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Timeless Coaching Tips: Part 2 – with Marc David

There are plenty of coaching programs with all kinds of techniques that come and go. But some coaching techniques are timeless. And one of the most important of these coaching techniques is this: Unconditional Acceptance. When we truly accept another without needing them to be different, magic can happen. It helps people relax and let […]

3 Tips to Becoming Your Own Weight Loss Coach

According to Boston Medical Center,  45 million Americans choose to go on diet every year and in doing so, they’re spending $33 billion dollars on weight-loss. Clearly we’re a society that wants to lose weight. And such a desire can be accompanied by any number of emotions and beliefs: Despair: “I’ll never lose weight by […]

Who is Marc David? – Video

If you’d like to learn more about the founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating – Marc David – then check out this brief and thoughtful biographical video from a self proclaimed introvert! Marc shares some words about his own personal journey and what inspired him to do his pioneering work in Dynamic […]