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How to Stop Compulsive Eating

Are you someone who eats unconsciously? Do you pick bites off of other people’s plates? Pop goldfish and munch cheese sticks when your kids are eating their snack? Finish the large size popcorn at the movie theater by yourself? Do you eat food out of the pot while cooking? Do you eat all day long […]

Four Tips to Banish Nighttime Eating

Evening binge eating is all too common. It’s a challenge that leaves many of us feeling derailed, ashamed, and defeated. Left unchecked, it can undermine our mood, our personal momentum, and our life. If you’ve ever found yourself with your head in the pantry once the sun has gone down, take heart. You’re not alone. […]

Four Things To Do If You Hate Counting Calories

The constant calculator in your head won’t stop running. Food has been reduced to numbers and fears. It started out as something to support your health, but now it feels compulsive – you think about it all day long. Food doesn’t have to be a math equation. Here are four things to do if you […]

Four Secrets to Getting Unstuck With Weight Loss

Sometimes losing weight can be a venture in frustration. It’s hard enough to lose a few pounds, and it can feel even harder when you find yourself hitting a plateau – the kind of plateau where no matter what you do or try, the number on the scale doesn’t budge. When this happens, it’s time […]

Five Surprising Reasons You Might Be Constipated

This isn’t always a topic people feel comfortable talking about, but it’s important when it comes to good health! You may consider yourself a healthy eater, but for some reason you get constipated. No matter what you try, nothing seems to work, and you are left feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Pooping every day is healthy. […]