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What Should I Eat? – Video with Emily Rosen

When it comes to the information people are most hungry for about food and health, perhaps the number one most often asked and important nutritional question of our times is this one: “What should I eat?” After all, given the endless amount of nutrition information that’s available to us and given the fantastic number of […]

How Do People Make Peace with Food?

We are immersed in a social attitude that pits our minds against our bodies. Various media tell us to be sexy but not sexual, that our bodies aren’t and will never be good enough, that this or that superfood will be the key to longevity and a thigh gap. Is it any surprise that nearly […]

10 Tips for Staying Healthy

There are so many fascinating ideas available to us when it comes to inviting good health into our lives and yet, there’s an endless amount of information available to us when it comes to being healthy. But what are the kinds of strategies that that are the “can’t miss” ones that can help us feel […]

5 Great Paleo Principles that Anyone Can Use

Perhaps you’ve heard about the “paleo diet” that’s gained so much popularity over the last several years. If you’re not familiar with the approach, then it will be helpful to know that proponents of the paleo diet lifestyle eschew the major agricultural influences of the Neolithic Age or “Agricultural Revolution,” in particular: dairy, grains, pulses […]

Why Sleep is Important

It seems that the more we advance as a society, the more something important gets shoved aside. Whether it’s taking time to be with family, finding time to be outdoors every day, cooking our own food, our desire to make more money, or “live life to the fullest” we’re willing to shortchange one area of […]