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Intuitive Eating – Video with Emily Rosen

Intuitive eating has been a popular topic in the nutrition world for the past few years. Maybe you’ve heard the term and thought it sounded interesting, but you weren’t sure quite what it was, how it worked, or whether it might be helpful for you. In this intriguing new video from #IPEtv, Emily Rosen, Director […]

Five Surprising Reasons You Might Be Constipated

This isn’t always a topic people feel comfortable talking about, but it’s important when it comes to good health! You may consider yourself a healthy eater, but for some reason you get constipated. No matter what you try, nothing seems to work, and you are left feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Pooping every day is healthy. […]

3 Surprising Reasons Why Your Digestion Isn’t Great

Most people with good digestion never even notice how good it really is. We usually tend to notice the importance of our digestive system only when it’s being uncooperative. So if you feel isn’t where it should be, then it’s time to look a little deeper. There may be some some simple yet powerful changes […]

5 Weight Loss Strategies That Just Don’t Work

Have you tried different ways to lose weight, only to gain it right back? Or have you ever dieted only to see your efforts wasted with little to no weight loss whatsoever? Or perhaps you’ve lost weight, but live in constant fear that it may come back? As obvious as it sounds, many people don’t […]

5 Ways to Have More Freedom with Food

A lot of people spend their life energy living in a food prison. They’re at war with food, with their appetite, with weight, with fat, and with a body that’s not being cooperative in terms of looking exactly what we want it to look like. The net result of all this is that life feels […]