Hear From our Graduates of the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training

We’d love for you to read some of the amazing testimonials from our graduates!


I thoroughly enjoyed the Training I received from IPE. I have always had a passion for food, cooking and wellness, but what led me to this Training was my disordered eating. For thirty-two years I suffered from chronic dieting, body hate, binging, restricting, over exercising and toxic nutritional beliefs. I was obsessed with having the perfect body and weight. The material covered in this course revealed truths I never knew existed and literally transformed my relationship with food. I could relate to almost all of the case studies! As the Institute teaches, we are born with body wisdom, but our culture has taught us to ignore it and listen to the newest diet. I am excited to share this wisdom with others and assist in their healing. Thank you to Marc and the entire IPE staff for your compassionate, therapeutic approach to this revolutionary, healing body of work. I am honored to have been a participant. I would encourage anyone interested in nutrition, healing and wellness to invest in this Training. Be nourished!
Becky-Fontenot - Mind Body Eating Coach

Nicola Vaughan-Scott

This work is genius! I could never have imagined so much information put into such a neat package! Nor could I have expected that an online course could touch me in such a fundamental way. The rich body of content had me reeling with ah-ha moments, deep insights, challenging episodes of self-awareness, and the coming to light of consciousness. The material I experienced is truly groundbreaking, drawing on wisdom from a myriad of ancient traditions and modern psychological and philosophical concepts from the likes of Shamanism, Yoga, Lao Szu, Joseph Campbell, Thomas Moore, Jung, James Hillman and Mark Hyman. Yet it is unlike anything I have encountered. Marc delivers each presentation with clarity and groundedness, while his voice comes directly from the heart, and from the whisperings of angels. Marc's lectures are always substantiated by scientific physiological evidence, yet the limitations and one-pointedness of facts are alchemized into a unique system of psychology which exposes our cultural "whys." It is not so much about WHAT we eat, as about how and why we, as cultural beings, are locked into collective patterns and ways of being and doing, which, when revealed and understood in a real and conscious way, can result in a profound healing. For me, this work is about individual evolution, and about cultural revolution. It's about healing the body by re-claiming our mind.
Nicola Vaughan-Scott - Mind Body Eating Coach

Meredith Newell

I heard about the Training through a co-worker who had just completed the course. As she told me about the Institute’s philosophy, I felt chills. I decided to apply that night. The financial piece manifested through the functional medicine office where I work when the doctor I work for saw value in the training, how perfectly it fit with his philosophy, and offered to split the cost. I have had no problem completing each module while working full-time as a Nutrition Counselor and running a boutique catering business on the weekends. If fact, I would finish the modules before the due date and be starved for the next to be released. Now that I am nearing completion, I will begin to coach officially under the new title I have earned, but I have been able to help many patients along the way. The feedback from our patients has been stunning. People appreciate this new approach to mind-body wellness. They feel understood and have taken strides in their journeys toward better health and a better quality of life. My own growth has been worth the time and expense of the Training. I have learned basic tools for better nutrition and advanced lessons in understanding human psychology. I am more aware of my thoughts and the environment that contributes to my overall nourishment. I am more willing to love in place of judgment. Overall, I feel more balanced. There isn’t a single person in my life that wouldn’t benefit from exposure to this work. That’s a pretty amazing demographic.
Meredith Newell - Mind Body Eating Coach

Henry Paciullo

This Training explored the real meaning of Health, Nutrition and Wellness from a whole new point of view. When I talk to people about my Training, they’re interested in what I have to tell them regarding their eating/dietary habits and how it affects them and their lives. I do my best to spread, and share, my knowledge of this wonderful topic with anyone who is interested in learning. I have a better understanding of what my digestive system "went through" when my diet wasn't as healthy, or nourishing, as it is today - not to mention how my mind, gut and digestive systems works together (synergistically) to make me feel good or bad at any given time. This Training also taught me the importance of eating slow, being in the "moment" of the meal, savoring each bite.

The IPE staff were incredibly helpful in every step of the way before, during and even after the training! My learning experience was one I am not going to forget. I personally recommend this Training to anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge of how eating, food and our bodies/minds are all related, and how everything is "aligned" and works together synergistically.
Henry Paciullo - Mind Body Eating Coach

Kayla Power

It has been difficult to find a course that covers all the elements of nutrition, psychology, mind-body connection and true wholesome holistic health with science based evidence, but when I found the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, it was like all my prayers, wishes and pleading for over 30 years were answered.

I started my journey researching holistic nutrition at a young age by studying towards a degree in Nutrition and later a degree in Psychology. But the syllabus didn't cover the depth of soul, the depth of being a human, the depth of emotion, life and so much more - which this Training does. Until finding the Institute, I thought I was alone in my desire to learn and develop more as a human being in all these areas. So to say the least, my experience in this Training has changed my life and catapulted me back to the path I was meant to be on 20 years ago. This journey has affirmed me as a human being, it has challenged and healed me with love as the foundation, and so much more. I'm so thankful that I can now walk with people in their unique and ever-evolving life journeys.
Kayla Power - Mind Body Eating Coach

Elizabeth Gorostiza

I highly recommend this program to all nutritionists and helping professionals. I believe it adds a whole new layer of understanding and compassion. You’ll learn new techniques in coaching or counseling that you will never get with just a nutrition training. I really loved the program. The staff is amazing, the online discussion group is very active and always tended to by the trained coaches at the Institute. I love the video presentations and I love the handouts. Listening to the videos with PowerPoint slides truly cements the learning for me. The Training has helped me to first have compassion with myself and what I was going through in order to better understand and empathize with others. Now I have a whole new outlook on everything. It was well worth my time and effort.
Elizabeth Gorostiza - Mind Body Eating Coach

Alejandra Garcia

The Training has been a breakthrough in my life and my career in every possible way. I'm so grateful. A whole new universe has opened up for me. I now have clients coming to see me from other states and people are healing themselves through the coaching that I can offer. I feel I found that missing part I had been seeking for a long time, and I’m now able to accompany my patients through a safe and wonderful path to healing. I'm not afraid of aging anymore. I have never felt and looked so great in my entire life - I'm 40 years old and feeling 15. The online platform was so handy and easy to use, and the presentations were always so clear and understandable. I think everyone should take this course. It's a life changing experience.
Alejandra Garcia - Mind Body Eating Coach

Joi Ross-Moore

I initially intended to take the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training to build a private counseling practice after I left my counseling job in public education. It was apparent from the start that the Training would also greatly enhance my current job and it has tremendously, even after 20 years in the profession.

Due to the large amount of information presented, there were times when I had to take a breath and return to the lessons multiple times. The format was perfect for this and at no time did I feel pressure. It is especially ideal for anyone with a full-time job.

Marc David passionately and compassionately delivers his extensive knowledge without a shred of arrogance. My cohort of fellow students was extremely impressive. They came from a variety of backgrounds, however the thread that was woven through all was deep empathy. They were supportive and encouraging all along the way. Additionally, the support team is first-rate and the overall professionalism of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating is outstanding.

Not too far into the Training, I realized that I would be the first beneficiary of my learning this extraordinary body of work. I’m now experiencing a more nourishing and loving relationship with my body and food. My long-held belief that food’s purpose is for reward and punishment has dissolved, and I’m in touch with a harmonious way of being around food.

Whatever my career choice around Mind Body Eating Coaching, I feel confident that I can serve with authenticity and integrity as a result of this phenomenal professional training.
Joi Ross-Moore - Mind Body Eating Coach

Kimberley Maxey

Doing the Mind Body EatinCoach Certification Training has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiencing of my life. This amazing, complete, and well-delivered body of work is in a class of its own, and professionally it has added a competitive edge and unique insights to my love of health and wellness. In a desperate world that is searching for answers, my passion to create awareness and help others now has a much louder message with so much more meaningful purpose, that drives me harder to deliver. On a personal level, it has been able to fill in so many missing pieces in my own health journey and life experiences. The “aha” moments have been flooding in, and the dots have now all been connected.

As a single mum and someone who hasn't studied in many years, this Training was very easy to manage, even around my kids. The convenient, downloadable lectures were an inspiration in my day, that I could listen to anytime and anywhere. Beautiful friendships have been built with others right across the world. Embarking on this journey hasn't been one that I have taken alone; this distance learning program never has you feeling in isolation.

This Training will provide answers that will blow your mind, make things right and push you to grow in ways you never thought were possible. I highly recommend this course to anyone, and guarantee it will not only leave you with a newfound understanding of health and healing, but will bring magic to your understanding of life here on earth. Empower yourself today to light the way for others. Knowing I can now do that…. wow, what a gift!!!
Kimberley Maxey - Mind Body Eating Coach

Tresa Shirtcliff

The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training has truly changed my life. It was the missing piece of the puzzle I have been looking for with regards to a holistic approach to health and nutrition. After working in the fitness industry for 3 years, where I was tirelessly on the hunt for perfectionism with both my diet and body, I took a step back and came to a major transitional time in my life where I couldn't make sense of my own journey or where I was heading. I was at an all time self-esteem low. Then I found the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I look back on the past 8 months and not only can I now understand and explain my own journey, I hold so much gratitude and happiness about where I am in my life right now, and I have never been so relaxed around food. I am also becoming more and more content with my own body every single day. I was originally so nervous about putting so much into the Training and wondered whether I would regret spending the money, but my mind was put at rest after the very first lecture from Marc. I was instantly astounded at his ability to speak to all audiences and I finally felt like someone understood me and my "unique" female mind!

