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8 Highly Unique Ways to Lose The Last 5 pounds

It seems that “the last 5 pounds” has become far more famous and noteworthy than “The Last Supper.” We approach this final frontier of fat-loss with a religious fervor that would make any good preacher jealous. As a teacher and practitioner in the fields of nutrition and eating psychology, I’ve noticed that these last 5 […]

A Woman’s Way to Weight Loss

Arbitrary standards of beauty negatively impact both women and men. But there is something particularly insidious in the way we teach women and girls that their value as human beings is connected, in no small part, to their perceived physical attractiveness. Even female politicians are routinely criticized about their appearances. It’s no wonder, then, that […]

6 Natural Weight Loss Tips

Are you looking for a handy list of healthy foods that will help you with natural weight loss? You won’t exactly find that here – but you just might find something even better! The 6 natural weight loss tips you’re about to discover are quite different than a list of foods, and are some of […]

Does Anyone Know How to Stop Overeating?

Did you know that “how-to” videos are the most-searched type of video on YouTube?  So many of us want to know how-to do something, or how to fix our problem, whatever it is. Overeating is no different – we naturally would love to know the “how-to,” to stop our overeating; the exact steps that will […]