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The Psychology of Cleansing – Video with Emily Rosen

We’ve all seen the magazine covers proclaiming the miraculous benefits of various fasts and cleanses. Many people who want to make big changes in their diet begin with a period of fasting, and nutrition coaches will frequently recommend detoxifying cleanses. But what are we really doing to our bodies, minds, and spirits when we undertake […]

The Brilliance of Bitter

In food as in life, there’s often a good reason for everything. There are hidden teachings and gifts waiting to burst forth from the most unlikely places. If you’re like most people, you’ll tend to appreciate sweet life experiences much more so than the bitter ones. You’ll also tend to gravitate towards the sweeter foods […]

5 Surefire Ways to Transform How the World Eats

Maybe I was an Italian grandmother in my last life, because so much of this life is essentially devoted to helping people eat healthy food, while having a healthy and satisfying relationship with that food. When I look at the nutritional status of planet Earth, my heart aches. We manufacture strange concoctions that only vaguely […]

Is There Hope for Your Eating Challenge?

Every day, I’m impressed and humbled by the sheer number and variety of eating challenges that so many people seem to face. An eating challenge might mean that someone simply is eating the kind of poor quality diet that industry and media shoves down our throats that robs us of the birthright of true health. […]

Are You Spiritually Fat?

Early on in my career, I knew a woman who made a particularly good living out of being professionally “beautiful.” She was the quintessential model actress singer. At a dinner party one evening, I couldn’t help but notice how much she was loving her food. She ate with a passion that was unexpected to me. […]