I can now say I understand Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition, and I can successfully put words together to explain not only my own journey, but the immense passion I have for this work. I can look in the mirror and tell myself I am beautiful, because I don't want to waste another day talking negatively about myself. Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has their own journey. I feel privileged and incredibly excited for what the future holds. This certification is worth its weight in gold. I would like to thank Marc, Emily, and the rest of the IPE team for having such a positive impact on my life and being the most inspiring, supportive and professional group I have ever come across - so much gratitude for you all!
Tresa Shirtcliff - Mind Body Eating Coach

Claudia Kaiser

Through my own personal journey struggling with and overcoming an eating disorder, I had learned already that there’s more to nutrition than just facts. But I lacked concrete concepts and tools that would allow me to share what I knew with my clients in a meaningful and effective way. The Training with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating gave me that – and so much more! Yes, it put what I already knew into a usable form, but it also introduced me to additional concepts. Ideas that – like missing pieces – allowed me to complete the picture, to deepen the work with my clients and to continue my own journey of self-development simultaneously. It set me on the path of becoming a real COACH, where before I had been more of a consultant. I literally went from one client session per month to seeing 2-3 every week just over the course of the Training, and from the feedback and recommendations I get, I see that I am finally making a real difference in people’s lives, which makes me happy beyond words. I’m growing more confident every day. I am very grateful for this course and all the people who made it possible to take it – in my own time and pace, and from the comfort of my own home. If embarking on this Training is a heart desire for you, as it was for me, I can only recommend you to follow your heart.
Claudia Kaiser - Mind Body Eating Coach

Alexa Rosenthal

This course is magnificent! The work Marc David has masterfully taught has touched every layer of my life. My personal growth, commitment to my family, and confidence and inspiration to grow my 14 year old business have all been profoundly touched and elevated to new heights! Thank you to everyone at the IPE!!!
Alexa Rosenthal - Mind Body Eating Coach & CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3, NASM CPT

Ana Gabriela Benavides Puente

I just want to thank you for all the wonderful information you have shared with us. I started this Certification Training in order to be better prepared as a Health Coach for my clients, and what I found was that every single topic reflected something I was needing as an individual. I could see how my own relationship with food has to do with the relationships I have and my own body image issues. It has helped me more than I expected. I feel more confident now, and I know I can help many people who are going through different kinds of eating issues. Most importantly, I can help them to see the divine in themselves. I loved how Marc David taught about the way we are connected with the Universe and the importance of loving our own bodies. I appreciated all the help I received from the staff. Every time I had a question, I got the answer immediately. I would also like to point out all the wonderful comments, posts and help I received from my fellow students. It has been an amazing time and I am very proud to be part of this Training. Thanks so much, Marc David and Emily Rosen!!!!
Ana Gabriela Benavides Puente - Mind Body Eating Coach

Brooke Stonely

The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training is an amazing course. I grew so much by learning how to express myself in a professional and caring way. I’ve learned how to create a business that goes deeper than making a living and dives into the soul purpose of this work. Marc David is such an inspiration, and he uses his words so eloquently. You can feel the power and energy in every statement. He speaks such moving truths throughout the entire course. I feel so ready to take on clients, inspire others, and make a difference in the world. This Training helped me to realize where I needed to spend time cultivating myself. My marriage has improved, my body image is much more positive and empowering, and I feel very uplifted with my relationships with others and food. The staff at IPE is absolutely incredible. They really take the time to give thought-out responses and insight. I feel really heard when I have concerns or questions. I’ve always gotten prompt and kind replies in every email and phone call. They truly only take the best of the best to be on their staff. I would recommend this Training to anyone who truly feels drawn to this work. It will spark something so much deeper in you than you can imagine. Don't hesitate to take this course if your gut called you to it.
Brooke Stonely - Mind Body Eating Coach

Sandy Macklem

LIFE CHANGING. That is how I can best describe this Training. This is not just training for your mind, it is training for your heart. It speaks to our simple human nature, it speaks to your soul. When I signed up for this Training, I did so because what I had seen so far of Marc and Emily's work spoke to me at a deep level. My hopes were that I would finally be able to conquer my own struggles with food and body image, and perhaps there was a slight murmuring of… could I change my career and do something more meaningful in the world? Now, I finally have a nourishing relationship with food and I not only accept my body as it is, I love it and am grateful for it. This work is so important, I cannot keep it to myself. I feel that my own experiences, combined with what I have learned in this Training, will be the gift that I am meant to share with the world. Thank you so much, Marc and Emily. You have truly found your calling, and we are all blessed that you are sharing your gifts with us. An amazing training experience that I will never forget. I would definitely recommend this Training to others!
Sandy Macklem - Mind Body Eating Coach

Gina Tager Gamboa

To say that this Training has changed my life doesn't even cover it. It took what I always considered my weaknesses and turned them into strengths. Even better, strengths I'm using to help so many others! Marc, Emily and the whole IPE team put their heart and soul into this wonderful experience, and as a result we get to up our game in healing ourselves and giving more light to the world. It was all I expected and way more!
Gina Tager Gamboa - Mind Body Eating Coach

Mandy Joncas

I am so grateful to have come across this Training. I have been searching for something like this for as long as I can remember. This Training is fantastic. It has given me the confidence to make a career change and has helped me with my own relationship with food. The body of work is huge; each and every lesson is very informative. I would like to thank Marc David for his brilliant knowledge and all the wonderful staff at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I love helping clients with this new approach.
Mandy Joncas - Mind Body Eating Coach

Erin Henrie

When I registered for the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training, I had a feeling that it would have an impact on my life. What I was unaware of, was just how big. Professionally, I have used this valuable information and a variety of tools to help my clients heal some of their deepest struggles and come to realizations that have led them to become happier, more whole versions of themselves. Personally, I have healed some areas in my life that had felt stuck, thanks to the compassionate and non-judgmental words spoken by Marc David, Emily Rosen and the staff. You can feel their passion through every class, every call and every email, and I will feel forever grateful that I had the opportunity to take this course. I could go on and on regarding what I have received from this program, but I will say it was worth every second that I spent on the reading, the class, the calls, the journaling, etc. because it changed my life for the better. Whoever has the opportunity to take this course is extremely fortunate, because it is unlike anything else I've ever seen or taken in the best of ways. Thank you Marc David, Emily Rosen and everyone at the Institute for putting your hearts and souls into this work. You are truly changing the world, and you have absolutely changed mine.
Erin Henrie - Mind Body Eating Coach

Stefanie Schoffel

This Training has definitely changed my entire life! From the first video presentation, I could tell this course was going to be inspiring and nurturing. Personally, I felt I revolutionized in my way of thinking and my way of being, to a more secure, caring and loving human being.

Professionally, I now count with a toolkit that may be a little different from what a nutritionist or psychologist might offer. However, the evidence we see nowadays - obesity at its highest peaks, the majority of people feeling unhappy almost everywhere, and a health system that profits from our sickness, not our health - proves to me that this new approach is a much better road to take.

The learning system is perfect: you study at your own pace and at your own time and the support team is always there for you. If you like reading or listening to uplifting and enlightened messages, if you like helping others, if you feel there is something missing in the common equations about health and wellbeing, or if you want to make the world a better place, this Training is for you!
Stefanie Schoffel - Mind Body Eating Coach

Aleksandra Sekulic

In a complicated nutrition world, it is not easy to find the best way to help people. After finishing my nutrition studies, I became aware that knowledge I got there wasn't enough. By that time, I already had the very strong belief that food is just a part of the whole picture, and I knew that there is no one, perfect way to eat. So, when I discovered the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, I realized - this is it what I was searching for. The decision to take the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training was definitive after one of the students who finished the Training told me it changed her life. Now that the Training is over, I can say - it was a very, very good decision. One of the best I have ever made. I got priceless tools to work with clients who face challenges with food, step by step, which I needed the most. Knowledge can be useless if it isn't communicated in a proper way, and this is what we got in this Training: the skills to give the best of what we know and what we are, to help people, and this is much, much more than just information about food and nutrition. Marc David did amazing work here.
Aleksandra Sekulic - Mind Body Eating Coach

Julie Smith

The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training ended up being the absolute best training I have ever taken in my life! Marc David's style of presenting the material in a clear, concise and interesting manner has made it both educational and interesting. I personally and professionally benefitted as I was able to apply the principles to my own life and the lives of others through the thought provoking exercises, discussions and case study examples. The website and modules were well organized and easy to navigate, and I am so glad to have the tools and resources to keep and continue to learn from. Thank you Marc David and IPE staff for providing an excellent opportunity to expand the universe of Mind Body Eating Coaches!
Julie Smith - Mind Body Eating Coach

Krista Irmischer

If you have any personal or professional interest in going behind the curtain of food and what our relationship to it reveals, I can't recommend this course enough. In my decision-making phase, I read Marc David's book The Slow Down Diet. His profound perspective and clear way of communicating made it an easy decision to spend the next several months learning from him. I was concerned about the time demands, but the fact that I could listen to the lessons on an iPhone made it entirely possible to listen in the mornings while exercising and driving to work.

