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The Nutritional Power of Story

Have you ever heard a story that inspired you or changed your life? One that lifted your spirits or gave you hope? The stories that move us are like powerful drugs that ignite our metabolism. There’s a hidden narrator within each of us that puts a spin on every aspect of our journey. And that […]

A Happy Dietary Ending

So many of us love happy endings. Whether it’s at the movies, in a book, or in life itself, why not have it all work out in the end? Think of the greatest children’s stories you remember from childhood. They usually finish with “and they lived happily ever after.” It’s a beautiful fantasy. And this […]

Five Unexpected Super-Foods

I love the concept called “Super-Foods.” How could anyone possibly argue with this innovative nutritional identifier? Who wouldn’t want to eat such an awesome sounding grocery item? This term was coined relatively recently to bring some respect and superhero sexiness to foods like goji berries, chia seeds, raw cacao,  coconut oil, acai berries, maca, and […]

The Metabolic Power of Quality

The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of mankind than the discovery of a new star.  — Jean Brillat-Savarin The biggest and most urgent nutritional question of our time – what should I eat? – happens to have the greatest assortment of confusing and contradictory answers. Fortunately I have a very […]

The Best Kept Nutritional Secret

One of the best-kept secrets in the nutrition business is this: there’s only one true miracle nutrient, it has a profound metabolic power, it’s freely available and seldom used to the fullest.  The nutritional secret is vitamin O – Oxygen.  And we need lots of it.  With food, quality is what’s important.  With oxygen, quantity […]

A Deeper Look into Vitamin O

People often talk about burning calories but few realize that a calorie is simply a measure of heat released when something is burned. Food scientists determine the caloric value of a food by placing it in a special apparatus that essentially torches it to a crisp and measures the heat given off. It shouldn’t surprise […]

The Stress – Metabolism Connection

I’ve had hundreds of clients over the years with digestive challenges and pains, many of whom had gobs of medical intervention, testing, poking and prodding – only to be told that “nothing was wrong.” This is one of my favorite medical diagnoses. Oddly enough, a vast majority of our digestive woes become medical mysteries simply […]

The Secret to Fixing Any Unwanted Eating Issue

For so many years, I’ve been a professional fanatic when it comes to self-help and personal growth. I think it’s done me some good – but I could surely recall a time when I was convinced I was broken. This was a reasonable diagnosis to make, especially given that I came across all sorts of […]

Are You Spiritually Fat?

Early on in my career, I knew a woman who made a particularly good living out of being professionally “beautiful.” She was the quintessential model actress singer. At a dinner party one evening, I couldn’t help but notice how much she was loving her food. She ate with a passion that was unexpected to me. […]