IPE Student-Graduate Video Testimonials

Curious what others have to say? Take a minute or two and watch what some of our students have to say about our training. We’re so proud and honored to watch our graduates grow and succeed with new careers in nutrition as well as other health and wellness fields. Our alumni are our greatest friends, supporters, colleagues, and cheerleaders. We hope to count you amongst them.

Hear what our Certified Eating Psychology Coaches have to say about our Training!

Julia Curry

Ashly Torian

Jena La Flamme

Audra Thompson

Karin Connelly

Wendy Martens

Michaela Kyjonkova´

Johnny Sanchez

Dawn Dalili

Debra Dennis

Alicia Morrow Carberry

Andrea Blum

Nick Wilson

Sue Spielman

Kim Kays

Katie Holmes

Elisa Markhoff

Debbie Lunnon

Andrea Bell

Annelise Woitulewicz

Caitlin McCarthy

Renee Pletka

Tara Crawford

Maria Montemayor

Andrea Radi

Brook Visser

Jessica Vasquez

Kathy Elkind

Jenna Abernathy

Heather Kelly

Stephanie Pollock

Linda Wilson

Linda Gaffney

Alexandria Marcus

Laina Copley

Danielle Lindberg

Loren Levitt