The tests validated that I had learned the information, and at the same time the learning process and test taking experience were very reachable challenges. The supporting materials are extremely comprehensive. The mind / body / spirit approach is a language that speaks to me, so as Marc methodically and logically overlaid that approach to eating psychology, pieces of the complicated puzzle began to take form. Although I'm still exploring how to professionally apply this (I'm not currently in the coaching field), the teachings will continue to "feed" me. Thank you to Marc and the entire Institute for this incredible body of work, and for all the effort it takes to deliver it with such important intention and effectiveness.
Krista Irmischer - Mind Body Eating Coach

Katharina Wind

The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training was one of the best, most inspiring and enriching training that I’ve ever attended! It is hard to put in words how much it means to me! I’ve learned so many wise, elaborate and useful insights that catapulted not only my professional understanding, but also my personal life to a whole new level. I am overwhelmed with the competence, kindness, love and compassion of the whole IPE team, who were supportive and simply great during the whole time. I’ve never felt so much encouragement and openhearted support in any educational program so far. Thank you all! I am grateful beyond words that such a holistic training exists and for being able to be a part of it. It combines profound wisdom from the depth of our souls with strongly needed, practical and applicable knowledge and information. Therefore, it is truly unique in its approach to resolve some of the most prevalent struggles of our time. The Training takes into account the whole spectrum of our human existence and every piece of it reveals the underlying reason why Marc and Emily have started it: To truly serve and help people. Although I have completed this Training and am a graduate now, it feels like this is only the beginning and that I am part of a whole new movement that has the potential to really make a difference. Thank you!
Katharina Wind - Mind Body Eating Coach

Rivka Rothstein

I have tremendous gratitude for the healing that Marc David and the staff at IPE bring to the world and have brought to my personal life. The Training was inspiring, informative and powerful. Marc offers his message with mastery, passion, warmth, caring and authenticity, delivering what he has set out to deliver. Not only do I have the tools and strategies to be a far better coach, it has helped me shift half a century of self-hate, pain and struggle and finally be at peace with myself and food. What a gift you are to the world!
Rivka Rothstein - Mind Body Eating Coach

Claudia Knight

I just want to say a huge thank you to Marc David and his amazing team for giving me a fresh perspective and huge insight into the world of Eating Psychology. This course has taken me on a spiritual journey every step of the way and I am now able to relax into and accept the things that I really did not need to change. I have immense gratitude for the way the course has helped me to trust in my intuition, and I now feel much more comfortable in accepting that my journey (no matter how many twists and turns) is necessary for my personal growth and evolution.

The Training in itself was well delivered and passionate - Marc talks straight from the heart and has a fantastic sense of humour that really resonates and helps you to relate to the material. The Facebook group was truly insightful and the support team were so helpful, warm and welcoming! Professionally, I am now inspired to share this wisdom by starting my first ever coaching practice, and I look forward to my continued development and being able to make a real difference in the lives of others. Thank you so much for helping me to realize my gift and purpose in the world!
Claudia Knight - Mind Body Eating Coach & Transformational Nutrition Coach

Alanna Sappe

The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training allows you to travel on your personal journey to discover the message that is hidden within your food and eating challenges. Every symptom provides vital information that a deeper issue is seeking your attention. You have the opportunity to navigate through your life experiences and make connections in mind, body, and spirit. Recommendations are supplied throughout the easy-to-follow modules to help you authentically grow and expand so you are prepared to take on whatever the Universe sends your way!

In addition to the online Training, and the support from classmates in a private Facebook connection page, I also took advantage of private sessions with a local Mind Body Eating Coach. The combination of these three avenues helped me achieve a more grounded state of well-being. Now that the Training has come to a close, I feel blessed and honored that I am able to offer my talents to help others learn to appreciate themselves as the precious gift that they were created to be!
Alanna Sappe - Mind Body Eating Coach

Paula Power

This Training came to me at a critical time in my life. Not only was I dealing with a daughter who had just been diagnosed with an eating disorder, but I was transitioning in my career, looking to branch out and begin a private practice as a personal health coach. Whether it be around eating issues specifically or just being a better listener and mirror for my clients, I have learned to go deeper, feel deeper, and be more compassionate and reflective. I didn't know that I would grow so much personally from this course, but I feel healed from so much of the body obsession present in our world. I feel like I can truly be of service to others in transforming their relationship with food and with their own bodies -- everyone deserves to love the body they are in and enjoy life to the fullest without diet obsession. I enjoyed the presentations and the platform was easy to figure out (I mostly downloaded MP3 files and listened throughout the day, as I find it difficult to sit in front of the computer for long periods of time). The peer coaching is a gift -- it helps to share and unwrap the experience with another person who is learning and thinking about the same concepts. Participating in the Facebook group also helped keep me connected with my peers and feeling like part of a virtual community for questions and discussion. The phone classes with Marc David are very informative and he is so easy to connect with. All of these things help keep students engaged and participating actively. This Training is well worth the time, energy and money. If you are looking to change your life, SLOW DOWN, and be an instrument of change in the larger world, I highly recommend this Training!
Paula Power - Mind Body Eating Coach

Margarita Soberon Mainero

This Training was a profoundly transforming process. Not only is the material very well founded in science, but most of all, it is an experiential and personal journey. It helped me visit areas of myself that I didn't even know existed and explore emotional issues that were deep inside my eating challenges. The focus on viewing food challenges as a doorway to my inner world helped me to go several steps forward in my personal and professional work with food and eating challenges. The material was delivered very clearly, the phone classes with Marc were very helpful, and the staff was extremely present and available each time I needed help. This Training helped me to transition to a more powerful and personal way of working with my clients as a Health Care Professional. Thanks to Marc, Emily and all the staff!!!
Margarita Soberon Mainero - Mind Body Eating Coach

Lynne Bowsher

Taking the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training allowed me to learn about this unique new work of Mind Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology. I was drawn to take the Training because I was intrigued by how well it fit with my current profession as a yoga instructor. The philosophy behind both is very similar and I am excited to be beginning my new role as an Mind Body Eating Coach! I have already started teaching an eight week course based on The Slow Down Diet and it has opened the minds of those participating! The Training was inspiring, very well organized and clearly laid out for each module. I was always eager to begin the next one! Marc's teaching comes from a place of true compassion and he shares his gift generously in each module of the course. If I ever needed help with anything, the staff were always quick to respond. I am so happy to have these tools. After taking the Training, I feel more empowered to go out into the world to share what I have learned. I can now step forward with confidence in my understanding of the work, and I’m able to help my clients become fully empowered by discovering their true self! If you have a desire to make a change in the world and begin to increase the consciousness of the planet, this work is very powerful. It will open people's eyes to who they really are, dramatically change their relationship with food and body, and allow them to become the best that they can be!
Lynne Bowsher - Mind Body Eating Coach

Sarah Nelly Oliveira

I'm a strong believer in the mind-body connection and I believe that complete health can only be achieved by taking both aspects into account. The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training gave me the tools to observe our eating behavior through a holistic lens, acknowledging the interrelation of mind and body, as well as each individual's psychology. I am a certified yoga teacher and positive psychology coach, but was missing the tools to go deeper into my clients' eating behavior, which I now can do as a result of this Training. In addition to the benefits on a professional level, the course inspired me to look inside and observe my own behavior, mechanisms, and motivations. I would highly recommend this Training to anyone who is curious to learn more about our eating behaviors. You’ll leave the surface and go to deeper and more complex levels, where long lasting developments are possible.
Sarah Nelly Oliveira - Mind Body Eating Coach

Marilyn Hinson

The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training has transformed my entire being. I was drawn to the Training to further explore my personal eating challenges. I also wanted to help others with what I learned. I work with people and their bodies and knew this was a missing link - a huge one. This course brought me home, to a deep realization of my own value. I am a successful mid-aged professional woman who was in need of love and kindness from myself… who knew? I am more free and more "myself" than ever before. It's been the kind of inner shake-up that happens only a handful of times in life.

I am a fitness professional, Pilates & GYROTONIC studio owner with a message of hope, light, passion and love. Now I combine the work I do with the coaching strategies I've learned through the Institute. I used to see peers doing this and thinking to myself, "I just don't have what it takes," "I'm too thin skinned," etc. As a result of the Training, I have finally understood that I have a specific gift, and it is time to offer and share it.

