Brady. I met him in June 2008 at Kripalu while attending his workshop ‘The Body Never Lies’. Amazing work, amazing healer, one of the safest men I’ve ever met. May his spirit soar & his soul rest while in the ‘life after life’ world.

    I wish much peace, love, & healing to his family & friends.

    Many blessings,

    Faith Bell

    • Kate

      I knew Douglas as Balbadra, at Kripalu. He was an amazing individual with the gifts of seeing into the soul and of healing. His bodywork was inspired ad inspiring. He made a profound difference in my life. I lost track of him after he and Tara moved to Hawaii, but I have never ceased to think of him with love.

      • Hi Kate,
        Thank you for your kind words about Douglas.
        What an amazing man!


  • My dear friend Joey G wanted me to meet Douglas Brady, a man whose friendship was very special to her. We were to meet in September when he arrived to the East Coast to teach a workshop at the Princeton Yoga Center. Instead of getting the chance to meet him, I am reading a memorial tribute to his life and soul path.
    Life is fragile and transient…. may the spirit of Douglas Brady continue to touch and heal those who love him.

  • Laura Mooney

    Thank you for such a beautiful expression of your love and connection with Douglas. I was blessed to be part of a 3 month journey of self in the Psychology of Symptoms class with you and Douglas. Your deep connection to each other was remarkable and created a safe haven for us to explore the darkness and feel the light. My heart goes out to you as you navigate your grief.

  • Teri


    Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece. It eases the ache in my heart to remember how fully he lived his life and how deeply connected he was to his purpose….and how much he loved and was loved. You are in my heart.

  • Amba Stapleton

    What a gift, thank you for taking the time to love your brother and all of us.

  • Absolutely beautiful. To God be the glory!

  • Stephanie Abbott

    What an amazing man. I wish I’d gotten a chance to hear him speak, or teach. Your words describe a man who lived in his life with grace, love, spirit, passion and purpose. He is an angel…

    Thank you for sharing this with the world.

  • LiZa Bliss

    Thank you for opening your heart to us. I am sure Douglas lives on through you and the others he touched. I never met him nor even heard of him to my knowledge before now yet I feel our paths have touched many times over. Love is Love!

    Blessed Be,


  • Marc: thank you so much for sharing your heartfelt words with all of us and allowing us a glimpse of your dear friend, Douglas Brady. Sadly, he and I never met except via email and once by phone. I very badly wanted to have a phone session with him and take his course, “When the Body Says No” but was unable to travel for it. So I sent him an email in January of this year and suggested he offer his courses online and I also directed him to my website. He said he was amazed that I had mentioned putting his courses online as he was in the process of doing that just then. He knew I was an author who had had three near death experiencves and been healed by my guardian angel. He was very excited about my newest book coming out in May 2012 “Dreaming of the Dead: Personal Stories of Comfort and Hope” (Llewellyn). On Feb 3rd he sent me an email and stated his interest in he and I collaborating on a book because of my ” writing talent.” I was overjoyed and immediately responded that I would definitely love to do that. Sadly, it was not to be. When I got the emaiil about Douglas passing to Spirit I tried to mind link with him. The message from him came back loud andclear and in his voice, “I’m fine, Marilou” And I know in my heart that he is. His love and healing will always surround us and his family and friends. We were very blessed that he walked among us and we honor him by picking up the torch he carried and going out into the world to spread the light of love and healing and comfort. God Bless!

  • Joyce Vasudha Orr

    Thanks for your deep and powerful sharing, Marc. Like so many others, I knew Douglas during my years of connection with the Kripalu community from the mid-70’s on. He was a light! I have often received invitations to his events on Facebook and wished I could zip out to Boulder and connect again and be in his healing presence.
    Again though, thank you Marc for your words. They resonate in my heart as you speak of your love for your dear friend, but also resonate in my heart as words of inspiration for me in wishing every day for reminders to live a more conscious life.
    Blessings to all and wings to you, beloved Doug, as you journey on.

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