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Pleasure and Metabolism – Video with Emily Rosen

Do you remember being told as a child that you needed to finish a certain food, even though you didn’t like it, because it was “good for you”? Or maybe you’ve pushed yourself to include certain tasteless, joyless foods in your diet because you’ve heard they’ll help you lose weight or manage an unwanted symptom. […]

Yoga and Body Image

Practicing yoga can have a strong impact on how you feel about your body – but whether that impact is positive or negative depends a great deal on you, and what you bring to the practice. If you struggle with negative body image or food issues, ask yourself whether your primary goal for your yoga […]

More on Mindful Eating

These days, we hear a lot about how we need to stress less, enjoy life more, slow down and bring more awareness to our daily activities. And what a great idea this truly is. But what many fail to notice is that under the heading of slowing down, stressing less, and relaxing more includes eating. […]

Do you want way more pleasure with food?

So many people love food, love the pleasure of food, and in an ideal galaxy, would love to have a lot more pleasurable foods coming through the pipeline. This makes perfect sense, as we are literally and physiologically built for pleasure. All organisms on the planet, be they lion, lizard, amoeba, or human are all […]