The actual training worked well for me as I could study and listen late at night. I felt like I was on an 8 month retreat - a time to dive in and grow. The wondrous, and I mean wondrous, people I've met through the course, my fellow students, are such an inspiration. The relationship I have with my peer coach continues to deepen into one of the most unique and satisfying friendships I've encountered. If the idea of taking this Training tugs at your soul, then it is for you. You belong. For me personally, there was no denying it. It had to happen and the Universe found a way. I will forever be grateful.
Marilyn Hinson - Mind Body Eating Coach

Vicky Mitchell

Taking the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training gave me the tools to increase self-understanding, self-worth, and self-acceptance, which all led to expanding self-love. Not only is this healing, I also gained the courage to spread my message of joy.
Vicky Mitchell - Mind Body Eating Coach

Daniela Egersdoerfer

Two years ago I decided I wanted to be a coach, a mentor, a teacher and an advocate for those who are on their journey to improve their health and wellbeing. Once I discovered IPE and the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification, I knew immediately that I did not have to look any further. I felt a true connection to the Institute and the program and knew that what I had found was a Training full of wisdom, heart and soul, which provides us, as participants, with profound and cutting edge concepts and insights. It is truly beyond compare.

As a believer in the “calories in / calories out” theory for so long and with a lot of frustration along the way, I was looking for a change for me personally in my relationship with food and my body. This program brought the change I was hoping for to my life and provided me with the beautiful opportunity to teach and mentor others after graduating.

I learned many profound things while participating in the program, for example: I managed to slow down, to be present, and to be aware in my relationship with food. My daily approach to life is no longer dictated by a number on a scale. All the life changing teachings and concepts in the Certification Training have had such a positive influence on me, and on those who work with me as their coach, as well.

I also found the support we, as participants, received from IPE throughout the Training to be outstandingly positive. This team is doing a phenomenal job to connect participants with their tribe of fellow students from all over the world. IPE supports students in a way that leaves no question or concern unanswered or unattended. As a graduate, I feel extremely inspired and well prepared to do important and necessary work in the world in the field of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition. A heartfelt thank you to Marc David, Emily Rosen and the IPE team!
Daniela Egersdoerfer - Mind Body Eating Coach

Julie Daniluk

Taking the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training was life changing. I have been in clinical nutrition practice for 15 years and the course material challenged me to reevaluate every recommendation. Now I find my client visits more enjoyable and the results are more profound. Thank you so much for teaching me to let go of rules and focus on the client's relationship to food. My practice and personal relationships flow easier with this understanding.
Julie Daniluk - Mind Body Eating Coach

Pam Bailey

Since completing the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training, my work with clients has changed dramatically. I was already a qualified Nutritionist, but this course has provided a different dimension. This approach is very new here in Australia, which puts me in a unique position. I am able to offer something that very few others are offering. On a personal level, the course has prompted me to look at myself and my relationship with food in a totally different way. I now look at my eating habits and symptoms with interest instead of disgust. I want to open the door and see what's behind it - find out what messages my body is giving me.

I was a little worried that a totally online course might leave me somewhat isolated, but that was definitely not the case. There was plenty of support from both staff and fellow students via the private Facebook page and the regular group calls with Marc David where we were free to ask questions about the Training. At the end of the course there was also an opportunity to meet everybody face to face in Colorado and I was fortunate enough to be able to attend this. It was an amazing experience and well worth the long trip from Australia.

I would highly recommend this course. It wasn't always easy to fit everything in with everyday life, but the sense of achievement after each module was well worth it. Not only will you learn new skills that you can apply both personally and professionally, but you will become part of an amazing family from all over the world as well as being at the breaking edge of a new approach to everyday eating disorders.
Pam Bailey - Mind Body Eating Coach

Tela O’Donnell Bacher

As a Personal Trainer and a Wellness Program Coordinator, I felt the need to find a deeper understanding of food and eating. I went looking for a professional training that addressed eating and weight challenges in a different way than the typical calorie-counting, rigid-diet, exercise-like-crazy method.

Exploring the Institute for the Psychology of Eating's website and videos, I was drawn to the truths that were spoken about eating and dieting. I have much experience with chronic dieting as an Olympic wrestler, and although I know how to lose 18 pounds in 2-3 weeks to make weight, I also understand how unsustainable this method of weight loss is and the negative physical and mental effects that follow.

I was nervous about taking an online training - online classes were a new experience for me. Though I knew the mainstream ways of addressing food and eating were ineffective and harmful, I was still worried about being outside of the mainstream structure. Would this information be valued by others? But, I jumped in and started the course, and I found my concerns thoroughly laid to rest. The structure of the online Training fit my learning style very well; I was so hungry for this refreshing body of work that learning came effortlessly. And when I started sharing my new knowledge, I found others just as refreshed as I was by this new perspective. Applying my knowledge to my work has brought a new life to it and I find myself constantly inspired by my clients’ process. It is joyful evolution and I am so grateful that I am a part of it.
Tela O’Donnell Bacher - Mind Body Eating Coach

Sue Bradley

With a background as a schoolteacher and manager for the Arts Council of England, I opted for early retirement around 7 years ago, and decided to pursue my dream of making my two passions (yoga and nutrition) into my full time occupation – so I found a local yoga school and qualified as a teacher after 2 years of training. But when I looked for a suitable nutrition course, I couldn’t find anything that inspired me. As I was searching online, I would often see the Institute’s posts pop up, and to cut a long story short, eventually I realised that this was the course for me, as their material and content rang true, with a new and fresh message. There’s lots of information out there on what to eat, but not so much on HOW to do it! The Institute was offering something different, and that appealed to me.

My decision to take the course was totally out of the blue, as I would never have thought that I would opt for an online course. I’m a bit of a technophobe - but it worked really well for me. The online support team responded really quickly, the technology was easy, and the Facebook group was open and friendly.

I am now a full-time Mind Body Eating Coach and yoga teacher. I have a growing practice and I love it. I’m even combining the two and teaching a class called “Eating Psychology Yoga”! The Training gave me a thorough background in all the types of problems and issues that my clients might have - so I feel well prepared. On a personal level, the course was fascinating and has certainly benefitted both myself and my family in terms of how we eat - and it’s great that I am now armed with the scientific facts to back up what I know deep down to be truly beneficial for everyone.

The time I took to complete the Training was well worth it - I have grown as a person and am now able to help my own community as well as a worldwide clientele via Skype coaching. My business is growing steadily and I’m really enjoying my work. Thanks to all at the IPE!
Sue Bradley - Mind Body Eating Coach

Deborah Cort

I am extremely grateful to the Institute for the Psychology of Eating for putting together an amazing Coach Certification Training. On a personal level, prior to taking this Training, I had been a dieter for 40 years. During that time, I knew in my heart there needed to be a better way than counting calories and fat grams and constantly denying myself the foods that I loved, only to have the weight return after I reached my goal weight. On a professional level, I had been mentoring clients whose major concern was their weight and body image, and I had come to realize that I needed some kind of training to assist these lovely women who hated their bodies.

Within the first 10 minutes of the introduction to the Training I felt I had received my money's worth! Marc is so on point, it still boggles my mind how in-depth, astute, and wise he is. The material was life changing for me personally, but now that I have my practice and am seeing clients, it is life changing for them as well. The world has opened up for me in ways that I never could have imagined.

If you are interested in serving the those who suffer around weight, body image, nutrition related health concerns, and/or digestive issues, then this Training is well worth your time. The course content is delivered in a manageable format and if you are like me, you will be chomping at the bit for the next module to be released so you can listen to what wisdom Marc David is ready to impart. This Training offers a new paradigm in how we relate to food, and it changes everything.
Deborah Cort - Mind Body Eating Coach

Lisa Bojarski

The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training far exceeded my expectations in every way. I was thrilled to discover this course and knew it was what I wanted to study, but the quality of the Training was better than I ever could have imagined. Not only is the material incredibly interesting, but it’s presented it in the most approachable and entertaining way. I found myself looking forward to getting back to my lectures in the same way one might look forward to watching a favorite TV show or reading a book they can't put down. I truly devoured the material. It never felt tedious or overwhelming. And it all sunk in so deeply that I never had to spend extra time studying. I felt fully prepared to answer the integration questions for each module immediately after finishing the material.

The level of service from everyone on the IPE team has been absolutely wonderful. Everyone is so friendly, helpful and supportive. I found the Distance Learning method of delivery via the website very user-friendly. The material is well organized and expectations are clear. It is obvious that so much effort and passion has gone into making this training the best it can be. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to study this life-changing material and feel incredibly blessed to be doing this beautiful work.
Lisa Bojarski - Mind Body Eating Coach

Rande Moss

I went into the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training to heal my own issues and then to assist in the healing of others. I had no idea that it would turn my world upside down. I wasn't ready to acknowledge that I wanted to heal my "emotional eating" so that I could stick to my diet and finally have the body of my dreams. I had no idea that I'd get to the end and not even feel a need to change my body anymore. I had no idea that I'd finish my certification and also be done with my compulsive need to starve myself (hidden under a shiny label called "detox"). I'm free now. I love my body and know how to listen to it. And from this place, I want nothing more than to be a guide for other women. I hope that one day we can all value our own power and freedom a bit more than losing those last five pounds.
Rande Moss - Mind Body Eating Coach

Johnna V. Wheeler

In my youth, I ate for all the wrong reasons. All I could think about all day was what I would eat next. It was like an addiction. Then I became very sick, and I could not digest my food. I used to eat everything in my 20s, and then in my 30s, I couldn't eat anything. I feared food for a very different reason. Finally, at the age of 50, my health was restored, though I am now physically disabled. I could once again eat all the foods that had been on my "avoid list" for 20 years, but the emotional reasons why I ate were still there. That's when I found IPE and took this Training. Now I have a healthy love for food and my binge eating, overeating and obsession with food are gone. Not only that, but this Training has given me a career. This Training was the logical next step in my personal and professional growth.

I have a learning disability and the idea of undertaking this educational challenge was daunting, but what made it possible is that the Training is delivered as lectures, tele-classes, and other forms that were manageable for me. Marc David communicates in very easy to understand language. In addition, his sense of humor made this Training fun. Emily Rosen communicates equally well. Both of them possess a wealth of knowledge that can be found nowhere else. If it did exist elsewhere, I'd have found it during the 30 years I researched, studied and tested numerous nutritional theories, diets, psychological concepts, philosophies and methods of healing. The personal benefits alone are well worth the investment in money, time and energy, but on a professional level, this Training is a must if you are pursuing a career in the nutrition, life coaching, weight loss, or health management field. This is the missing piece.
Johnna V. Wheeler - Mind Body Eating Coach

Monica del Valle

After I attended online conference sponsored by the Institute, I felt that this place was speaking to my soul. I’ve had issues with food, weight and body image that seemed to be eternal… and I had not felt fully satisfied with any of the different approaches I have tried since I was 12 years old, when my mom started to put me on a diet (without my really needing it). Marc's words really spoke to what, by intuition, I knew was true! After all I have been through during this year, I can say now that I am embodied and empowered. Confident. Trusting. And still exploring. I finally found my passion and my voice, and paradoxically, I found them by embracing the very things I had rejected for years: My weight, my body image, my health!

I combined what I learned at IPE with my previous trainings as an Archetypal Psychologist and as an Embodied Imagination Therapist and developed my own approach to food, eating, body image, health… as doorways to be able to listen to Soul. I‘m now delivering talks and workshops and continuing with my private practice.

I would definitively recommend this Training to as many people as I can. The more of us there are who are on this path, the less suffering there will be in the world, the more empowered people will be... and the more loving, accepting, and compassionate people will be towards themselves and towards others. We need more conscious people who will be able to discriminate the gold from the nutritional nonsense we are bombarded with day in and day out.
Monica del Valle - Mind Body Eating Coach

Kathy Beachler

I have worked as an integrative physical therapist for many years, and this Training has added a depth and richness to my work and personal life that I know will continue to unfold and grow. I'm excited to see how it all unfolds! The comprehensiveness and manner in which Marc delivered this program really cut to the heart of my own struggles with eating and body image. I experienced so many shifts and aha moments during this Training! Moving through this program, I was able to see where I was holding myself back and apply your tools to move forward. I have stepped into my Self, my Queen, my Wisdom more fully and can already see how it is naturally extending out to my clients. Thank You So Much for what you have done with this program and for your passionate sharing!!!
Kathy Beachler - Mind Body Eating Coach

Stephen Dynako

I will always remember Marc's passion for the teaching, his care to ensure essential information was repeated, the wisdom of his case studies, and his good humor in relaxing into the material. I was impressed by the balance of the esoteric with the scientific and the recognition that each has its essential place in the practice of eating psychology. This balance is a rare thing in counseling and coaching training programs. As a spiritual counselor, I deeply appreciate the Training's inherent integration of the spiritual aspects of nourishment and emphasis on soul lessons. The Training provided me with a strong complement to my existing spiritual counseling skills, and I've already have been able to use what I've learned with my existing clients with powerful results. The material in the Training is deeply informative but not so complex as to be difficult to understand. I believe anybody with the desire to help others as a coach in the realm of health and wellness can gain deep insight, powerful information, and effective skills, even if they are altogether new to this field.
Stephen Dynako - Mind Body Eating Coach

Lena Schellenberg

Stumbling upon this course was no accident. I truly believe it was Divine Inspiration that led me here, because although faith and assistance from others can help you on your healing journey, it’s really through an understanding and acceptance of self that sustainable healing takes place.

This Training and its information have been so transformational that I could go on and on about all of the letting go, and breakthroughs I’ve encountered. Going through this Training has been a rollercoaster of emotions to say the very least. I was not prepared for all the changes in my life that were about to take place, but I thank God everyday that they did. This Training has helped me to literally break free from the strongholds of my past that kept me in bondage for a very long time. I have become more patient with myself, more sensitive, and have allowed myself to express my sensuality and to not be ashamed.

My relationship with myself and with food has been transformed. I no longer weigh myself every day, count calories, measure or weigh food. I’m not afraid to eat and I practice loving affirmations towards myself every day. For the first time in my life I love my body. After spending over a decade hating it, I finally love it. And as I become able, I equip others to become able. My approach with clients is unlike any other nutritionist or dietician in my city. My practice is filled with Life now, and I finally get the chance to be the kind of change for people that I was searching for all those years ago.
Lena Schellenberg - Mind Body Eating Coach

Raquel Nunes

The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training and Marc David’s approach to nutrition, weight loss and body image has been such an eye opener for me. I have personally learnt that who I am as an eater, the whole of me, is as important as the food which I eat. Weight loss is much more complex than mere cutting calories and exercising more - this has transformed the way I think as a professional in the fitness industry. Marc David’s approach to body image and learning to “love what is” touched me deeply as someone who has been under constant self judgement and self attack for most of my adult life. The course material has brought awareness, presence and consciousness into my life. It is still a journey for me, but one which I am loving. It is a revolutionary and freeing way of thinking and one which I am excited to share with my clients. If you are willing to have your thinking challenged and are curious to transform the way you think about nutrition, nourishment, exercise, mood, immunity and so much more in a way that makes complete sense, then this course is for you.
Raquel Nunes - Mind Body Eating Coach

Kc Rossi

As early as Module 1, it quickly became apparent that this program was going to unveil something bigger than I had expected. I felt the material was speaking directly to me, my past experiences with chronic dieting, body images issues, eating balance, and the like. I was no stranger to continued education, and jumping from one program to another in search of "the next best thing." This program illustrated it was not going to be just another "feather in my cap," that was for sure.

The consistent delivery of material over the 8 month Training provided a substantial re-conditioning of my old mental patterns. I was able to see some real, personal progress in the realms of emotional, physical, and metaphysical self-nourishment. I feel the unique distinctions, and core philosophies shared during the program will serve me not only in relating to others personally in my life, but professionally as well.

Initially, I thought that I would combine the mind body eating coaching with my Aromatherapy background. Through the program, and learning about embodiment, true purpose, and listening to my intuition, I have come to realize my passion for business coaching. The possibility of acting as a bridge between heart-centered women and the people in need of their services is truly exciting. The deep, formational self-development pieces that this program has offered has allowed me to see and embrace my calling. I will be forever changed.
Kc Rossi - Mind Body Eating Coach & Integrative Business Advisor

Candace Irven

I've felt the value personally as I've made my way through the Training. The content is packed full of simple "scientific mind cookies" that will change how you -- as the student -- live and interact with the world around you. The mere act of learning to slow down… to find pleasure… to see our challenges and dis-eases as teachers and guides… is life changing. Prior to finding this program, I had enrolled in a more traditional coaching program. But I knew something was missing. I knew I wanted to learn and be able to share something that would truly change a client's life. And somehow this program made its way into view. It blends nutrition, psychology, common sense, yogic philosophy, shamanism, taoism, and so much more into one program. It brought together all the pieces that help not only with food challenges but with life in general. Thank you, Marc and team, for putting your heart into this program so we can help to make the world a healthier place.
Candace Irven - Mind Body Eating Coach

Christie Gibbs

When I first learned of Marc David's work at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, I knew it was the missing link I had been searching for in my nutrition studies. When I first became a nutritionist, I thought it would be the answer to my unhealthy relationship with food. Yet the more I learned about nutrition, the worse my dieting behaviours became. I was looking for something that would help me on a deeper level, and Marc this work was the answer. Not only has my own relationship with food transformed for the better, I can now help my clients reach an entirely new level of health and healing through Mind Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology.

When I first started the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training, I wondered how I would be able to connect with my peers online like I have in the past in a classroom setting, but I didn't need to worry. The private Facebook group and Skype calls made it easy to make new friends and lifelong connections. The communication and support between staff and students was amazing. IPE excels at creating community. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to deepen their work with clients, start a new career, or simply empower themselves. Thank you IPE and Marc David!
Christie Gibbs - Mind Body Eating Coach & Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Sylvia Adler

Every step of the way in this Training has been an opportunity to self reflect, gain insights, transform and grow. Many tears have been shed during the process. I started out full of fear and self doubt, lacking in confidence. Along the way, I have let go of judging myself and my body so harshly, and I have let go of judging others. My awareness has grown. I have let go of my perfectionism and fear around food and now have a much broader perspective. I have let go of trying to fix myself and others. Learning to appreciate myself is an ongoing process. The most powerful change has been in my level of confidence, and I now have significantly less focus on fear. Waves of self doubt still wash over me from time to time, but I am no longer consumed by them. I have learned to ask the right questions and listen well. I feel empowered. The Institute's integrative approach and expansive view are innovative, inspiring and exhilarating. The depth and scope of the program is astounding. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to transform their relationship to food and life and gain a valuable and unique gift to offer to others.
Sylvia Adler - Mind Body Eating Coach

Viktoria Memminger

My name is Viktoria, and I am a practising Mind Body Eating Coach in London. During the training I had a strong sense of “remembering.” With so much conflicting nutrition information in our environment, it was great to have a space where knowledge (old and new) is being drawn together and shared. It was like I remembered all the innate knowledge we have when we are born. A great place to make sense of the world and its various challenges and recognise the beauty in all of it!

The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is the first place where a team of professionals is getting real about our food challenges. Any diet or nutritional regime only tried to fix the symptom. At IPE you will learn to help clients heal the core of their challenge. And what's more, you will learn to see the beauty in the unwanted habit, weight, fatigue - whatever it is. This approach allows you to listen to the wisdom that the challenge has to teach and you can help people grow, empower, embody and ultimately live their lives with greater awareness.

The most powerful element was the simplicity in all of it. This is not to say it's always easy to work through, love and honour our challenges, but to “relax into the unknown” is a simple strategy for so many things. I love it, my clients love it and it makes the world an easier place to live in. I am much humbler and I have a lot more compassion for myself. Through the Training I learned to connect to colleagues, friends and clients in a new way. It's light, playful and deeply felt. I'm so grateful for this Training!
Viktoria Memminger - Mind Body Eating Coach

Trina Mills

I believe Marc David is a visionary and the Training at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating reflects his "world-wise" and "cutting-edge" perspective. This Training stresses Mind Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology; yet, I also believe its principles provide the fundamental understanding necessary to guide anyone who desires true healing. Through this eight-month education, I gained greater insight and understanding of how to use an intuitive, yet guided approach to aid my clients in their pursuit of greater health, happiness, richer life, and reduction of symptoms. I discovered this program to be more than a series of classes; instead, its lasting impression is more similar to a personal internship, conducted by a prominent thought leader and pioneering educator. I have experienced personal growth and gained valuable skills as a Professional Health Coach. I recommend the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Program for anyone who feels called to help others.
Trina Mills - Mind Body Eating Coach

Betül Tatar

If I had to describe the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training program in one word, it would be “revolutionary.” I am convinced that Marc, Emily, and the rest of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating team are rebels in their own graceful way! I would recommend this Training to anyone who (a) instinctively knows that his or her food, weight and body image challenges are a guide from beyond, (b) wants to be part of the next generation of pioneer practitioners changing the face of nutrition and “disordered” eating as we know it, and/or, (c) wants to serve others in their journey of healing around these topics.

I enrolled in the program during a very challenging time in my life, both personally and professionally. Thanks to Marc David’s peaceful yet stimulating lecturing style, my inspiring classmates with whom I could stay in touch through our social media platform, and the IPE team that supported me with both the logistical and emotional aspects of the course, I had something to look forward to every day. Personally, I have gained many close friends through this Training. Professionally, I am more knowledgeable, prepared, and motivated to practice as an Mind Body Eating Coach than ever. Each module naturally follows from the previous one, and they all come together in the end to provide a solid foundation for your coaching practice.
Betül Tatar - Mind Body Eating Coach

Dana Irvine

I truly feel blessed to be part of this groundbreaking Training. The depth of study and discussion of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition has far surpassed my expectations. My new understanding of digestion has changed my life. I look forward to engaging and educating others to transform into their own true self. This Training has inspired me to enhance my catering company. I can now teach and apply Mind Body Nutrition techniques to food preparation, create clean eating classes, and include emotional studies, spirituality studies, alternative health and use of essential oils. I have created a career that captures all of these aspects. My future endeavors include working with local nonprofits for women and teens encompassing Eat Local Food Box meal planning, Clean Eating, and the importance of getting Back to the Table. Getting back to the table is a simple solution where families can talk, listen and learn; discovering unconditional love, support and understanding, all of which support the type of true nourishment that this Training advocates.
Dana Irvine - Mind Body Eating Coach

Stephanie Shaw

Taking this training has been a good investment towards increasing my quality of life. As a diabetes specialist nurse, I am helping my patients more effectively with their lifestyle changes; this is having a positive impact on their journey to acquiring better health. Attending the Training has given me the confidence to deal with my complex patients and it has resulted in them taking less medication and achieving better blood glucose control. Having learned, during this course, that we are not here to fix people, I now feel better about myself when I have patients who are not ready for change; I do not feel like I have failed them.

The whole course has been very well delivered and the eight months have been thoroughly enjoyable. The integration questions after each module were equally enjoyable and definitely very important for me to gauge my learning. The support from the team has been second to none and I am very appreciative of the support I got when I did need it. I would recommend this Training to anyone considering taking it, because the material covered is comprehensive. Marc gives his perspective on how he deals with his clients and their issues, which is invaluable. The course has exceeded my expectations.
Stephanie Shaw - Mind Body Eating Coach

Mary Raduer

The Institute’s approach to weight and the body has fundamentally changed my life. I’ve learned to relax around food and to love the body I am in, which led to shedding those extra pounds and keeping them off effortlessly. My focus has shifted from "no pain, no gain" to loving all that my body does for me each and every day. I am more curious about why I do the things I do rather than judging every thought, emotion or behavior. My decisions around food now come from a place of "what does my body need right now" versus torturing it into submission.

Participating in the certification program was a natural extension of my own personal work. I am excited to share this work with others and look forward to offering classes and coaching through the retail natural health store I own. I can't say enough about the quality of information that was delivered in this Training. Between the tele-classes, the active online forum and the material Marc shared in each module, I have a wealth of information to draw from for years to come. The Institute is an organization that "walks their talk." They are there for you throughout the learning journey and beyond. They want you to succeed. Not only will you receive amazing information on eating psychology and mind-body nutrition, you will also receive great support on business development and how to develop top-notch coaching skills.

I highly recommend this certification program to anyone who is frustrated by the current paradigm around weight loss, health and nutrition. We all know that we can beat the body into changing, but in the long run, it doesn't last. This approach sheds light on who we are as eaters. It is the missing piece of the nutrition pie. The world needs more people to share this new way of looking at nutrition that honors the individual and their relationship with food, body and life. Go for it!
Mary Raduer - Mind Body Eating Coach

Elena Degtyar

For me this Training meant a new path. I had been an active scientist for nearly 15 years when I made a decision to become a nutritionist. I have always been passionate about psychology, so when I came across this Training, the combination seemed magical. My hunger for knowledge in the field was much greater than my need for certification. Marc's thoughts and ideas were so deeply resonating with my own line of thinking that I have never looked back.

Now, having this Training in my pocket has definitely given me confidence to start helping people. My main audience is Russian-speaking. There is not anything even remotely resembling this type of approach. And for a culture deeply obsessed with looks and weight loss, it is invaluable. I have been sharing my journey in this program on Instagram and have received a lot of positive feedback.

The most difficult part of the journey was finding peace with my belly, but the Training has reinforced the positive relationship I had already established with my body.

I have not watched a single lecture. This might seem crazy, but I have only downloaded the audio versions and have listened to them. Over the past 8 months I have been to Russia (over a dozen times), to Thailand, Australia, Israel and other countries. I just plug in my earphones and the studying begins. The lectures are now firmly grounded in the visuals of different sceneries and landscapes. I am also grateful that the material is organized in handouts that I can review after the lectures are over. The FB group is priceless; the support and the connection made a valuable contribution to the learning experience.
Elena Degtyar - Mind Body Eating Coach & PhD

Nadeije Athlan

I was already an experienced naturopathic practitioner and therapist when I decided to do the coaching program with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating because the Training offered distinctions and ways of working with the relationship with food that were not found anywhere else. I discovered a wonderful program that was deep and rich in content, generous in the sharing of ways to work, to listen and support our clients with their challenge with food, mood, immunity, digestion, sleep… and much more. I loved their global approach and their positive attitude.

And what I have loved best is that this Training gives clear, consistent and efficient ways of working with clients. Many things that were covered in this Training had taken me years to understand on my own, and here they were, in plain speech, easy to apply. This Training would make any beginner much better, much faster, than many other trainings I have taken. I wish I had known about the Institute years ago!

The Training was also a wonderful place for self healing, gentle acceptance, sharing with like-minded people. It invites us to enter the wonderful world of helping each other with much heart, gusto for life and Spirit. The live teleclasses were good places for questions and furthering comprehension. I could apply what I learned from the very beginning to help my family, myself and my clients. I know I will need to listen again to these classes because they were so full of amazing content that one round is not enough to get it all. I would not hesitate to recommend this Training to anyone who wants to learn better ways of being in their lives, not only in their food lives, but in all other aspects of their characters. And if you are just a beginner in the coaching field, you are in capable, worthy, generous, supportive, and overall uplifting hands!
Nadeije Athlan - Mind Body Eating Coach & Massage Therapist

Amy Woods

This Training has opened my mind and my heart to the incredible and limitless potential of the human soul, has radically transformed my perception of beauty, success, and physical symptoms, and has helped me to grow spiritually, emotionally, metabolically, and in every other way possible! I can't be more grateful to Marc, Stephanie, Emily and my fellow students for their incredible support filled with love, empathy and compassion. I can honestly say that this is the most amazing training I've ever done, and I am so excited to share this with the world. I'm very happy because in addition to all the core material covered, we had extra modules on how to create and manage our business, completed with a rich selection of reading material from different authors with different perspectives and approaches. I would 100% recommend this Training to anyone. All I suggest is that you have an open mind and heart to receive the "nuggets of wisdom" in this beautiful work. Thank you so much for this experience!
Amy Woods - Mind Body Eating Coach

Kayla Van Egdom

The Training has been invaluable to me as a personal trainer. I've been able to share the nutritional strategies with clients to help them progress on their journeys, and I've become a greater emotional support as well. This course has helped me become more present and available to my clients, and it has helped me let go of the need to fix them, instead seeing everyone as whole and complete just as they are right now.

The personal benefits I've received have also been staggering. I realized that I had put my life on hold during my quest for the perfect body. I remained single for most of my life because I didn't believe anyone would love me until I was the perfect size. I put off experiencing, traveling, loving, all with the toxic belief that I needed to lose weight first. Since starting this Training, I've stopped waiting to live my life. I've traveled. I started dating and have found the most fantastic partner imaginable. I connect more with people now. I'm learning to let go of my perfectionism and accept myself even in my most unproductive, unhealthiest times.

This Training has helped me to realize that there is another way to be with my weight, my body, and my eating challenges that doesn't involve self-deprecation or always needing to push. It has meant learning to relax more into imperfection and gentle progress.

I love self-directed programs, so this was a great fit for me. I liked that it was distance education, which enabled me to complete the coursework anywhere, even while traveling. The Facebook group was filled with amazing people who were amazingly supportive. The reading list was phenomenal and a great complement to the course's teachings.

I would recommend this Training to anyone who wants their life to change, to become fuller and deeper. It will change the way you see the world and respond to life challenges. Taking this course was one of the best things I've ever done, and I couldn't be happier with its delivery.
Kayla Van Egdom - Mind Body Eating Coach & Personal Trainer

Jenna C. Johnson

A part of me felt I was taking a risk delving into the Institute for the Psychology of Eating rather than going with a program that was more well known, or associated with a university, or was in person and hands on, or with focus a on specific healing foods. I already thought I knew A Lot after having experienced and healed a plethora of food and health challenges, and really just needed that extra nudge of validation from a program to "permit" me to coach and work professionally.

And then the course began. And by the time I got about 6 hours into Module 1... I felt myself sink in. I felt like I could listen to Marc talk forever. In areas I'd not yet excavated in full or at all, the layers Marc uncovered were mind blowing, and earth shattering. I learned language for feelings and experiences that before had no name. I’ve gained a treasure chest full of nuggets of wisdom applicable in my professional interactions as well as personal. My relating to others, and relating to myself in my life has become deeper than I thought possible. My forgiveness, wells deeper. My love for my life, all my circumstances and my amazing mother and lineage... words cannot describe.

What I also loved about this course was, even at the times where I felt that I was not able to soak in the opportunities richly enough -- whether it was connecting with other peers, completing all journaling assignments, reading all accompanying material, etc -- I was reminded through mentors in the program, as well as the philosophy of the course itself, that I AM DOING THE PROGRAM EXACTLY AS IS RIGHT FOR ME, learning the lessons that are right for me.

This course has unearthed in me a deeper divine mission in my life. It is my mission in life to be the safe space for others to reawaken their Authentic Self Expression, delve into Radical Self Love, and ignite the conversations they need to have with themselves and with others in order heal within their own bodies and heal the planet. I'd recommend this Training for anyone who feels that we are living in a revolutionary time and wants a course to reflect that.
Jenna C. Johnson - Mind Body Eating Coach & Embodiment Coach

Renee Nemmers

I didn't want to write this testimonial. I've been putting it off for weeks because I wanted it to be perfect and knew I couldn't do my experience justice. Then Marc's voice came through: "It's just practice; it's called a practice, not a perfect," and then I take a deep breath, my body relaxes, and I'm able to move beyond my perfectionism. That, in a nutshell, is what the Training does. It teaches you to relax into imperfection, to relax into the inevitable uncertainty of life, and to connect to the quiet intuitive voice that's been buried for so long. Whether you're passionate about becoming a professional Mind Body Eating Coach or not, DO THIS TRAINING - if for no other reason than to have a voice attached to the inner knowing that's always been inside of you.
Renee Nemmers - Mind Body Eating Coach & NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

Ruth Flett

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition Coach Certification Training. I found it informative, interesting, and a programme that opens the mind to game-changing new ideas and approaches. I decided to take this certification because I had been interested for a long time in how diet influenced health, both on a personal level and as a potential career. Through this Training, I have learned how to address issues with my own eating habits. The course was easy to access and straightforward to follow. I found that I was able to keep up with the programme whilst working in a reasonably demanding job as a school teacher. Whenever I had a query the staff were always very efficient and helpful in addressing it with me. The whole learning experience was very good and I would highly recommend it.
Ruth Flett - Mind Body Eating Coach

Shahrzad Pahlavan

I have always been interested in nutrition and read as much as I could to educate myself, so that I could take better care of my family. When I became an “empty nester,” I decided to pursue this interest further at a conventional school for nutrition. However, I was bored and unmotivated by the dry facts and traditional teaching techniques. I dropped out after I realized I could not keep up with balancing the workload while working as an elementary school teacher. Then I attended an online webinar where Marc David was a guest speaker. The phrases “Dynamic Eating Psychology” and “Mind Body Nutrition” resonated deeply with me. After listening to him and Emily Rosen talk about the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training, I knew I had found my school.

The Training easily fit my schedule. I looked forward to sitting down every night to my lessons and listening to Marc teach in his unique, eloquent, friendly manner. It was like listening to the next chapter of a story each night. I enjoyed the teleclasses that were rich with real life cases and Q&A’s, and the online discussion groups were such a nice support system. Although I went into the program to help others, I also realized how hard I was on myself. I taken to heart the teaching that I don’t need to be perfect in order to help others. I simply need to have the skills, care, and be one step ahead of my clients. I highly recommend this Training because, as Marc says, what we eat is half the story - the other half is who we are as eaters. This Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition program is the best training I have ever received.
Shahrzad Pahlavan - Mind Body Eating Coach

Maggie Fischer

Deciding to train at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating was one of the best decisions I have made in pursuing a career as a health and mind-body nutrition coach! Unlike most health coaching programs, which offer education solely regarding nutrition and self-marketing, the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training offers so much more! Here, we are taught not only to understand common eating issues, such as binge eating, chronic dieting, and weight loss, but how to work with clients on a one-to-one basis. We learn how to look at the whole person, including their likes and dislikes, their environment, their behaviors and their lifestyles, in order to gain a better understanding of how to work with that individual. Anyone can tell someone what they should or should not eat, but our training as Mind Body Eating Coaches allows us to understand our clients as individuals, get at the root causes of why they are exhibiting certain symptoms or behaviors, and help them make better choices, not just for reaching their immediate goals, but also for creating a sustainable, better quality life!

Everyone I interacted with at the Institute has been more than helpful and very quick to respond to all of my questions. Every module was informative and, often, very eye opening. Although I have no prior experience working with clients in any capacity, I feel confident to do so with the comprehensive training I have received from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I would highly recommend this program to anyone first starting out, or someone with an existing practice looking to broaden their knowledge and gain a new understanding on how best to help clients.
Maggie Fischer - Mind Body Eating Coach

Manena Mendoza

Taking the Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition Coach Certification Training has changed my life. Though it may sound cliché, it’s true: the Training has opened my eyes to a new way of understanding our lives and the way we function as human beings. I knew there was more to nourishment than what we eat, as our emotional state affects us tremendously. I now understand why a person who eats a healthy diet can still have challenges with food and body. I especially loved communicating with my classmates in the online discussion groups. It’s amazing how everyone slowly opened up about their own personal issues. It really felt like a community, and at the end, I felt like we all knew each other. Throughout this course, I personally overcame depression and chronic fatigue, and I was able to create a business that I enjoy and thrive in.
Manena Mendoza - Mind Body Eating Coach

Paula Benson

They say you are drawn to what you need. My business has been at a standstill because of personal tragedy, but after working through the lessons in this Training, I feel that not only can I help my clients (and myself) with nutrition, weight loss, and personal issues, but I have also learned how to relax into the problem, how to love the client without judging them, and how to draw the clients who need me to my practice.

I would recommend this class to anyone who truly wants to help others in their journey of weight issues, nutrition issues, or life issues. The Business Module of the Training also teaches you how to go about getting started with your practice, marketing and all the details of running a business. I have had several businesses, and without a doubt, this is much needed information!
Paula Benson - Mind Body Eating Coach

Karen Watt

The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training has allowed me to finally find truth and answers to my questions about weight and body image. I knew there were answers out there that I couldn't quite find, even with all the information available to me. Prior messages were so confusing, with every diet program contradicting each other. I now have the tools to sort through all the nutrition information with the understanding that no one single diet or way of thinking is suitable to meet everyone's unique needs. The Training has opened up a professional opportunity for me to make a living by coaching others on their journey through life with a Mind Body Nutrition approach. This profession is so timely, and it’s one I'm very excited to be a part of.

In the beginning, I was nervous going back to school after 40 years, but the online Training was doable. Being a part of a community through the Facebook group, tele-classes and being paired with a peer coach made me feel less isolated while I was becoming a part of something bigger. I have felt love and encouragement, which has allowed me to relax into my personal journey. I would recommend this Training to anyone interested in eating psychology and nutrition. This is cutting edge training that the world needs.
Karen Watt - Mind Body Eating Coach

Stacie Heintze

Taking the Mind Body Eating Coaching Certification has truly impacted my life in the most positive way, probably more than any other path I've ever taken. Being 55 years old, I've struggled for most of my life with eating/body image challenges. I've spent my life looking for the perfect diet to "fix" me - until I learned through this program I don't need fixing, and there isn't one perfect solution. I'm deserving of love, compassion, and respect, period; it's not conditional on my being a size six. Learning this, actually absorbing this belief into my very cells, is profound. The ripple effect started with releasing stress that I've held onto so tightly for years that's it's become the norm. Every day I'm relaxing a tiny bit more, breathing a little more freely, and as a result, life is opening up and things are falling into place. It's not that I'm working less hard than I was at the corporate job I left to pursue this new career; I may even be working harder, but it feels almost effortless, at times, which is a paradox I wouldn't have believed if I wasn't experiencing it - and it's a very good feeling! So the impact the Training has had on my life would be well worth the price of admission, even if I wasn't pursuing a career as a coach, because if I totaled up all of the money I've spent on crazy, punitive solutions that didn't work, that amount would far exceed what I spent on tuition.

That said, I AM pursuing a career in Mind Body Eating Coaching, and the education I've received has prepared me to do so with great confidence. The Institute provides a supportive virtual environment with private online groups to share and discuss salient topics. The groups are monitored by highly capable and kind professionals. All the staff are exceptionally pleasant and helpful. Besides the cutting edge, in-depth and insightful lectures that Marc David gives (which we get to keep, so I'll be listening to again...) Emily Rosen's blueprint to help get your business up and running is proving invaluable. There's also ample time to finish the work and complete the tests; I was able to do so while working a full time job.

I'm building my business/client base slowly, but consistently, working at my own pace. What's wonderfully reinforcing is that mid-way through my first session, a feeling of contentment arose, the likes of which I have never felt in a work setting, and I knew that I had made the right, true decision for myself to leave the corporate world and come "home" to myself, to finally embody and listen and know that I have a right to be heard and to follow a path that's fulfilling. Though I may be a late bloomer, I keep reminding myself that sometimes the Fall flowers are the brightest and most memorable.
Stacie Heintze - Mind Body Eating Coach

Tracey Keller

I don't know where to begin! As a personal trainer for the past 25 years, I have a beautiful practice built up for my fitness clients. I have always encouraged my clients to eat clean, and I have used my past eating disorder to help minister healing to those struggling with food. However, this Eating Psychology Training has brought new life, new energy, and the proper language that I couldn't quit express, to help my clients in a powerful way. I have looked forward to each and every lesson and have gleaned MORE than my money's worth. This class has helped me not only with my clients, but in my relationship with my daughter and my closest friends, as well, for it goes beyond just the food issues to the source of all of our stories. Thank you so much for this amazing Training!!!
Tracey Keller - Mind Body Eating Coach

Sarah Lee

Before IPE, professionally, I held "big" positions in the corporate business world. Then I came to the place in my life where I felt called to do and give more in a way that was aligned with a higher calling. Personally, I come from a family that was continuously struggling with obesity, and I, myself, was challenged throughout my 20s with an eating disorder. After recovery, I found myself on a ten-year journey of continued self-healing through spirituality, nutrition, and acceptance. Through much prayer and trying to understand these feelings inside, out of nowhere, I saw a video in my Facebook newsfeed from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. One click led to a day of diving in and learning as much as I could about the Institute. I sat at my desk crying, for I knew this was what I was meant to do. All of a sudden my entire life story made complete sense. A few days later, without hesitation, I applied for the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training.

I began the Training because I was looking for professional development in this area. However, I quickly realized I still had additional healing to do with my own body and relationship with food. This was such a rewarding revelation, followed by a profoundly greater understanding. My consciousness has been raised, and I see the world and myself in a whole new light. I could say "thank you" a million times and that still wouldn't speak to the appreciation within my heart.
Sarah Lee - Mind Body Eating Coach

Daisy Zoll

With this Training I feel better prepared to go forward and make connections with the people I am now meeting. The Training has encouraged me to slow down and examine my thought processes around everything, not just food and body! All of this is essential, I feel, in clarifying what I can offer as a coach. The awesome breadth of the Training has given me the chance to examine some deeply held beliefs that may not have been serving me. This is where I feel I have most benefitted from the Training.
Daisy Zoll - Mind Body Eating Coach

Rachel Mahan

The Training to become an Mind Body Eating Coach has been truly amazing. The fresh perspective on body image and one’s relationship with food is so liberating. I am beyond excited to be incorporating this work into my existing practice. In fact, I have already implemented some techniques and have seen great success. It's a privilege to be a part of this group and I am especially looking forward to helping young girls adopt a better, more healthy view of body image and weight. In addition, I have been able to use this information in my seminars, and have seen great responses from participants. I highly recommend this Training for anyone who feels imprisoned by the unrealistic demands society places on our bodies.
Rachel Mahan - Mind Body Eating Coach

Danielle Macleod

This work is SO needed in the world! I came across the Institute for the Psychology of Eating by chance, while I was searching through Google for yet another way to lose weight and break through all my crazy mind talk that has tortured me for years. Finally, someone who has cut through all the noise and is teaching a way that we can just get on with our lives. It's like having the missing link. At last I have an inner voice that is pretty much free from fat talk and self shaming. Now I have an opportunity to share this work with others, and they are already showing up wanting to talk. I'm so excited to do my bit in showing the way. It's so much better on the other side! If you're considering this program and this message resonates even a little bit with you - do it, do it, do it. This is where it's at. Bring on the revolution!
Danielle Macleod - Mind Body Eating Coach

Penny Plautz

From the moment I was introduced to the material from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. It ties together all the loose ends from my own spiritual, physical, and mental practices, affirming many of the ideas I suspected to be true and debunking the toxic nutritional beliefs that kept me and my clients from experiencing true peace and lasting body confidence. The Mind Body Eating Coaching Certification is one of the best trainings I've participated in. As a lifelong learner and avid workshop attendee, I know when someone delivers on every promise they make. The Institute for the Psychology of Eating definitely does. Marc, Emily, and the entire staff are prepared, professional, and responsive to the needs of the participants. They've thought of everything and then some. Many times throughout the training I was moved to tears as I listened to case studies and compassionate conversations around issues that have mostly been banished to the therapist's couch or confessional chambers. Listening to these stories and witnessing the results of this kind of whole-person approach to eating issues has forever altered the way I approach my work with clients and the work I do on myself. One of the greatest contributions you can make to the health of your business, your clients, or your community is to first make this investment in yourself. Become the example and let your life be your message.
Penny Plautz - Mind Body Eating Coach

Tania Aafos

The training provided by the IPE is impressive, inspirational and ceaselessly generous in content and delivery. Each module throughout the course felt a little like the best book you have ever read or like the most exciting adventure you might have ever taken. The depth of perspectives that Marc David and Emily Rosen guide you in learning, is something I will value, apply and refer to, in perpetuity, both professionally and personally. The subject matter is Eating Psychology, but the training looks to the whole human experience - we all eat, we all have a body, so it's about every nuance of human health - all the interrelation of physical health, mental health, spiritual health and planetary health. I came to this study as business owner and long held personal interest in nutrition and wellness, and would not stop at recommending this training for anyone who collaborates in any way with other people. I particularly took a lot of value from it as it applies to workplace health and wellbeing. The superb course content and delivery is never narrow and never self occupied or judgmental. Marc David and his IPE team provide the expert training with an ease and calm that makes it very easy to examine the the human response, and develop thoroughly, skills which to help and heal in a wide range of settings or a specific range of settings. The content is sometimes mind blowing. The course reaches far and takes you for the ride that provides dimensions in learning that I never expected when I set out to do the training.
Tania Aafos - Mind Body Eating Coach